One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


26. Texts from Friends

Chapter 26 
"I'm. So. Tired." I sighed laying down on the bed. 
"But it's only 11 pm. You can't be tired." Harry stated. 
"I'm sorry, but today has been an emotional day, Harry." I frowned. 
"I know. Let me cheer you up." Haz perked, pulling me in for a hug. 
Oh joy. This ought to be good. 
"How?" I asked. 
"Let's call Lex!" He smiled. 
Oh shoot! I haven't called Lexie or anyone besides Haz, since I've been here. She'll be pretty pissed off. Oh well. She still loves me. He picked up my phone and clicked her name to FaceTime. 
"Hi...." Me and Harry smiled into the camera, but she had her head turned away. 
"Hmm....Who's this...'BBFFL'. I'm not sure if I know her cause she damn well acts like she doesn't know me." Lex said sarcastically. 
"I'm sorry that I haven't called you sooner." I apologized. "Forgive me?" 
She sighed. "Fine.... I forgive you." 
"So whatcha doing?" I asked. 
"Sitting here with Mal, while Cailyn and Ellen play cards." She smiled, turning the camera to where I could see them. 
"We miss you....." They all chorused. Before I could reply, Harry spoke up. 
"I MISS YOU GIRLS TOO!" He shouted. I playfully slapped his arm as he chuckled. 
"I miss you too." I smiled. 
"When are you coming back?" Cailyn asked. 
"Tomorrow." Harry stated. 
"Did you hear the big news?!" Mal asked. 
"What big news?" Me and Harry both asked. 
I'm gone for two days and there's already big news! 
"I'll let the lads tell you." Lex smiled. 
"I'm going to call Lou." Harry whispered and kissed my cheek. 
"Ew... No PDA in front of me." Lex smirked. I just laughed and stuck my tongue out. 
"You and Josh sure showed a lot of PDA in front of me. *Cough Cough The Party Cough Cough*" I said sarcastically. 
"Ugh.... Don't talk about it." Lex groaned. "I woke up not even in my room, half naked, with a massive hangover.  
I chuckled remembering that night. She was totally wasted. It was hilarious, but then I remembered the phone call from my mum... 
"So how's Mendon?...." I asked, wiggling my eyebrows. Mal blushed and smiled. 
"Wonderful. He just has to work a lot, but-"She started, but Lex cut her off. 
"But when he doesn't have to work they sure have a lot of fun." Lex winked. Mal gasped.  
"And how would you know that?!" Mal spat back. 
"The walls aren't made of paper in this house and I have to practically leave the flat." Lex joked. Mal's eyes widened. 
"You and Josh aren't that quiet either!" Mal smirked.  
 "OKAY! Please stop discussing what happens behind your bedroom doors." I chuckled. "Remind me to never walk in without knocking." 
They both laughed until someone squealed like a little girl. I nearly had a heart attack.  
It was Harry. 
"What was that?" Ellen asked. 
"I have no idea. I better go find out..." I smiled. "See ya later!" 
"Bye!" They all waved. 
"No way! Ahh!" Harry squealed AGAIN. 
"Haz, what are you squealing about." I laughed. 
"Okay BooBear. I better go. Uh huh. Uh huh. Yeah. Right! Awesome! Love you too! Night night." He exclaimed and then hung up. 
"Addi! Guess what?" Harry smiled. 
"What?" I asked. 
"Guess." He smirked. 
"No.... Tell me." I said anxiously.  
"Fine." He sighed. 
"We were nominated for a Brit Award!" He smiled. 
"Oh my gosh, Haz! That's amazing!" I smiled, hugging him. 
"Like you." He whispered. 
Cheeky.....But still made me blush. 
I leaned up and gently kissed him when my phone vibrated. I had two texts. 
One from one of my close friends, Hope and the other from another good friend, Leah. Wow! I haven't seen them since before I left last year. 
~ADDISON! Why didn't you tell me you were in town! We have to catch up! Soon! Tomorrow? -Hope 
I'm leaving tomorrow. Oh no. 
~I'm so sorry, but I'm leaving tomorrow. :( -Addi xx  
~Addi!! You are dating Harry! Like Harry Styles! That's okay! Don't tell me! And you're in town! UGH! We have to hang out! Me, You, Julie, and Meghan! This weekend!? -Leah xp 
~Sorry Le... I can't. I'm leaving :( and yes me and Harry are dating :D -Addi 
Julie and Meghan! I haven't seen then in ages either! All of my U.S. friends are gonna hate me for leaving so soon. 
Unless... I don't leave. 
No. No. No. I have to. I miss London and the U.S. just brings back to many memories. 
But I will be leaving all my friends behind. Again... 
You are going back to London, Tomorrow. 
-------Next Day-------- 
"You ready, Babe?" Harry asked, as I zipped up my last bag. 
"All set." I smiled. 
"I'm going to miss you so so much!" B.J. smiled as she hugged me. 
"I'm gonna miss you too!" I frowned, hugging her back. 
"Come visit soon." My aunt smiled weakly. 
"I will. Bye Uncle Brandon. Bye Gregory." I said hugging them both. They all also hugged Harry. B.J. and Gregory both gave me there approval of Harry. 
Like I needed it.  
Then I gave one last wave of goodbye as Harry talked to the man at the counter about our flight. 
"Ding. Ding." My phone chimed as I pulled it out of my back pocket. 
It was a text from a friend named Jeremiah.  
 ~You're in town. Roo?! We need to hang out ;) -AA
Haha he still calls me Roo!  
 Before I could reply.... 
"Ding." It chimed again from another friend named Cheyenne. 
~"Ahh! You and Harry! Call me! We should hang out! -Cheyenne 
Then again. 
"Ding!" From Daniel, another good friend. 
~Addi! You are back in the US!!! We should make plans soon! 
Then "Ding!" AGAIN from- Oh it's Lex.  
~Tell everyone I said Hi and I miss them heaps! -Lex xx ;) 
Then again ding! And again ding! 
Wow news spreads fast. They all wanted to see me or make plans or just talk. How could I tell all my good friends, that I left behind last year, that I'm leaving again and didn't even tell them I was back! 
I can't. 
"You ready, Baby?" Harry asked. 
"Harry.....I.....I'm..." I stutterd. 
"What is it, Addison?" He asked absentmindedly. 
I took a deep breath and looked up at him. 
"I'm not going back to London."

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