Unrequited Love

I met him for the first time. I didn't really pay attention. He's just somebody I will smile at if I see him walk past me. But then, times goes by and I realize he's more than that.

We both started talking to each other.. We become really close. really close. We become best friends. Talking becomes part of daily routine and without it, I would be just lost. We do everything together. Tell each other anything and everything. It's perfect. He's the guy I would do anything for, and I feel like he would do anything for me. I've never felt so happy. I'm enjoying life, because for the first time I'm close to him, I can't imagine anything else. I can't even picture my life without him.

But then everything started to slip. I talk less, My effort starts to slip. We both know what's happening yet we both feel like there's nothing we could do to prevent it. My name is Alessa Evans and this is my story.


1. 1

Alessa’s POV I’m staring. Again. Can’t help it. Can’t even count the number of times I’ve caught my eyes working against me like this today. At least a dozen, maybe more. My brain is yelling. Stop, you idiot. They’ll see. They’ll see. It’s hard to watch his twist his body into her embrace and meet her stare. His eyes sparkle when he looks at her. Always. Every damn time. His face under this spell is painful. I wonder how beautiful it must be to stare back into that. My imagination probably can’t do it justice. I shiver. God, I wish. The way he holds her hand and kisses her lips just makes me feel like i've been shot severval times, yet still alive.. Why can’t everything be like it used to be? I guess, it is really my fault. I should’ve talked it through when I had the chance and he wouldn’t let it go. If he really loved me, he would’ve done anything that would make our relationship work but I guess I was wrong, he never loved me. “Alessa?” my friend Tori called, as tears streaming down my face. “Yeah?” I wiped the tears of my face, turning around facing her. “Have you been crying?” “No, I just got hit by a ball.” I lied, hoping she’ll believe it. “No, you didn’t get hit by a ball, stop lying to me Alessa.” She froze for a second. I gulped, feeling my throat soar as from crying. “I know why your crying and don’t try to deny that.” She spoke, staring right in my eyes, deeply. “No, I-“ “Why can’t you just get over him like he got over you? Alessa, he’s not worth your tears.” She hugged me tightly, and rubbing her hands around my back to calm me down. “One day, he’ll regret it, trust me.” “I hope so, I just hope so.” As tears streamed down my face, over and over again. I want this pain to go away. Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to me, but I meant nothing to him... I headed to my class, until I saw Harry and Isabelle laughing and hugging each other. Why can’t that be me? What did I do to get this pain? The tears just forms in my eyes when I see those two. I can’t pry my gaze away from his as he stands in front of Isabella smiling, as his dimples gave me shivers. That smile. “I love you, Harry” She smiled at him, giving him a quick peck on his cheeks as she was about to head to class.. “Wait Isabelle.” Harry spoke, going closer to her. “I love you too.” He hugged her as she playfully slapped his arm, then giving air kisses to him. I pretend to walk inside the class like I saw nothing. He walked in the class, staring at me. I ignored him, then got my book and started to write down notes. - I kept glancing where he is sitting to see if he’s looking at me. But no, he was completely focused doing his work.
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