I Watch it Begin again

Samantha was your usual fourteen-year-old girl. Going to school, fangirling over her idols and just trying to fit in. Living this relatively normal life changed the day she met her English teacher, Allana...


6. The Explanation - Allana's POV

It is period three and I have Sam's class now. At assembly, I could see that she was so happy. But there was a hint of confusion at the end as she looked at me. Like it was too good to believe or maybe she suspected my involvement because I didn't look real excited when he said it. I'm happy about it obviously but I didn't do it for me. I asked to have Taylor come here for Sam. I'll have to tell her now. Though it looks lke she may have partially fiured it out. The class was completely silent as they worked through the question I had put up on the board. A few minutes passed and I was thinking of a way to tell her if she didn't already question me about it and figure it out. Then Sam sat her pen down and half crossed her arms on the table, waiting patiently for everyone else to finish. I was absently staring at her and didn't realise until I noticed her staring back at me. I smiled and looked away. More of the class started to finish and there were only a few still working so I began to go through the answers. In what felt like seconds the class was over, though last time I had checked we had half an hour. Oh Well I gues it's true when they say that time flies when you're having fun. And I was having fun. I really enjoy teaching, especially this class.I stood by the door as the class filed out and Sam was at the end of the line. I pulled the door shut behind her and she walked with me a moment. 'Do you have anything to do with the whole Taylor Swift situation with her coming here?' There was the question, I knew it was coming and no matter what I had prepared in my head, I couldn't find the words. 'Come up to staffroom at lunch and I'll tell you all about it then, okay?' I would just have to give myself time to memorise something and find a way to explain it all. 'Alright. See you then,' she replied and turned the corner, off to her next class... Straight after period four, which was my year seven class, I hurried up to the staffroom. She would be here in no time but I had a pretty fair idea of what I was going to say. I had just enough time to put my books down when I heard footsteps then a knock on the door. It was Sam. 'Come in!' I shouted as I was around the corner of a bookshelf in the little kitchenette. 'Come on round.' 'Hey,' she greeted and stood there holding her book. 'Take a seat. Anywhere you want. The lounge is the most comfortable,' I said gesturing to the lounge. 'Do you want a drink of anything?' I asked and she took a seat. 'No thank you,' she replied quitely. I decided to just come out and say it straight away.' Yes I am involved with Taylor coming here. My mum's friend works for the touring company that she uses and was asked to help with the design of the tour. And when you said that you liked her, I remembered that she was going to be coming to Australia next month and thought it would be a great opportunity. She goes to schools over America and she was so excited at the though of coming here. I have even arranged a meet and greet to occur and, you and I get to hang out with her for a few hours. Just you, Taylor and me. Does that sound good?' 'Oh My God! You've gotta be kidding me. Have you got cameras hidden somewhere filming my reaction? This is awesome! I was hoping to go to her concert but my mum won't take me and I have no friends let alone someone ther likes her to go with. Thank you so much!' 'That's okay it was just lucky that my mum was friends with the lady. I'm really excited.' 'So am I. I've never been to a concert before. I didn't think you liked me this much. I mean we only just met?' she commented. 'I know but I liked you from the minute I saw you and I'd like to get to know you better. We can help each other out.' 'I actually thought that you didn't like me very much and only asked me here with you because you felt sorry for me,' she admitted and looked down, almost ashamed. But what for? 'I do feel sorry for you because I know what it's like. I was exactly the same in high school. I understand. But I also understand that everyone needs a friend and I would rather be that than someone who felt sorry for you and that was the only reason that they werer nice to you. I do like you and I understand how you feel,' I explained then sat awaiting an answer. 'Thank you. It's nice to know that someone cares and understands. Oh My God! i still cannot believe it. Thank you so much!,' she half screamed and threw her arms around me, squeezing me so tight
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