A Secret Love

Can these two lovers overcome diversity to keep their love alive and spend as much time as possible together without revealing their secret?


2. The Room

Hayden's Point Of View. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have made it through two periods here and am feeling pretty confident. It's nice taht everyone here is so welcoming, especially another of the PE teacher's, Luke... There's something about him that just stands out and makes me want to get to know him better. I know only little of him but all the other staff that I have spoken to have asked it I have met him and said how nice he is. Not everyone has been so welcoming but I guess, not everything can go perfectly. I mean it could be worse. The person I first met could have been the staff bully and decided to make my life a living hell. Though now, meeting this kind and caring man, I feel like it may be a whole new kind of hell. One where It's hurts knowing that there is a possibility that you may not get to speak to him very much though you know for sure that you want to. And the thought that you can't speak to such a special person every day is equal to being physically tortured. Though, this may also be a whole new kind of physical torture. It you knwo what I mean... I should probably find out more about him before I start speaking like this. For all I know, he might want nothing more to do with me ever again. Or he could even feel the same. That is unlikel though, as he's sure to be a big taret for any woman, what with legs like that and such a chiseled jaw-line. He'd have to be in a relationship of some kind, looking like that. In the middle of my thoughts, althought they are kind of inapropriate, I saw Luke coming towards me. I realised that I had been staring at him without even knowing. Next time, I'll have to remember to be careful where I look next time I daydream. 'Hey. How are you finding it so far?' Luke asked me and smiled then lloked down at his feet. 'Good. Everyone's been pretty nice. Haven't got lost yet so I guess that's a plus,' I replied and looked up at him. He was still looking at the ground when I spoke to him and looked really shy. He looked up through his eyelashes at me and those big, adorable puppy dog eyes glistened and he smiled at me then looked down again when he knew I wasn't going to look away. To break the silence I asked him, 'What's your favourite sport?' and waited patiently for an answer. 'Probably soccer or...' as I waited for an answer I lifted my leg and rested my ankle on top of my knee and crossed my arms across my chest. 'umm...' he paused and watched me for a minute, 'or umm volleyball,' he finished and I nodded and replied, 'Yeah. i like both of them. They're pretty cool.' The bell rang once I finished replying. 'Could I ask a favour of you, Luke?' I asked and smiled at him. 'Sure. What can I do for you?' he replied and put his hand on my desk, almost trapping me in the corner with his chest at my head level. 'I have a class in a room across the school, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind showing me. I haven't been across that side of the school yet and am not sure where to go,' I lied and waited for a response. 'Yeah, that's fine. I have a free so, I have no where to be,' he replied innocently and shrugged his shoulders. 'Thanks. I really appreciate it.' 'If you want, at lunch time I could give you a tour, or if you have a free at any time today?' 'That would be great. What about period four. I don't have a class then and lunch follows so we'll have planty of time.' 'Alright then. Sounds great, Iook forward to it,' he said as we walked out of the staffroom. I walked slowly on purpose to get as much time as I can with him. We came to the classroom and he stayed to make sure I got the class settled and was okay then said goodbye and walked out of the classroom. I watched his back as he left and sneaked a look down at his cute bottom as he rounded the corner and left. I couldn't stop thinking about him the whole lesson and was wondering what to expect from our tour next period but wishing that time would pass quicker...
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