I Watch it Begin again

Samantha was your usual fourteen-year-old girl. Going to school, fangirling over her idols and just trying to fit in. Living this relatively normal life changed the day she met her English teacher, Allana...


5. The Surprise - Sam's POV

At the assembly this morning, the principal made a special announcement saying that we would have a special guest coming to the school to put on a private concert. I wasn't really listening as I wasn't that interested. Not unless of course it was going to be Taylor Swift, 1D or Ed Sheeran. I like other artists but wouldn't be interested in going to their concert. I acutally listen to a lot of music and am up to date with all the current artists and hits. I looked over in Miss Harding's direction and looked at her for a moment. I out my elbow on my knee and rested my face in my plam with my head pointed at Miss Harding. She had her arms folded across her chest and was looking down. A silver ring on her finger sparkled in the sunlight. She was running one of her hands along her arm and looked kinda bored but trying to hold back a smile. Just as I began to think about whether she would want to sit with me again, she looked sideways at me and smiled then I heard Taylor Swift in the principal's announcement. I immediately sat up with my full attention on him. As I turned back to the front, I noticed that Miss H was doing the same. I blocked out everything else and concerntrated on what he was saying. From what I heard, she was coming to our school to put on a private concert. Oh My God! This definately makes the list for best days of my life. Everyone else around me was sighing and saying nasty things about her, like how they wish she would just go and die, or why does she have to come here? She'll give the school a bad name. I was so excited I was struggling to contain myself. I looked across at Miss Harding, still smiling. She gave the thumbs up and a massive smile. It was like she was expecting to hear what he had just said, although he had clearly stated that no one else but himself knew and it was only confirmed this morning. Maybe she was in on it. Or maybe she asked to see if it could possibly be arranged. She had told me yesterday how much she loved her and I had said that I loved her too. I decided to save those thoughts for later and just relish the feeling and take it in before I got to thinking about how it had all happened. My mind was racing when the bell rang for class and I didn't even realise that I was walking to class until I had arrived there. I couldn't concerntrate at all through the lesson and couldn't wait until English and talk to Miss Harding about it. That is if she wants to talk to me. I still can't get it out of my head that she has something to do with the whole Taylor Swift situation going on...
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