One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


49. The Funky Buddah

Chapter 49 ~Ellen's P.O.V~ It's been almost a week since Zayn was released. Today is May 12th. The boys had to postpone the Australian tour... Addi and Harry went to dinner with Addi's family because it's her father's birthday today. Me and Cailyn have been watching over Zayn, since the rest of the boys are busy and so was Perrie. Zayn and Niall thankfully have made a full recovery and are going to be fine! Hallelujah! But... I have to leave soon. Soon... Like today. Zayn and the boys are at rehearsals now. They leave tomorrow going to Australia and then in August they leave for America. "I have to go..." I sighed standing up. I have been staying with Cailyn since Zayn got back on his feet. "Where you going?" Cailyn asked. "Home..." I sighed. "Awwww like in Manchester?" Cailyn frowned. I nodded. "Well I'm going to miss you." Cailyn added walking towards me giving me a hug. "It's okay, Cailyn. I'll be back before you know it!" I smiled giving her a hug. "Are you going to tell everyone else bye?" Cailyn asked. I frowned and shook my head. "No... It's to hard to say goodbye again." I stated. "Just tell everyone that I love them." "I will." Cailyn declared. I gave her one last hug and then waved goodbye as I shut the door behind me. I'll miss everyone but I must get back home to my fiancé, Ethan. ~Mallory's P.O.V.~ Me, Brendon, Lexie and Josh were just sitting around, since Addi was out. "It's Friday night. I don't want to just sit around." I declared. "What time do you leave tomorrow?" Lexie asked turning towards Josh. "Early. As usual." Josh stated. "Let's go... To the Funky Buddha!" Brendon smiled. "Who's having a party?!" I asked. "My cousin. I totally forgot. Benjamin is having a birthday bash tonight! He invited me last week and said I could bring guests." Brendon explained. "Wanna go?" He asked. "Hell yeah!" Lexie exclaimed. We all laughed. "Alright! Lets go!" I smiled. "We'll pick you up in an hour." Brendon smiled as him and Josh left to go get ready. "Okay! Time to get dressed!" I perked as we both rushed off to our rooms. Lex and I both quickly took showers and got ready. She was wearing a bright red cocktail dress with red high heels. Her hair was straightened with a light touch of make-up. I was wearing a bright purple dress that was slightly tight with light blue and purple heels. I had the ends of my hair slightly curled, thanks to Lex. I applied my make-up and then walked into the kitchen. "Ready Lex?" I called walking to the fridge to get some water. "Almost!" She replied. Just then I heard a knock on the door. "Ready." Lex sighed walking towards the door. I grabbed my phone and followed her. She opened the door and there stood two handsome hotties. "Woah." They both sighed... Practically drooling over us, sexy ladies! "You ready?" Lexie asked. "Well.. I just figured out that his party doesn't start until 8 so we still have half an hour." Brendon stated as him and Josh walked into the living room. "Oh, well okay then..." I smiled sitting next to Brendon. He grabbed my hand and locked our fingers together. I smiled and lightly squeezed his hand causing him to grin. Lex was sitting with Josh in the chair next to us. There hands were entwined and Lexie's head on his shoulder. They truly do make an adorable couple. We were watching TV.. Waiting until 8 when Addi and Harry walked in. "Hey guys!" Addi smiled tossing her bag on the counter. "Hey!" We all replied. "What are you girls all dressed up so hot for?" Harry smirked, playfully winking at me and Lexie. Such a flirt. "We're going to the Funky Buddha!" Lexie perked. "I've never been." "Me either." I added. "It's a cool club." Harry stated. "Really? I had no idea..." Lex joked with sarcasm in her tone. "I mean... Only cool people can get in..." Harry joked. "Then how'd you get in?" I asked. And he just glared as everyone else laughed. "Alright, alright... Now that you've all 'told off' off my boyfriend, what time are you leaving?" Addi asked as Harry laid his head on Addison's shoulder and began to fake pout. "In just a few minutes, wanna come?" I asked. "Tonight is Cousin Ben's birthday... And he invited the family." Brendon stated. "Oh..Nah... We're gonna.. Stay in tonight." Harry smirked, pulling Addi in for a quick kiss. "But tell Benjamin I said 'Happy Birthday!'" He finished turning back to Addi, kissing her again. "I think that's our cue... To leave." Josh whispered as we all laughed. "Bye Harrison, see you when we get home!" I smiled as we all walked out the door. "Yay! Let's go!" Lexie squealed, grabbing Josh's hand. --- ~Lexie's P.O.V.~ When we got to the Funky Buddha Brendon found his cousin and introduced Ben to us. He's really nice and looks a lot like Brendon! Mal and Brendon walked off but my hand stayed tightly clinched to Josh's as he led me to the dance floor. 'Dance the Night Away' was playing and almost everyone around us were grinding on their partner so me and Josh joined in too! As I moved my hips in the circular motion I turned my head just a bit to where Josh's hot breath was on my neck. After a couple of songs we were a bit tired. "I'll go get us some drinks." Josh declared. As the song 'Domino' by Jesse J started I slowly started to dance as I waited for Josh to return. "Hey, Sexy." A muffled voice spoke from behind me. "Hello.... Um, do I know you?" I asked. "I don't think so, but I wish you did." He breathed looking me up and down. The smell of alcohol escaped from his mouth. Ew. This drunken pedophile is hitting on me. "I'm sorry... I have to go." I said turning away. "Not so fast, hot stuff!" He said tightly grabbing my arm. I tried jerking away but his grip was strong. There were so many people around me that I don't think anyone noticed anything strange. I can handle this... So I didn't make a scene, I still quietly tried to free myself. "Why don't we dance..." He suggested. "Hell no!" I scoffed as he squeezed my arm. There will definitely be a bruise and I'm not gonna lie. It really hurt! "Let go of my arm." I said one final time jerking my arm away. The impact of my free arm flew straight up in the air hitting the drunk's drink spilling it all over himself. "That's it, slut!" He groaned, walking towards me. He went to swing at me but missed. I thought for sure he was going to hit me. "Hey! Get away from my girl!" Josh yelled. "Who the hell do you think you are?!" The drunk asked asked. "Her boyfriend. Now leave us alone." Josh demanded. "Or what?" The drunk asked. " I grabbed Josh's hand to remind him to stay calm. "You don't even wanna know." Josh replied confident. "Psht! I'm not afraid of a punk like you or your little slut." The drunk scoffed. I squeezed Josh's hand tighter. 'Stay cool' I mouthed. "Stop calling my girlfriend that." Josh exclaimed. "Fine. I'm not afraid of you or your little bitch!" The drunk scowled. What did he just call me? I felt Josh's fist clench. Okay.... I'm done. I released Josh's hand and stepped back. Josh lunged forward, slamming the drunk straight in the face, knocking him out. Cold. I can't believe he called me that. I felt stinging pain on my right wrist and looked down to see the red and purple marks left on my wrist. I quickly covered up my wrist with my sweater sleeve. I turned towards my boyfriend who had not a scratch but the look of pain and anger flushed his face. The drunk was laying on the ground now moaning loud. The music was loud too but it drowned out the moans. Josh grabbed my hand leading me to a side room. He shut the door behind us and cupped my face in his hands, gently placing my lips. The kiss was slow... But passionate and sweet. "What was that for?" I asked, breathless. "I want you to know that you are mine. No one else's. Okay? And I will always protect you, no matter what!" Josh exclaimed pulling me close. I had my head resting on his chest listening to his heavy heartbeat. "Thank you.... For everything. For always being here for me. For always loving me. And for never leaving me. I love you." I smiled. "I love you so much more." He exclaimed.
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