The Wretched and Divine

I was just in broken pieces then I met them


2. Is That Who I Think It Is?

"Val, Val, Val! Wake up! Hurry!" Kat slapped my shoulder. My eye's flickered open "What?" I sat up "Look who's tour bus is almost right beside us!" She smiled. I looked over to see the tour bus of Black Veil Brides. "Oh my gosh" I screamed. I can't believe I was about 10 feet away from my idols. The people who had saved me from killing myself. I stared out the window trying to find where they were in the tour bus then I found someone starring at me and I shy'll look away then looked back and saw one of the guys looking at me. I couldn't till wither it was Ashley or Jake. So I waved at him and smiled. He smiled and waved back. I knew it must have been Jake. Soon he was joined by the rest of the band including Andy. Jake pointed at me and then Andy looked at me I screamed in excitement. "What the fuck happened?" Kat asked. "Andy looked at me and smiled" I giggled. I looked back only to see Andy there. I waved and he held up a paper that said "Are you coming to the concert?" I scrambled to find a piece of paper and wrote "Heck yes I am". I saw him laughing and he held up another paper. "Ok meet me backstage before the concert." I held up my paper "Ok" I started giggling. We soon got off the exit and drove to our hotel. "So after we get into out room how about we go to Micky D's" Kat smiled. "Yes but we have to go the concert earlish". "Ok lets just go then" She pulled me back into the car. We ate our food and drove to where they were playing. "I get to go talk to Andy, I get to go talk to Andy, I get to go talk to Andy" I giggled. We walked into the place and slowly went backstage. Then out of the blue Jake was running around everywhere then he stopped right in front of us. "Hey your that girl that waved to me in the car!" He yelled. Then I saw Ashley poke his head out of the dressing room and then he came over to us "Hey your that one girl!" "That waved to you on the way here? Yes I am that girl and this is my friend" I laughed. "Hey Andy come here!" Ashley yelled. Soon Andy came out of the dressing room. "Hey your here!" He ran over. I couldn't breathe. The Andy Biersack was talking to me. "Will you excuse us for a moment" Kat said pulling me. We went back to the stage area. "Ok let out your feels...." She plugged her ears. I started screaming, jumping, and running in cirlcles. "OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M MEETING MY IDOLS FUCK YEAH!" I screamed as I ran in circles almost falling down because I was just that skilled. Then I looked over in the corner to see the whole band looking at me. I stared blushing really bad. Oh just great the first time I get to meet my idols I embrace myself. Good job Val. "Oh great...." I barried my face in my hands. Then felt someone pull me into a hug. I looked up to see CC. "Sorry I'm a hugger." He smiled "Its ok" I smiled "I'm just kinda stupid sometimes" I looked down "What?!?!?! You are not stupid at all" CC said. "Thanks CC" I said "So where are you guys sitting for the show?" Jake asked "Um I think a little bit farther back from the very front" I smiled "Why aren't you sitting in the front?" Jinxx asked. "Because I don't have that kinda money" Kat said. "Here let me see your tickets" Andy smiled. "Ok...." I handed him the tickets. "Here why don't you take these" They smiled. I looked at them and saw they were front row tickets "Oh my god! Thank you" I ran over and hugged them with Kat. "Anytime" Andy smiled. Ugh god I can't resist those blue eyes

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