Hiding in Darkness

Jane Anderson was just an ordinary person who was one of those children whose parents were always fighting, one day she decides to leave home and live in London with her aunt. But what happens when she meets One Direction (the famous boyband that she's been dreaming of meeting) because of her job.

Will she just hide in the dark or will she make a move?


2. Leaving.......Again

Jane's P.O.V

I woke up at the sound of my alarm going off, I turned it off and went back to sleep since no one was still awake. After an hour, I felt someone on the edge of my bed, it was Annie. She was at the end of the bed trying to wake me up. 

"I'm up, I'm up"

"Jane it’s time for breakfast" she said while I started fixing my bed.

This was the day I move to London with my Aunt. We went down and ate breakfast. After eating, I called my friend, Lianne.

"Hello Lianne?" 

"Oh, hey Jane, are you at Annie's house?" She said

"Yeah, I am, I just called to say hi, oh and my flight is 1 o'clock in the afternoon"

"Okay, I'll meet you guys at the airport"

"Okay see you later"


I went back upstairs and fixed my bag. It was already 10:30, I decided to take a shower, I got my towel and went in the bathroom. 

I picked my clothes and wore a pair of denim shorts, a blue t-shirt and a pair of sandals then I did my hair and make-up.


I had one last look at myself in the mirror and it turned out great. I got my bag and went downstairs; Annie and Susan were already waiting for me by the car. We arrived at the airport at 11:30. We saw Lianne sitting on a bench she waved at us and we ran to her and causing us to fall, we were laughing at our sight we stood up and hugged.

"Were gonna miss you Jane." Lianne said 

"Yeah, don't you dare forget us" Annie said 

"Don't forget to text and tweet us too" said Lianne

"Are you joking, I will never forget you two"

We went to check-in my luggage; I left my bag in the car while we went window shopping in stores near the airport. We looked at some dresses we found something that was perfect, it wasn't too expensive and it looked great on us, I grabbed the dresses and paid for them before Annie or Lianne could. 


"Jane you should've let us pay for it" Lianne said

"No, this is my gift to you guys"

"Okay but where will you get money?"Annie said

"I'll work in London"

It was 12:45 when we went back to the airport. I got my bag and went in the airport waiting outside my gate, then my flight got called and we said our goodbyes. 

"See you in two weeks Jane" they said in unison

I waved goodbye and went to my plane. 

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