One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


37. The Boys Come Home

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Chapter 37 


"Morning!" I chirped walking into the living room. 


"Morning Addi!" You're perky, huh?" Mallory smirked. 


"Well yeah! The boys come home today! I haven't seen them in a week." I frowned. 


"Okay baby, Yep! Can't wait! Love you too! Bye..." Lexie smiled into her phone. 


"Was that Joshua?" I winked. She nodded. 


"There plane is about to land!" Lexie squealed. 


"We should get ready then!" Mal exclaimed. 


"Why... I have no one to impress."I smirked. 


"You know you want to look nice for Harry...." Mal and Lex cooed in a baby voice. I just rolled my eyes and shook my head as I walked off to my room. 


I threw on a pair of dark jeans and a loose fitting jumper. I slipped on my red toms and put my hair into a mess bun with a beanie. 


"Ready." I smiled walking back into the kitchen. 


"Great! Let's go!" Lexie perked. 


~Harry's P.O.V.~ 


Our plane was just about to land. 


I could not wait to be back in London. 


The flight attendant had announced that we could remove our seatbelts and that the plane was safe to exit. 


I quickly grabbed my bag and exited the plane. I breathed in the cool air of London and then turned towards the girls who looked ecstatic to see us. Lou literally ran towards El and spun her around. Liam and Dani began to hug along with Josh and Lex. Cailyn and Niall were also happy to see each other. With everyone around me hugging or kissing, I turned to Addi who was looking down with a slight grin on her face, rocking back and forth on her heels. 


"Hey Baby." I winked. "Miss me?" 


Addison just smirked and rolled her eyes. Before she could say anything I threw my arms around her and held her close to my chest. God I've missed her. Just when I think I'm over her that voice in the back of my head reassures me that I can't give up on us and that I'll always love her. 


We stood there in the middle of the airport. She didn't pull away and I sure as hell wasn't. Addi's head was buried into my chest. When she mumbled something. 


"What Addi?" I whispered. 


"I have missed you." She whispered. 


A huge grin spread across my face as I squeezed her and held her even tighter. When I hug her there's still that wall of fear in her heart, fear of being hurt again. 


"Come on, 'friend'." She smiled as we made our way to the van. 


"Okay, baby." I winked, getting into the van. She just scowled and took a seat in between me and Niall. 


The car ride home wasn't awkward at all. We told them about the tour and all about the shows. 


When we got back to mine and Lou's flat we all just kinda hung out. It was only me, Addi, Lex, Josh, Lou and El. The rest of the boys had gone home with their girlfriends. 


Josh and Lexie were in the kitchen with Lou and El. Leaving me and Addi... Alone... In the living room. 


~Louis' P.O.V.~ 


"So tomorrow night is Mal's party?" I declared. 


"Yes, which means we can't set up the date tomorrow..." Lex sighed. "What about Saturday!" She perked. 


"Yeah!" I agreed. 


"You two are still hooked on this plan..." Josh asked. 


"Yep!" Me and Lexie said in unison. 


"I mean look at them... They are practically a couple they just need that extra push." Lexie smiled. 


"And I know they still love each other. I can see it in their eyes." I exclaimed. 


"I think it's a great idea!" El perked. 


"Thanks babe." I smiled pecking El's lips. 


"It's settled. We use the plan to set up Harry and Addi up on a date this Saturday...Correct?" Lexie asked. 


"Correct!" I smiled. 



~Lexie's P.O.V.~ 


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALLORY!" Me and Addi squealed waking Mal up. 


"Thanks girls." She smiled. 


"You're nineteen!" Addi perked. 


"I know! It's unbelievable!" Mal exclaimed. 


"At least you're not about to be twenty...." I smirked. We all just laughed. 

"Get dressed and then we are going shopping." I stated. 


"Really!?" Mal exclaimed. 


"Yep! Think of it as your birthday treat!" Addi smiled. 


We all ran off to our rooms to get dressed. 


I put on my white jeans with a crop top and some toms. I left my hair down and applied make-up. 


Once we had got to the Mall, Cailyn and Ellen were already there waiting for us. 


We literally shopped all day until it was time to go home and get ready for the party! 


We're going clubbing! 


The boys reserved a club for one night! 


It's going to be perfect. 


Well, I just hope it will be perfect for Mal. 


~Addi's P.O.V.~ 


We all quickly got ready in our new outfits we had bought today. Josh, Lex, Mal, and Brendon left about an hour ago to make sure everything was set at the club. 


I slipped on my bright blue dress and sandals, then grabbed my phone. 


"You look amazing!" Michael smiled, giving me a quick kiss. 


I don't really know what me and Michael are.... 


I mean... We've been on about two dates and we kiss, but we've never really confirmed that we're boyfriend and girlfriend. 




When we got to the club it was packed with people. 


People drinking, dancing, snogging, and other.... Inappropriate things. 


There were so many people that I couldn't even find Mallory. Making my way through the crowd of dancing guests, I spotted the boys, Dani and El sitting on a couch off to the side. Harry's face lit up when he saw me, but his face fell to my hand that was entwined with Michael's. 


"Hey guys!" I perked. "This is Michael." I smiled motioning towards Michael who raised his other hand and waved. 


"Hello Michael!" They all smiled, except for Harry. 


Harry just huffed and walked away to the dance floor. 


Oh Boy... 


This will be a fun party. 






And me. 


What could go wrong?

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