I Watch it Begin again

Samantha was your usual fourteen-year-old girl. Going to school, fangirling over her idols and just trying to fit in. Living this relatively normal life changed the day she met her English teacher, Allana...


2. Falling Again

The bell rang for first period and I hurried to English in a hope to find out who my teacher would be this year. We had to have a meeting in the quad so that our class could be called out so that we would find out who our teacher was and what room we will be in for the rest of the year. I sat on the silver seats, waiting anxiously for my name to be called. When they were half-way through one of the classes, Miss Harding came walking across the quad and sat on the seat next to me. 'Hey,' she smiled,' do you know what class your in yet?' 'No. They're doing it in random order so I can't really predict what one either,' I replied. 'Well from the looks of your past reports, you'll be in the top class for sure.' 'Thanks. I didn't think you knew anything about me?' I enquired. 'I didn't until after roll call. After talking to you, I was intrigued and looked up a bit about you. I know which class you'll be in and I know who your teacher is, but I won't wreck the surprise,' she explained and it surprised me that she wanted to know more about me and had actually found information on me. 'Why aren't you sitting with your friends?' she asked me. 'I ummm... don't have any,' I answered and hung my head, looking down into my lap. 'Oh, okay. Well, I'll be your friend if you want?' 'Why are you so nice to me?' I asked and looked sideways at her. 'Well, I don't know anyone here and you looked pretty lonely so I thought you might like to talk,' she replied and it made me feel bad for asking that question. 'I'm sorry. It's just that I'm not used to people asking to be my friend or taking any interest in me, unless t's to humiliate me.' 'That's okay. I understand. But I just want you to know that I mean no harm in taking interest in you and sorry if you get the wrong idea.' 'No it's my fault. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did.' 'It's fine. You're having a tough time, I get it and I would liek to help you in any way I can.' 'That would be...' before I could finish my sentence, my name was called and I turned to look at the teacher calling out the names. I turned back to finish talking to Miss Harding but she wasn't sitting there anymore. I looked up and went to look around the quad when I saw her standing a few metres away. 'Are you coming to class or not?' she said and smiled at me, signalling with her head toward her classroom. 'This is going to be the best year ever!' I exclaimed to Miss Harding as I walked along side her to my new favourite room in the school...
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