Michelle was on a shopping tour, alone, again. Her mom has never time for her,so she has to go alone. She's a young girl, 17 and having fun. She smokes weed, has sex and loves, get in trouble and her life's dangerous when she finally saw Justin again.

What's coming next? She never knows.


1. I don't like beggars.

„I have to hang up Justin, I love you“ I said, he did back and hung up. I had less than one second before James came into the room and looked at me, a wide smirk on his face as he walked to me and grabbed my waist hard, pulling me to him.

„So you wanna betray Justin with me?” he chuckled darkly before kissing my neck. I tugged lightly on his hair and moaned.

„Answer me” he demanded and I smirked, provoking him. He bit into my neck, leaving a mark and I screamed.

„JAMES!” I kneed him into his crotch and he winced before a slap echoed in the room. I put a hand on my cheek and gasped before looking at him and tearing up. He looked at me serious into my eyes; anger filled them and he grabbed the front of my neck tightly which caused me to gasp again and gulp hard, feeling how my saliva flowed down my throat.

„You will regret that” he hissed and grabbed even tighter, causing me to choke. I grabbed his wrist, wanting to push his hand away but there was no way. I started to sob lightly in fear of dying there and then.

„Let me go” I said breathlessly.

„Why should I?” a smirk appeared on his face again and his grip loosened a bit, „I won’t kill you” he said, „Just maybe” my eyes widened as he said that and tears rolled down my cheeks.

„Please let me go” I begged. He got me on my feet as he pulled me by my neck.

„Do you think I will? Hm?” he asked sarcastic.

„Please” I chocked.

„No” he said and smashed his lips on mine pushing immediately his tongue down my almost closed throat. I grabbed his hair to pull him away and the only thing I got is a tighter grip on my neck. Seconds later I passed out as I didn’t receive enough air, ending up on the floor.


„Michelle wake up” a soft familiar voice said and I opened my eyes instantly, facing Justin who smiled lightly.

„Hey sunshine” Ed greeted me, who was sitting next to Justin in Liens car. I furrowed my eyebrows, confused in how I landed here.

„How’d you sleep?” Lien and Tyler asked me in unison.

„Uh” I was speechless looking at them. Justin had lightly blood splattered on his face.

„You’re safe Michelle” Ed tried to calm me down.

„I-I guess” I mumbled and I looked at Justin who was a bit confused of my reaction to the good news, „Where’s James?” I asked them and they clenched all their jaws. I looked at Justin with widened eyes.

„Baby…” he said and gulped, not wanting to tell me what happened.

„Did you kill him?” I said breathlessly. They did not respond. Justin’s look changed to my neck and I brought my hand up to it and noticed a deep bruise and I gasped, looking into the rear-view mirror to see the large red stripe on my neck. I gulped hard and couldn’t believe what he did to me.






As soon as I hung up, I looked to the boys and nodded to the door quickly, indicating them that we’re leaving to James’ area. We stepped in Lien’s car in, Lien himself, Ed, Tyler and me. Blake and Dylan took their own cars and drove behind us. As we were there, we all pulled our guns out to into our hands, checking if they were prepared with bullets and stepped out one after the other, Lien staying in the car. We sneaked around the building, entering in and looking around if we’d see someone of James’ crew. They were in the living room, all but not James himself. Ed looked at me, nodding once, indicating that he’d make that with the boys while I could search Michelle with Tyler. We went to the next door as we heard shoots coming from the living room as Ed attacked them. He knew how to take care of more than one person.


I stepped into the door which I heard winces come.

„Do you think I will?” A male voice asked and a female voice begged. As soon as I knew that they were there, I had to stop myself before going in the room. I waited a few moments before sneaking in without making a sound. I looked to them and I saw Michelle on the floor. Anger was filling my eyes and I couldn’t hold it again. I grabbed James’ neck from the back and smashed his face to the wall.

„Fuck” James hissed as his face met the wall.

„What did you do with her?” I asked, venom spitting out of my mouth.

„She’s okay” he said breathlessly. I grabbed him back and faced him to Michelle who was laying on the ground and looked death.

„IS THAT OKAY?” I yelled into his ear.

„Sh-She passed out” he chocked and gulped.

„And why?” I hissed at him, my grip getting even tighter.

„I choked her” he lightly chuckled and I rammed his back to the wall.

„You touched her hm?” I hissed, „I told you that you’ll regret it” I lift my knee to his crotch and he winced in pain.

„Shit” he hissed.

„Oh that’s not everything” I smirked and punched his stomach and he groaned. I chuckled devilish and took the front of his neck to push his head to the wall and pulled my gun out to his temple. His eyes widened and he gulped hard.

„N-No please” he begged breathlessly.

„Hm?” I asked smirking.

„D-Don’t” he still begged.

„I don’t like beggars” and with that a shoot echoed through the room and his body sagged down to the floor. 

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