the first time

kamalia, just a normal teenage whom had a crush on this one new guy at her school when the first time she saw him and that's the first time she was inlove... will he ever notice how much she loves him? let's found out ;)


3. glad

Kamalia P.O.V
I was rushing to my locker to grab some books before I'm going home. But then, I'd knock a boy...

"I am so sorry." I said while help him to grab his books that's on the floor without thinking who is he.
"It's okay babe. I can tell you're rushing, isnt it?" he asked. 
"uh yea, thanks for understand." I replied while I put my heads up and looks at him. Damn, this is that precious boy. I'm standing there like a doll. I aint move, at all.

"hey, it's you. with your iPod. again..." he laughed. But, I still aint move. So he wave his hand in front of my face but well it doesnt even worked...

"ey you hear me? hey?" now I'm heard him
"eh uh sorry, I just shock. Im sorry. um yeah with this precious iPod..." I smile.
"precious?" he gave me his curious looks.
"yea, it's from my mom for my birthday." I smile.
"oh... um well I think I wanna know you better, do you mind if we take some walks at the park?" he smile.
"uh of course, but I have to get some of my books. wait" I smile
"well ok lets go" I smile and I feel like so excited. I'll get to know him more. And he'll get to know me more. 
"ok" he smiles.

At the park

"hey wanna swings?" he giggles and run toward the swings. Oh god, he's so cute when he's giggles. One word I can describe him with is, Justin Bieber but with dark blue eyes version. I mean, just imagine Justin Bieber giggles. Isnt it the cutest thing ever? 

"sure" I laugh and run toward him. But..... I dont know why but I suddenly slipped and I'd fell on him. Oh god, it's the most embarassing thing ever happened in my life. I hurrily gets up from him.

"oh god I'm so sorry, how can I slip and fell on you I" I blush.
"ah it's okay, I understand" he giggles. and then he sit on the swing and I sit at the other swing.

"so, what's your name pretty?" OMG he called me pretty. I just cant. 
"um Kamalia. And you?" I replied and gave him a smile.
"pretty name just like the person" he smile and look at me. "I'm Joe." he continued. 
"uh well.... nice name" I smile. "but why are you look at me like that?" I gave him my confious looks. 
"because, I've never met a girl who had those pretty eyes and beautiful smile as you" he smile and look at me.
"are you kidding me? I'm one of those ugly girl in that school ok well not really but I am ugly" I replied.
"no no no, you're perfect ok, to me" 

why he's saying like that? is he a you know, a sweet talker? uh no, I dont think he's that type. I know he's a kind-heart. 

"ok...thankyou for that compliment though" I smile 
"you're welcome" he smile.
"oh uh I guess I need to go home right now, my mom must be worried. so um bye" I smile and walk away but
"wait" he stopped me. He walk towards me.
"bye pretty. i wanna see you again tomorrow ok" he smile "oh and yeah, I think I'm inlove." he whispered. I gave my shock looks. 
"you're? inlove?" 
"yes. so inlove with this girl, right infront of me" he smiles. I cant even say a word. I'm really in paradise I thought

"I guess your mom is worried. so, you better go home now love?" he smile and hugs me.
"bub-bye" I aint blink even once when he hugs me. It is the warmest hug ever.. I swear. He let me go and I smile at him and wave and walk away..

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