Hiding in Darkness

Jane Anderson was just an ordinary person who was one of those children whose parents were always fighting, one day she decides to leave home and live in London with her aunt. But what happens when she meets One Direction (the famous boyband that she's been dreaming of meeting) because of her job.

Will she just hide in the dark or will she make a move?


4. Dinner with Jane

Niall's P.O.V. 

When Jane had to go out of the room I told the boys about the dinner I planned with Jane. 

"So, what place did you have in mind?" asked Liam 

"The new Italian restaurant across the street" I said 

"Did you get her number yet, Niall" Harry said with a smirk 

"No not yet"

"Well you should so you could tell her the plans for later" Louis said as Jane went back inside 

"Alright boys, this is the last song for today" she said 

We finished recording and the boys and I had to go back to the hotel, so this was my only chance to ask Jane for her number. So I asked her.

" Hey, Jane can you give your number, you know for dinner" I said 

" Oh, sure" she got a piece of paper and pen and wrote down her number and gave it to me. But before I could give her my number, the boys were dragging me outside. 

"I'll just call you later for the details" I said while being dragged by the boys outside.They stopped dragging me outside the door.

"So, did you get her number?" Louis said while walking

"Yes, I did" I said showing the number on the paper

We were going back to the car, many media people and fans surrounded us. We took pictures with some of our fans and answered some of their questions. we went inside the car and we were going back to the hotel. 

" Glad that's over" I said 

"Did you try calling Jane" said Liam 

"No, not yet" 

"Well you should" Zayn said

I tried calling Jane's phone, she didn't answer.

"She's not answering" I said 

" try texting her" said Harry



 Hey  this is Niall, why aren't you answering my calls?



Sorry I didn't know your number, so I didn't answer it.


I called her again and this time she answered.


"Hello" She said 

"Hi, so for dinner it's gonna be at the new Italian restaurant across the street" I said

"Okay so I'll meet you there"

"We'll pick you up at 7"

"Okay here's my address'

She told me her address and I wrote it on a piece of paper.

"Okay, so we'll pick you up later"

"Sure, I have to head home now, bye"

"Okay, bye"


After that the boys were staring at me with smirks on their faces.

"What" I said

"You like her don't you" said Louis 

"Who, Jane, no I don't" I said knowing I was only lying to myself

"Yes, you do, we can see it in your face" Zayn said and all the boys nodded agreeing with Zayn

"Alright, I admit, I do like her so what, I don't think she even likes me"

"Well, you wouldn't know that unless you ask her" Harry said 

"Why don't you ask her out later" Louis said 

"What if she says no"

"You can still be friends with her" said Liam

"Let's just see what happens later"

We were near  the hotel and there were many media people and fans so we went to the back of the hotel avoiding the media. We got to our flat and I decided to take a shower before our last interview for today. I got dressed and went down with the boys for the interview. It all the same questions, about our new album coming up and the tour. After the interview we went back upstairs and rested for a while and it was almost time for our dinner with Jane so I got up and got dressed. 

"Well someone's looking a nice tonight" Louis said 

"What is it bad to look nice" I said, we got to the car to pick up Jane. We got to her house and I went outside and rang the doorbell. 

"Oh hi Niall, come in" Jane said "Wait here, I'll just get my purse upstairs"

I went inside and sat on the sofa. She was so beautiful in her dress.


Then suddenly a woman to the room, I suspect that she was Jane's mom, she never told me otherwise.

"Hi Niall, I'm Lizzie Jane's aunt" she said shaking my hand. " now I don't want anything to happen to my niece and bring her back here at 10"

"Yes, m'aam" I said getting a bit nervous, then I saw Jane going down the stairs, with her purse. She was so cute and pretty, she wore shoes that makes her a bit taller since she was like a head shorter than me, I couldn't help but stare at her. I was mesmerized by how pretty she was that I didn't hear her say that it was time to go.

"Niall, did you hear me, its time to go" she said

"oh, yeah, sorry" I said

We got to the car and I opened the door for her.

"Thank you Niall" 

"No problem" I said with a smile following after her

"Hi boys" she said to the boys

"Hey Jane" they said

We arrived at the restaurant and went inside, we were greeted by a waiter and he led us to our table. I sat between Liam and Jane.

"May I start you off  with some drinks" said the waitress 

Jane seemed uncomfortable so I talked to her 

"Jane you seem fidgety"I whispered to her

"Oh, sorry its just that, that waitress" She pointed to the one staring at me. "She's staring"

"Can you come back when were ready to order" I said to the waitress and she went back to the kitchen and she looked pissed off, Jane relaxed after that and we ordered and afterwards we paid for the food and went outside.

"You should keep your head down and wear these" I said to Jane handing her a pair of sunglasses. 

We walked past the media, forming a human barricade around Jane since she wasn't used to the media. We got to the car and went inside. 

"Are you okay Jane" I asked

"Yeah, I'm okay, I'm just not used to the media" she said

We still had a few hours to spend before Jane has to go back, so I decided we go to a park

"Hey Jane are doing anything tomorrow" I said

"No, why" she said

"Do you want to hang out tomorrow?"

"Sure, what time?"

"Around 5 pm"

We got to the park and lay down on the grass. We stargazed for a few hours and we were gonna drop Jane off to her house. We arrived at her house and she went out I followed her and I walked her to her house. 

"Thank you for today, I had so much fun" she said 

"Sure, so I'll see you tomorrow then" I said 

"Alright then, see you tomorrow, bye" 


She went inside and went out again and kissed me on the cheek then she went back inside. I went back to the car, I went inside and and the boys were cheering and laughing. We were going back to our Hotel.

"Niall has a gilfriend, Niall has a gilfriend"Louis teased

"Shut up Lou" I said

"Now, now, young Niall" Louis said putting his finger up and wagging it "Let us remember that I am 3 years older than you"

"Yes of course, My dear Lord Louis" I said bowing and sending the boys into a fit of laughter, soon the laughter died down.

"So you know where you're gonna take Jane out?" asked Liam 

"Yeah" I said and I looked at them and I knew that they knew where I was taking her.



So as promised here is the fourth chapter, I hope you're happy because this took up 3 pages(back-to-back so that makes it 6 pages) Chapter 5 will be up before the 3rd week of June :)

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