A Secret Love

Can these two lovers overcome diversity to keep their love alive and spend as much time as possible together without revealing their secret?


4. Carrot - Luke's POV

I have a free last period today so I'm just sitting around really, getting all the paper work done so that I don't get caught this afternoon when I'm with Blaz and Hayden. I only have two sport rolls left to do and then I'm finished and there's only ten minutes left until the bell. I'm getting more excited as the time passes... The bell rang and Blaz got here first. 'Hey, I invited Hayden to join us this afternoon. If that's okay?' I informed her and awaited a reply. 'Okay. That's cool. Ihaven't really had a chance to speak to him really but I've introduced myself,' she replied and smiled. I knew that it wouldn't bother her too much because she's pretty easy going but I knew that I should tell her that I had asked him. At that moment, Hayden walked in. He looked at the two of us then smiled shyly and walked over to his desk for a minute. He stood there and pretended to look busy. To ease the mood, I thought I'd get things started by making everyone a cuppa. 'Do you have tea or coffee Hayden?' 'Umm... I don't have tea very much so I guess I'll have that, thanks,' he replied shakily as if he was uncertain. 'Alright then. And just the usual for you Blaz?' "Yeah thanks Kendall.' 'Uh, Hayden you know Tanya don't you? Did you meet before?' I enquired while making the drinks. 'Yeah, but only briefly,' Hayden answered before Blaz could get anything in. "Here you go,' I said to Hayden as I placed his tea down in front of him. He picked it up almost immediately and took a sip. Hopefully he likes sugar in it, because I didn't ask. I just assumed and made itt eh same as mine. 'Thank you. It tastes great. I've never really liked tea but when you make it, I love it.' I smiled and made a mental note to remember exactly how I made it so in the future he would lke it as much. 'Thanks. Usually people complain about it and don't find it that nice, so it's good for a change.' He leant back in his chair and I placed the biscuits and other food on the table and took a seat between the two of them. There was some celery and carrot on a plate with dip and peanut butter and he want straight for that. We talked for a while about just general things and I noticed that the whole time he only really ate the carrot. 'You really enjoy your carrot, don't you?' I commented and her replied, 'Yeah I love them ,they're my favourite food basically.' I had been trying to think all day of a nickname for him and I was just thinking maybe Starrett but then I realised that carrot would be great as it is something that he likes and it rhymes with Starrett. 'Carrot can be your nickname then,' I proposed and surprisingly he said, 'Yeah, sounds good.' I was actually just joking but anyway, I got a nickname for him and it's one that he likes and agrees on. 'Well I can't think of one for you Luke so you'll just have to be Kendall unless you have any other suggestions?' Carrot added and I replied saying, 'I don't have any other ideas so Kendall it is.' I could actually get used to being called that by someone other than Blaz and especially by Carrot. We chatted for a while longer then decided that it was time to head off. Blaz was the first to leave and she said, 'See you girls tomorrow. Nice meeting you too Hayden.' 'Thanks. See you tomorrow,' he replied. We packed up together and then I walked with him out to the front of the school and we had actually parked quite close to each other. I walked him to his car and he said, 'Thank you for all your help mate. I appreciate it. I would have been lost without you today. Thank you.' I said, 'That's fine. I don't mind helping someone out.' When he got into his car, he wound down the window and I farewelled, 'See you tomorrow Carrot.' And he answered, 'See you tomorrow Kendall,' as he started the car and pulled out of the car park. 'See you tomorrow Hayden 'Carrot' Starret,' I whispered to myself as I watched him drive away then headed to my car and drove home, dreading what mayhem I might be returning to...
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