the first time

kamalia, just a normal teenage whom had a crush on this one new guy at her school when the first time she saw him and that's the first time she was inlove... will he ever notice how much she loves him? let's found out ;)


2. shock

At cafeteria
Kamalia P.O.V

I've been wondering bout that guy for hour. And now, I'm at my school's cafeteria. I'm searching for my friend, Dayana. Well, she had long dark brown hair with a pair of blue eyes. I shared everything with her and so are she. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice called me

"Kamalia! Over here!' oh and there she is, my best-friend-forever. I head over to her seats and hug her.
"awh babe, I really miss you! How could I didnt see you seats here?"
"cuz you're a freak" she sticked her tongue out
"what? Ok I'm leaving. bye" I sulked.
"hey babe, I'm just kidding ok. come on here" she gave me hug and smile. This is why I love her.
and she continued with.... "but babe, do you know that there's a new boy in our school?"

I gasp. I just can only think bout that guy, that I had knocked with. I'd lost in my thoughts. This really could happening. I cant even think a words. 

"yo babe, are ya listening?"
"oh yes haha sorry, um yea I did know bout that" I smile
"do u know who he is?" she gave me her curious looks
"uh um I think so"
"who is it? tell me? is he a good lookin boy or just a nerd?" now she gave me her excited face
"oh no babe, let's just see" I stick my tongue out and point to her and we laughs

what do you think guys? Is it good or bad? Come on tell me your opinion! Comment below ok?! thanks xoxo 

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