One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


22. Valentines Day

Chapter 22 
~Harry's P.O.V.~ 
Our flight has just landed in London. I stepped off the plane and instantly saw Addi! She was smiling so big I just wanted to hug her. Of course there were paparazzi and lots of fans, but I couldn't take my eyes off of Addison. After signing a few autographs and taking a few pictures, Paul escorted us towards the car. Addi came running up from behind us and flew into my arms. It was so good to see and just hold her again. Soon we all stood their hugging our girlfriends including Zayn. He recently told us about his new girlfriend, Perrie. She's a friend of Ellen's and also a member of Little Mix. 
"I missed you so much!" Addi murmured into my chest. 
"I missed you too, Baby." I smiled. 
"We need to go." Paul said shooing us into the limo. When we got into the limo it was a short ride home. Josh and Lex were already snogging, which is unusual. We dropped Josh and Lex off at Josh's flat and then dropped Dani and Liam off at Liam's flat. Niall, Cailyn, Zayn and Perrie went out to eat. Leaving me, El, Addi and Lou staying at mine and Lou's flat. When we walked in the door, Lou and El practically ran to Louis' room. Ew. 
"Use protection!" I yelled. 
"I'm always prepared." Lou called back. 
"Ew." Addi smiled. 
 "I know right?!" I smirked. We just stood there in each other's arms, like we never wanted to let go. I know I didn't. Addi sighed and hugged me tighter. 
"What's wrong?" I asked. 
"Nothing. I just really missed you." She said not losing her grip on me. 
"Oh. I missed you too! Wanna cuddle?" I asked hopefully. 
"I'd love that." She smiled as we walked over to the couch and snuggled under a blanket. 
~Addi's P.O.V.~ 
"Happy Valentine's Day, My love!" Harry shouted waking me up. 
"Happy Valentine's Day, Babe." I smiled "I love you." I said as I leaned up to peck his lips, but he stopped me. 
"Ah. Ah. Ah. You must get up. No kisses until you get up." He smirked. 
"And I love you too." He added. I just groaned and stoop up. 
"Okay.... You can have a kiss now." He grinned, leaning in, but I placed my finger over his mouth. 
"Ah. Ah. Ah. I must brush my teeth. No kisses until I brush my teeth." I teased. He just scowled and walked off to the kitchen. I quickly brushed my teeth and then walked to the kitchen as well. 
"Hiya El!" I chirped, sitting on the couch next to her. 
"Hey Addi!" She smiled. 
"Well, Hello to you too, Addison." Lou said sarcastically. 
"Hey Lou." I grinned and he smiled. 
"You ready, El?" Lou asked, dressed in his usual stripes and bright jeans. 
"Yes!" She squealed. 
"Have fun!" I yelled. 
"We will!" Lou winked as they linked hands and started walking down the street. 
"They are so cute!" I awed. 
"Not as cute as you." Harry whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist, kissing my neck. As he made his way up my jaw line, he brushed his lips just near mine and then pulled away. 
"You're such a tease!" I smirked. 
"Well you need to go get dressed. We have a big day today." He smiled. I just sighed. 
"Come on! Run along! Hurry." He said and slapped my butt. 
"Watch it, Harry." I smirked but he just chuckled. 
I quickly went to change. I grabbed one of my loose fitting tops and a pair of jeans. Yes, I keep some of my clothes at his flat. I threw my hair into a cute, but messy pony tail and applied foundation and mascara. I took one approving glance in the mirror and walked back into the kitchen. 
"Finally..." Harry sighed, 
"Whatever...." I smirked. 
"Let's go!" He squealed grabbing my hand as we raced out the door. 
"What are we doing today?" I asked anxiously. 
"You'll see." He grinned. 
--------------- Hours Later ---------------- 
Today was spectacular! We ate breakfast at a small café, Harry bought me flowers, and even a few fans came up to me and Harry asking for pictures with both of us! They were so sweet. One little girl came up too us and gave us a hand made card. It had pictures of me and Harry on it and also had 'Harrison' written all over it. Adorable. And to top the day off we went on the London Eye! 
"Wow....Today. Was. Magnificent." I smiled. 
"It's not over yet." Harry grinned. 
We walked down the street hand-in-hand until out of nowhere about seven or eight men with cameras jumped out of a van. Great. Paparazzi.  
"Harry! Addi! Over here!" 
"Harry! Addison! Look!" 
"Addison could you and Harry come here!"  
"Look here!" 
"Smile here!"  
They all yelled. 
We tried to make our way through, but it just wasn't happening. Harry looked extremely angry. The lights were blinding and the men were so loud. Harry turned to me and smiled. He slammed his lips onto mine. I was shocked, he usually doesn't do that. I just kissed back. After several shots. They were satisfied, got back in there van and drove away. But we continued to kiss, until I pulled away breathless. 
"What was that for?" I breathed. 
"Just giving them something front page worthy." He smirked. I just laughed as we continued to walk back down the sidewalk. I was thinking we were going to go back to his flat, cause you know, it is Valentine's Day But we didn't. 
"Danielle is having a party and invited us if you wanna go." Harry stated. 
"Sure." I smiled. 
There weren't too many people at Dani's, but her flat is huge. Just lots of her friends, The boys, Mal, Brendon, Perrie, Cailyn, Lex, Josh, Ellen, El and myself. Me and Harry tried to make our way through all the couples who were snogging, including Josh and Lex?! She must be drunk. Like really drunk.   
 "Lex?!" I asked. 
"Oh, Hey Addi." She said pulling away as Josh began to leave a trail of love bites down her neck. I just stood there with my mouth open. Me and Harry both. 
"Well, I guess we should leave them alone." Harry mumbled. 
"Okay! Well I'll see you later, Addison. Maybe. Who knows. Oh, What the hell. It's Valentine's Day! I'm not coming home." She sighed and continued to kiss Josh. 
"She's drunk." I stated as me and Harry made our way to the balcony. 
"For sure." Harry chuckled. When we walked out onto the balcony Mallory and Brendon were snogging each other's faces off as well. Damn. Are me and Harry the only sober couple here? 
"Oops. Maybe we should find somewhere else." Mallory blushed as they left the balcony, running upstairs. 
When I turned around I saw Harry's face light up and his mouth dropped. 
"What?!" I asked. He just pointed inside. When I looked in that direction. I saw someone practically striping off. A girl....  
LEXIE! I raced back inside and threw a blanket over her half naked body. She still kept jumping around and dancing to the music. 
"I got the pi-"Josh started but his jaw dropped when he saw Lex. 
"Um! No more pints for Lexie! She's had enough alcohol!" I protested. "Maybe you should take her home." 
"Noooo...... I wanna stay here. And PARTY!" She yelled. 
"UGH. You're like a four year old when you are drunk." I sighed. 
"Let's go upstairs!" Lex smiled and Josh grinned. 
"Josh! Use protection." I exclaimed. 
"Of course, Addi! You're so uptight! It's Valentine's Day. Go snog Harry!" Josh smirked. 
"Maybe, I will!" I shouted. 
"Will what?" Harry asked. I am not uptight! I grabbed the collar of Harry's shirt and slammed his lips on mine. When he bit my lower lip and my mouth flew open his tongue collided with mine. I pulled away and this time Harry was the one breathless. 
"Woah...." He sighed. 
Satisfied. I pecked his lips, but my phone vibrated in my back pocket. 
"It's my mum." I whispered to Harry as I walked out onto the balcony. But he followed me like a cute, little puppy and started kissing my neck. 
"Hello Mum!" I chirped. 
"Ad-di-son.....Come home.... It's your grandmaw... She's...passed away." My mum sobbed into the phone.  
My heart ached and my body froze as I broke down in tears.

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