I Watch it Begin again

Samantha was your usual fourteen-year-old girl. Going to school, fangirling over her idols and just trying to fit in. Living this relatively normal life changed the day she met her English teacher, Allana...


4. Dear Diary - Sam's POV

Dear Diary, I think I have just had the greatest day of my life! I met an amazing person and she may just be interested in being my friend! It is very unusual that anyone is taking an interest in me with positive intentions, even if it is a teacher... She spoke to me at just about every chance she had, well I think so and she seemed genuinely interested in me. She asked me to join her at lunch time and we talked for ages. It felt like forever but it was only half an hour. At the beginning of the day, she had asked me why I wasn't sitting with my friends and I told her the truth. That I don't have any and it all just went from there. I'm not sure if she just feels sorry for me or if she actually cares. I hope that she doesn't just pity me as I would really like a friend. I guess I'll find out more tomorrow and in future encounters. I'm glad that she is my English teacher and look even more forward to English than I usually do. This could actually be a good year if things keep going the way they have been. It's really late and I haven't been able to sleep because my mind is racing but I should probably try because I still have to go to school tomorrow. I just hope that things will continue on the track that they have been and that I can get to know Miss Harding better. Better get going and I'll talk to you later. Faithfully, Sam xxx
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