The Wretched and Divine

I was just in broken pieces then I met them


1. Stupid Stupid Girl

I got up to the beeping of my alarm. Why did I have to get up at 6 am on a fucking Saturday? I got up and showered the cuts on my thighs started to sting. It had been one year since I'd cut but that was until yesterday. I was pretty damn stupid but I felt like that was the only thing I could do at the moment. Normal Andy and the rest of Black Veil Brides gets me through not cutting but not this time. My boyfriend of one and six months broke up with me for my ex-best friend Aubrey. After I got out of the shower I got ready and did my hair how I normally did it. Straighted with a little bit of poof. Suddenly my phone started playing Reprobate Romance. I knew it had to be Kat. I didn't no wither to answer it or ignore it. But then I figured she deserved an answer as to why I didn't return her 25 missed calls from yesterday.


"Hey...What the freak is wrong with you I called you..."

"25 times yesterday?"

"Yeah what's up with that?"

"Me and Jaden broke up yesterday ok are you happy you have an answer as to why I didn't call you back?" I yelled as the tears streamed down my face.

"Val I'm so sorry please don't tell me you did what I think you did..."

"I'm not gonna lie to you because your my best friend but my thighs look like hell"

"Oh Val...One year. You went one year without cutting. I'm coming over there right now. I'll be there in 5"

"Ok I'll see you then" I hung up the phone.

I slipped on my Black Veil Brides shirt that had only Andy on the front of it. Somehow he always made me feel happy. I don't know why but he did. I turned on my iPhone and blasted Morticians Daughter. After about 5 minutes I heard my front door open. I didn't bother to come out of my room. I wanted to stay in there forever but I knew Ii couldn't. Soon my room door opened and Kat came in with Ben and Jerry ice cream, popcorn, and a season of Invader Zim. "Hey babe" She said. I looked up at her than ran into her arms and sobbed. "Oh Val I'm so sorry all this is happening" She said as she rubbed my back. We went and sat down on my bed and I started to chow down on the ice cream. "Oh I have an idea. Where's your laptop?" She questioned. "It's under my bed, why?" I said whipping my tears away. "Oh you'll see" She said as she pulled out my Mac and typed. “Will you hand me my wallet?” she asked. I handed her the wallet and she took out her debit card. “What are you buying?” I asked “Correction what I bought and look” she turned the laptop towards me “Black Veil Brides concert tickets!” I yelled jumping up and down. “Well I was  going to wait until tomorrow since it was your birthday but I figured you needed some cheering up” She smile. “Oh my god best birthday present ever from the bestest friend ever!” I said hugging her. “Well get your bag packed” She smiled. “What? Why?” I was so confused. “We’re leaving tonight so we can go find your boyfriend “she giggled. “Shut up!” I laughed. I grabbed the duffle bag that was under my bed and threw some skinny jeans, short shorts, my toothbrush, and shirts. I figured me and Kat could share makeup. I walked out of my room and saw no one was home like usual. My foster dad was at work. So me and Kat were the only people in the house. I grabbed my phone charger out of the wall and threw it in my bag “Ready to go?” Kat asked “Yep let’s do this thing” I smiled

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