Ever wondered what its like being adopted by the man who created your favorite boy band? Well Courtney Freeman knows what its like. Shes 17 and lives in a care home for children. Shes not allowed to move out until shes 19, so she wants to be adopted so badly. When Mr Simon Cowell comes to the home to adopt a girl, Courtney is picked. But never realized there would be five other boys living there too...


1. Someones getting adopted?

Courtney's POV


I was in the dining room, eating my breakfast with everyone else. Our head care worker, Eleanor came through.

"Everyone, I have a big announcement! But sadly, its just for the girls." She said.

"Yeah, cause the girls are so special." Brandon said.

"Brandon! Anyway, girls. Someone high up in the music buisness is coming in today. He wants to adopt a girl between the ages of 10 and 18!" My eyes widened. I was 17, I could be adopted. I've been waiting to be adopted for nearly five years.


After breakfast all of the girls and I went upstairs to have showers and get changed. I put on my royal blue high waist shorts, black tank top and black Dr. Martens. But stupid idea, it was October. So I changed into my light denim skinny jeans, which had a few rips here and there, a white tank top and blue hoodie. I put on my long brown UGGs and brushed my curly brown hair, leaving it down. I added a small amount of make-up, and went downstairs to see everyone ready. Then we heard a car door. Everyone got excited as a tall man with black hair walked it. It was Simon Cowell! A few girls screamed, but some of us kept our cool to make a good impression.

"Hello ladies! I'm Simon." He said. Eleanor came through.

"Hello Simon! This is Jenna, Leah, May, Morgan, Aimee, Phoebe, Ariana, Ashley, Lauren and Courtney." Eleanor said.

"Nice to meet you all! Wow, your all prettier than Eleanor said!" We all blushed at his nice comment.

"So basically I'm looking for a young girl to adopt. You will live with me in my house in London. Does that sound good to anyone?" He asked. We all put our hands up.

"Okay, Mr Cowell will speak to you alone one at a time. Mr Cowell, please pick your first girl!" Eleanor said. He picked Ariana, and they went into the sitting room to talk.


About 20 minutes later, Simon had talked to everyone except Leah and I.

"You think he'll want us?" Leah asked.

"I don't know." Lauren came out with Simon.

"Leah, lets go." He said. Leah got up and followed him to the sitting room. After a few minutes he came out with her.

"And the best for last, Courtney!" He said. I laughed and followed him to the sitting room.

"So, your Courtney Freeman, your 17, and your from Northern Ireland?" He said. I nodded.

"Okay. How long have you been in this Home?" He asked.

"About ten years. Five years ago I was adopted, but they didn't want me so they put me back." I told him.

"Right, and you really want to get adopted?" I didn't want to sound pushy and say,  'yeah, I desperately want to be adopted!' So i went with something casual.

"It would be nice to be adopted, but I'm not desperate." I told him.

"I think you sound like a nice girl! Thank-you Courtney." We walked out together, and I joined everyone else-even the boys- in the kitchen.

"Okay, I've made my decision. I've decided to adopt Courtney. Thank-you very much girls." Simon said. I stood in shock. I was getting adopted?

"Yay Courtney!" My best friend Ashley said, hugging me.

"Courtney, you can go pack your stuff. I'll see you in a minute." Simon said, walking away with Eleanor.

"Oh my gosh, Court your getting adopted! We'll miss you." Everyone hugged me, and Aimee, Ashley, Ariana and I went to pack my stuff.


I came down ten minutes later, everything packed. Simon put my stuff in his fancy car, while I said bye to everyone. I gave everyone a hug-even the boys- and Simon came back in.

"You ready Courtney?" He asked.

"I'll just be a second." I walked to Eleanor and gave her a big hug. She kissed my hair and let go.

"We'll see you soon, Court." She said. I smiled, said bye one last time and followed Simon out to the car. I looked back at everyone until the car turned the corner, and I couldn't see them anymore.

"I just want to say thank-you very much, Simon." I told him. He smiled at me.

"That's okay. You seem like a very nice girl, and I can't wait to have you living in my house with me. I should tell you I have some other people staying with me at the moment, but I think you'll like them." He told me. I smiled at him, and settled down.

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