A lustful Harry Styles meets a beautiful young lady at a bar, which is where they both decide that they must have each other now.


1. Want

The door rapidly sprung open, slamming itself on the other side of the wall. The thump of the door startled me a little however Harry seemed to take no notice in it what so ever, crashing his body into mine, forcing my back to press into the wall. His tall figure towered over me as his masculine arms positioned themselves on either side of my head. Harry’s crotch pinned me against the wall, and I could feel his length against my body. I looked up at him; his chocolate curls hung over his face and his emerald eyes were darkening by the second. He smelled of alcohol and pepper mint; a somehow soothing combination.

“You are so hot, do you realize that?” Harry hotly whispered.

I found myself whimpering a little as I found my eyes wondering to Harry’s lips; they were so plump and full. I swear he was testing me, as he caught his bottom lip between his teeth, making it almost irresistible. Without even realizing, I found myself bringing my hand up to Harry’s face. When my fingertips made contact with Harry’s cheek, I was surprised at how soft it was –quite different to Harry’s rugged personality.

Stroking Harry’s cheek, I inclined on my tiptoes. I brought my mouth dangerously close to Harry’s ear, teasing him as I hovered there for a few moments. “Not as hot as you, Baby.”

I shut my eyes, biting my bottom lip as I pulled away from Harry’s ear slowly. I could feel the adrenaline mixing with the alcohol that ran all throughout my veins. I inhaled, fighting the temptation to smile. Apart of the appeal I wanted to add to my seduction was mystery, and smiling would simply break that sense of thrill. So, instead I flashed Harry my best attempt at a sexy smirk.

Harry somehow managed to remove the almost non-existence distance that was between us, bending down to press his gentle lips against my neck that was covered in goose bumps. He pressed a small kiss onto my skin, and I could feel the flutter of his eyelashes against my cheek.

“I need you right here. Right now,” he muttered.

His tongue flickered across the skin of my neck and made its way up to my jawline. He started to nibble on my skin, gently at first but the tense atmosphere made it near impossible to remain calm. His teeth grazed against my skin, bumping and slowly but surely breaking some of the skin. His hands fumbled down my body; seeming to be having a mind of their own, with their own mission. Harry’s mouth paused for a second, as he seemed to be concentrating on a new job.

“I can’t figure out this bra strap,” he struggled. 

I could feel the corners of my mouth forming into a smirk, as I knew that this would set him off almost instantly.

In barely a whisper I replied, “That’s because I’m not wearing a bra.”

Harry’s body drooped, and he threw his head back with a huge grin plastered across his face. “For fucks sake.”

Harry moved his arm down further down my body, grabbing certain curves on the way down and didn’t stop until he reached the end of my dress. He ran his fingertips over the velvet material and placed the end of it between his fingers, before slowly grazing his hand under my dress, and up my inner leg.

“Hands up,” Harry almost demanded. I obeyed his command and raised my hands above my head while Harry peeled off my dress, leaving me in nothing but my matching set of black, lacy underwear.

His eyes scanned my body slowly up and down, growing the tension rapidly.

Chewing his bottom lip, he gritted through his teeth, “You are perfect.”

I smiled, but decided it was time to get straight into business. I extended my arm and with one single finger, and placed it on his chest. I stepped forward slowly, and gave him the best seductive look I had to offer, whilst pushing him backwards with every step I took until his back hit the back of his leather sofa.

“Let’s do this,” I mumbled and then pounced; pushing Harry onto the couch and straddling him.

I stooped down, placing feather like kisses along Harry’s torso, unbuttoning Harry’s shirt after every kiss I placed, moving further down his body with every passionate peck. I needed him inside me; there was no time to lose.

With Harry’s shirt now off, my eyes were at crotch level which left me with no other choice than to unbutton his belt and let his snake out of the cage. The huge bulge in his jeans made it visible that his erection was growing by the second, which made me feel good, to know that I had that effect on him. My hands fumbled a few times with the anticipation, but eventually his pants were off and thrown over our shoulders.

“Fuck, Harry,” I moaned at the sight of his huge member.

I could feel Harry’s gaze on me, which forced my head to shoot up. The cheeky smirk on his face was a usual Harry smirk; playful, seductive and beautiful.

“Do you like it?” Harry purred with a wink of an eye.

“Love it,” I growled back. “I love it so much that, I in fact, can’t wait.”

Harry’s face transformed from sexy into confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s skip all the oral bullshit, and get straight into the good stuff.” I crawled up his body and straddled him. Digging my finger nails into his huge biceps I slurred, “I want to feel you inside me, and I want to feel you inside me now.”

Hearing those words leave my lips suddenly filled Harry with a huge gush of dominance. Picking me up and dropping me, while deciding he was going to be the one on top. His arms were positioned on either side of my head in a push up position. His paper aeroplane necklace that I had been admiring before hung down and dangled onto my neck.

“Let’s do this,” Harry muttered against my lips. His hands made their way down to my ass in a desperate attempt to remove my underwear.

It was all too much to take in; Harry’s hot lips now against my neck, creating slobbery yet lovely wet patches, his gentle fingertips grazing my hips and his soft, curly locks, brushing against my forehead every so often. This was the definition of pure lust.

A/N: Sorry, I got lazy and didn’t finish the smut off and left you horny buggers hanging a bit. I’m sorry and also this isn’t exactly my best work since I wrote this at 1:30am whilst being sleep deprived. I just hadn’t written anything in such a long time so decided I should post a little one shot for you guys. Please leave feedback here and tell me what you think. If you think I should write more one shots or want me to finish this one shot off and write a part 2 for it, or if you just simply enjoyed this, then give this post a “like.” Thank you for reading. Xx



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