I Watch it Begin again

Samantha was your usual fourteen-year-old girl. Going to school, fangirling over her idols and just trying to fit in. Living this relatively normal life changed the day she met her English teacher, Allana...


3. Samantha Dawson-Allana's POV

Walking along next to Sam was a wonderful feeling. I don't know anyone here and she has just told me that she has no friends, so were in the same boat and I would really like to make at least one friend here. When I was in high school, I didn't have any friends my own age either and I had a great relationship with my English teacher and I still love her to bits. I used to wish for someone my own age because people thought it was weird that I spent so much time with a teacher and copped a lot of tormenting for it. I would wish that I could find someone to be my friend that wasn't a teacher but now I'm grateful for the fact that I had such a great relationship with someone that little bit older. I thought that the age gap was a detriment and meant that we couldn't really be friends because she was so much older, now I realise that it was a wonderful thing and only made our relationship stronger. I became a teacher with the hope of having that same affect on someone and knowing that I had made a positive difference and left my mark in someone's life. Who knows, maybe Sam will be that person. Everyone was seated and I began the lesson. Sam had chosen the single seat next to my desk rather than one of the pairs or threes of desks. It was a good thing as we could talk during class if she wanted without disrupting anyone or being too obvious. I spoke about what we would be doing this year and the different assesments that they would have. By the time I finished and the class had asked a few questions, the bel was about to ring in a couple of minutes so there was no use starting any work and I had nothing else to say so I let them pack up and gave them a few minute early mark. 'Samantha, could I please talk to you?' I asked as the class started to leave the room and the chatting began. 'Sam,' I began.'Wait, do you mind if I call you Sam?' I asked before continuing and unsure of what she liked to be called. 'Yeah that's okay. nobody really calls me that but that's okay.' 'Alright. Well. Don't think I'm tring to bug you or anything, but do you have anywhere to go at lunch time?' 'I was thinking I might just walk around the school or maybe go to the library.' 'Would you like to come and hang with me in the English staffroom or I could come to the library with you?' I suggested and awaited a reply. 'I'd like that. Maybe we could go to the staffroom or somewhere because I'd rather not be around a lot of people and try to avoid attracting any more attention and torment to myself.' 'Okay then. Sounds like a plan.' Once I said that the bell rang for lunch time and we walked up to the staffroom together. We sat and talked for the whole lunch time. There were times when she was a little quite and I had to prompt conversation and I did most of the talking but it was good. I found out that she likes to read and play netball which are two things that I also like. She plays on Saturdays but didn't play last year because she didn't enjoy it as much as she used to. She likes all the kinds of books that I do and I actually lent her a book to read. After what felt like hours of talking, that was actually only half an hour and the bell rang for last period and we had to go our separate ways. 'I'll see you tomorrow?' I asked and smiled at her. 'Yes. I'm looking forward to English already.' 'Good. That's how it should be. I love it when kids look forward to my classes.' 'It's always been my favourite subject, though it can depend on who the teacher is sometimes,' she added and smiled. 'It's even better than usual when I have you,' she commented and smiled at me. 'Aww. Thank you. We better get going. I'll see you tomorrow, alright. Have a good afternoon,' I farewelled and smiled. 'Okay. I look forward to it. Bye,' I waved as she left the room and felt relieved that my first day had gone so well. I sighed, turned around and smiled to myself wishing that everyday could go this well. I feel more confident that Sam and I will get along great and hope that she feels the same...
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