Crown of Thorns

In the arena, you make a choice. It doesn't matter who you were yesterday or last week or before, because that's all behind you. It doesn't matter how kind you were and how everyone thought of you as a friend. What matters is the knife in your hand and the kid who is your prey, your prey because it's better them dead than you.

Elesabeth Reston's life is shattered by a name. Hers. No one expects her to last a day in the arena, not even her family. Fifteen years old, and not athletic or strong or anything. But brute force isn't everything. And Elesabeth is determined to get home.


1. Prologue

This is not a happy story.

The books in our family store tell tales of grandeur, of bravery and chivalry and all the things I now know do not exist in real life. They tell of the greatness of the human race, how good and kind it is, all that I know now to be delusional, utter crap.

I am not a hero. I am not a good person, and I know that now. I no longer kid myself that I am.

I have made bad decisions in life. Decisions that tear me to pieces every time I think of them, and wouldn't I know? Decisions that leave me wreaked with guilt, blocking out everything else, everyone else.


The thought that if I had to relieve the entire time, I might make the same choice.

I might do it again.

Is it a crime to be alive? To do whatever it takes to live ?

How far would you go to survive?

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