One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


38. We're Both Too Stubborn to Admit It/ Mal's Party

Chapter 38 


~Addison's P.O.V.~ 


Does he have to be so RUDE! 


Get over yourself, Harry! 


"I'll go get us a drink." Michael smiled. I nodded and took a seat between Dani and El. 


"He's just jealous." Lou stated. 


"I know he is." I replied. 


"Don't worry about Haz. Just have fun!" El perked. 


Just then Michael had returned with my drink. 


"Here you go, love." He smiled handing me the glass. 


"I'm not so hungry anymore." I frowned. "Let's dance!" I suggested taking Michael's hand and leading him to the dance floor. 


~Mal's P.O.V.~ 


The party has only been going on for about an hour. 


There are way more people here than I expected. 


"You having fun, babe?" Brendon smiled kissing my forehead. 


"Of course!" I chirped, kissing him. 


"Wanna dance?" Brendon declared. 


"Okay!" I agreed. 


"You think Lexie's drunk yet?" I smirked. 


"Probably." Brendon chuckled as we walked over to Josh and Lex who were grinding on the dance floor. 


"Hey, Birthday Girl!" Lexie shouted. 


"Hey!" I smiled. 


She seems okay.... For now. 


We all continued to dance and grind when Addi and Michael came over. 


"Hey Mal! Awesome party!" Addi perked. 


"Thanks for coming!" I smiled. 


"Wouldn't miss it!" Addi replied. 


"So this is Michael?" I asked. She nodded. 


"Nice to meet you and happy birthday!" Michael smiled shaking my hand. 


"Thank you!" I smiled back. 


"Well, I better go thank everyone...." I stated. 


"Okay! See ya later!" Addi smiled before her and Michael walked away. 


"Where'd Lex and Josh go?" I whispered to Brendon. He just pointed towards the 'open' bar where Lexie and Josh were sitting. 


Of course. 


I continued to walk around, chatting with friends and guests. Cailyn, Niall, Ethan, Ellen, Zayn, Perrie, Addi and Michael were all off to the side sitting in a booth. Lou, El, Liam, and Dani were now all on the dance floor. Josh and Lex were at the bar, but.... 


Where's Harry? 


~Addi's P.O.V.~ 


Me and Michael had gotten tired of dancing so we went and sat down with Ciall, Zerrie and Double E. 


"Really?!" Zayn gasped as me and Michael sat down with them. 


"What happened?!" I asked. 


"Ellen's moving!" Zayn yelled. 


"What! When! Where! What!?" I exclaimed looking over to Ellen. 


"Ethan is graduating soon and he has a really big and important job offer...."Ellen explained. 


"But the job offer is in Manchester..." Ethan added. 


"Oh..." I sighed. 


"I have to go with him.... I just can't be without him..." Ellen stated. 


I sure know how that feels. 

As if reading my mind... 


"Addison.... You know how it feels being away from H-"Ellen started, but I stared at her wide-eyed. 


"Oh...Never mind." She sighed. 


"What..." Michael asked. 


"It's nothing.... Just I WAS a bit of a mess....when I thought I wouldn't be with Harry for six months, but then..." I stated, but just stopped mid sentence. 


"You two were that serious?" Michael asked. 

"Yes." I replied shortly, looking down. 


"Anyway... I'll visit and I'm only a few hours away..." Ellen declared. 


"Yeah... I guess..." Zayn half-smiled. 


"What about Cailyn?" I asked. 


"I'm moving in with Niall." Cailyn smiled, giving Niall a quick kiss. 




"Well, I just want you to be happy..." Zayn stated. 


"And I will be!" Ellen smiled giving Zayn a hug. 


Everyone started talking about stuff when it hit me. 


Where's Harry? 


"I'm going to the restroom..." I whispered to Michael. Which was a lie. I was actually going to look for Haz.... 


I didn't see him dancing.... He wasn't at the bar.... Did he leave? No... 


"Hey, Lou! Have you seen Haz?" I asked. 


"Yeah, he said he wanted some air so he went out back." Louis replied. 


"Okay, Thanks!" I smiled and then walked off towards the door. 


I slowly creaked open the door and the sounds of traffic filled my ears. 


It was dark except for the lights of the buildings around the club. There was no one out here.... I looked around searching for Harry, when I saw a tall, curly headed boy staring out at the busy streets of London. 


"Haz..." I spoke softly. He quickly turned around. 


"Oh... Hey Addison." He said a bit hurt. 


"I haven't seen you since the party started." I stated. 


"Cause you've been too busy with Michael." Harry mumbled. 


Oh. My. God. I have about had it with Harry! 


"Why don't you just admit it?!" I declared. 


"Admit what?!" Harry spat back. 


"That you're jealous!" I exclaimed. 


"Jealous...Jealous!? Fine! Maybe I am!" Harry yelled. 


I was completely taken back and shocked. Not that he was yelling, but that Harry Styles actually admitted something. 


"Maybe I am jealous! I'm jealous knowing that Michael has you! And not me! You were mine first! Please Addi, take me back! Leave Michael." He pleaded. 


Woah. Is he alright? 


"I thought you were over me, Harry! Just when I think we can move on, you do this!" I shouted. 


"I'll never give up on us!" Harry shouted back. 


"WHY NOT!" I yelled. 




UGH! Why does he have to be this way! Why do we have to be so complicated! 


"Are you over me?" Harry asked. 


I froze. 


Am I over Harry? 


Hell no! 


"I... I don't... really... know.." I stuttered. 


"No. You're not over me! You still love me, but you're too stubborn to admit that." Harry exclaimed, taking my face in his hands and slamming his lips onto mine. 


The kiss was incredible. Passionate. Perfect. Back and forth, we knew exactly what to do. 


I miss this. 


I miss him. 


I miss us. 


We continued to snog never wanting to pull away. My hands found his curls while his were still cupped around my face. 


The kiss was one of those passionate kisses that leaves you wanting more... 


"Addison..." A familiar voice spoke. 


Me and Harry both pulled away and turned to the figure. 


The familiar voice was.... 



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