A Secret Love

Can these two lovers overcome diversity to keep their love alive and spend as much time as possible together without revealing their secret?


3. The Tour - Hayden's POV

The bell rang to signal the end of third period, then rang again for the beginning of fourth period. I did a quick tidy up of the classroom as I whistled a cheery tune. I gathered my things and proceeded toward the door. I turned around and pulled the door shut, then when I turned back around, there was Luke. Patiently waiting for me, leaning against the wall right next to me. How did I not know he was there? I didn't see him when I was closing the door. I slightly shook my head, looked down for a second then looked back up at him and smiled. He is a little taller than me so I have to look up a bit to meet his gaze. 'You ready to go?' he asked me cheerfully and put his hands in his pockets. 'As ready as I'll ever be,' I replied and her removed his hands from his pockets, placed his hand on my shoulder and guide me out into the soft afternoon sun... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After 50 minutes of walking around in the sun with Luke and wandering down corridors all over the school. We walked back down the hill, going back to the staffroom. I didn't want this time to end, although I already knew where everything was. I enjoyed listening to his voice as we meandered around. It was soothing and felt so normal and safe, although we had only just met and I knew virtually nothing about him except his name and favourite sport. I made a decision right now to find out more about him before I get too carried away in my thoughts about him. 'How long have you been teaching here?' I asked Luke as we rounded the last corner on the home straight to the staffroom. 'Just over a year. It's my second school while I've been out of uni,' he replied and smiled. 'Nice. Do you only teach PE?' 'Mainly. Sometimes I do a bit of English or just fill in for other teachers when they're unavaliable,' he explained and stepped to the side to let me through the door before him. 'Thanks,' I said and smiled at him then walked over to my desk and sat down. Luke came walking over to me and I thought, geez, he just can't stay away. Then I realised that he still had my papers and book from after class when he showed me around and offered to hold my things. 'Thanks. I totally forgot about them,' I said as he passed them to me. I placed them on my desk then looked back to him to see if he still wanted to talk. 'Just wondering if you are busy this afternoon?' he asked nervously. 'No. Nothing planned, was just going to try and find my way out of here then go home and hang out.' 'Well, if you would like, Tanya Blaz, the PE head teacher and myself generally hang around for a bit and just talk. Sometimes others join us but usually they don't want to. Only if you want to. Don't feel like you have to because I asked. Whatever you want to do.' 'I'd actually like that very much. I don't know anyone else here but you and it would be a good opportunity to, even if it's only one other person,' I said although I wasn't really that interested in meeting anyone else. 'Okay then. Well after school, just come back down here and we'll hang out. We'll have plenty of food so you just have to bring yourself.' 'Alright, I look forward to it.' '
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