Hiding in Darkness

Jane Anderson was just an ordinary person who was one of those children whose parents were always fighting, one day she decides to leave home and live in London with her aunt. But what happens when she meets One Direction (the famous boyband that she's been dreaming of meeting) because of her job.

Will she just hide in the dark or will she make a move?


5. Jane's Date

Annie's P.O.V.


Ever since Jane went to London, I always invited Lianne to my house, otherwise we'd go to the mall and hang out.

"Jane's almost coming back here" I said

"Yeah, I'm so excited to see her again" Lianne said

We were at the mall and in a few days we are going to pick up Jane from the airport. We were about to go home when Jane called my phone, I put it on speaker so Lianne would hear. 

"Hey Jane, you're on speaker" I said

"Hi, is Lianne with you?" she asked

"Hi Jane" Lianne said

"so how was dinner with the boys of One Direction"

"it went great, the boys were absolutely amazing"

"so anything happened today?"lianne asked


"well what"

"Niall asked me to hang out with him tomorrow"

Lianne and I were very shocked and happy at the same time. Wasn't Jane going a bit fast, I just didn't want her to get depressed with all that's happening right now.

"Where are you gonna go?"

"I don't know he didn't tell me"

"well wherever it is, have fun"

"yeah, I will, I have to go to sleep now, bye"

"yeah, bye"

"bye, see you in a few days, we miss you"

"I miss you guys too, bye"

Then we hung up. We got back home, then Lianne and I got bored so we played video games until Lianne had to go home.

"Annie, its time for dinner" my mom called 

"Alright, I'll be right down"

I went downstairs and had dinner. After dinner, I decided to watch some movies it was almost 10 when phone rang. I paused the movie and answered it.

"Annie, its Jane"

"Hey Jane"

"I need your help"

"What is it, are you in trouble or something?"

"I don't know what to wear for my date"

"how about your peach blouse, denim shorts and your Converse shoes"


"That might just work, thanks Annie bye"

"tell me everything later okay, bye"

"I will" she said, laughing, then we hung up.

I stared at my ceiling full of orange clouds with a sun in a corner and a moon at the other and I wondered if Jane is ready to date again, I just kept staring at my ceiling until I fell asleep.


A/N: I'm so sorry this took me so long to update, I had writer's block, got sick and also I had to catch up with my studies. Well, enjoy and tell me what you think and sorry if its a bit short :)

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