One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


53. Party Time (Part 1)

Chapter 53

~Mal's P.O.V.~

When we three arrived at Liam's, we were a little early. We had arrived just before the DJ and right after the caterer. All the boys had arrived along with El, Dani and Perrie. Cailyn was on her way and Josh was too. Immediately Lex, had gone off to show the DJ and the caterers where to set up. Me and Addi had walked over to one of the tables off to the side where Harry and Brendon were sitting. Addi greeted Harry with a kiss, and then sat down next to him. So I did the same with Brendon. We sat there and made small talk watching Lex run around making sure everything was perfect. People started showing up around half past 7. The DJ was playing some tunes when Zayn walked over to him and asked him if could spin a few. The DJ agreed and Zayn looked like he was having the time of his life. Lexie was still running around checking to see if everything was perfect. Brendon and Harry led Addi and I towards the dance floor as the DJ started to play 'Payphone' by Maroon Five. As we grinded and enjoyed the party, I saw an infuriated Lex in the distance. She was yelling at Louis and Nialler because they had just caused a huge commotion in the kitchen. I told Brendon I would be right back and I walked towards her. Lou and Niall had knocked over the plates on a rack, trying to get to the pints. Lexie was fuming. I quickly guided her into the next room. She looked like she could rip their heads off.

"Look, Lex. Calm down. Loosen up and enjoy YOUR party." I told her. She smiled and then inhaled and exhaled slowly. Once she was calmer I ushered her into the living room. Josh had just walked through the door.

"Look. There's Josh. Go have fun with your boyfriend! Have a drink! And live a little! Stop stressing and getcha party on!" I smiled and a small grin formed on her face. I turned back to the dance floor and saw Harry, Addi and Brendon right where I had left them.


~Lexie's P.O.V.~

I took Mal's advice.

"Get my party on." I repeated to myself.

A smirk formed on Josh's face as he eyed me hungrily. I winked at him and he started making his way towards me. Once we reached each other. His arms snaked around my body and I pulled Josh closer to me."You. Look. Hot." He breathed. I smiled and crashed my lips onto his. Back and forth our mouths moved in sync. I pulled away and he winked at me, catching his breathe.

"I'll get us some drinks." Josh smirked.

"Meet me on the dance floor." I called after him.

Josh hurried back with our drinks and we started to dance crazily. Beer and pints going everywhere, but who cares. I felt like going skydiving! Or bungee jumping! I felt so alive!

This is the best birthday ever!


~Addi's P.O.V.~

The party wasn't even half way over. Me and Harry had taken a break from dancing. I was sitting at a table with Lou, El, Dani, Liam and Harry. Harry had gone to get us some drinks.

"Wow. Addi..."Lou exclaimed.

"What?" I asked.

"Look! At Lexie!" Liam chuckled.

Oh god.

I quickly turned my head to the dance floor. And I saw Lexie twerking! I didn't know whether to stop her or to laugh like Liam and Lou. She was pretty good at it. But she had a drink in her hand that was going everywhere. People were laughing, but some were watching in admiration. Kinda like me...

As she twerked, Josh walked over to her and she began to half twerk, half grind on Josh. Oh... I bet he's enjoying himself.

Should I stop her?

Eh. What the hell. It's her party! She can do whatever she wants!

I turned back to the others who were sitting at the table with me. They were listening to Harry tell a story about when he was little and he got a girl to grind on him. Pathetic.

A little pissed off at the way he talked about how it was so fun. And she was an amazing dancer. I walked off, going to get a drink. I walked over to Nialler who was sitting at a table with the food.

"Hey Nialler!" I smiled sitting next to him.

"Hey sis!" He smiled, patting the seat next to him.

"Where's Cailyn?" I asked.

"She's on her way..." Niall smiled.

"Oh okay!"

"So where's, Haz?"

"Over there being a pig." I scowled.

"I know what you need..." Niall declared with a grin forming on his face he picked up a small glass and pored me a shot.

"Thanks, Nialler!" I smiled taking the shot. I slammed the glass back down.

"Hit me." I winked and he chuckled and poured me another. I took the second shot down easily and laughed at Niall's expression.

"Dang, lil sis. Take it slow." He said poring me a third. I laughed and then heard a familiar deep voice behind me. I shot around and saw the familiar face.

"James!" I smiled hugging him. Luckily, he had a tight grip on me because if he didn't I would have fallen. Still thinking about Harry lusting over the way it felt when the girl grinded on him. I felt my cheeks burn and anger rising in me. I turned to the third shot and drank it fast. Grabbing James' hand I walked to the dance floor. Time to make Harry lust at the sight of his cousins' pleasure when I grind on him. I'll show Harry how a real girl grinds.


~Lexie's P.O.V.~

Feeling a bit drunk but still energised, I walked over to the kitchen. On my way to the kitchen I saw many people twerking, grinding, and mostly snogging; but what caught my eye was Addi grinding... on a guy.... That wasn't Harry! Shrugging it off. I walked in the kitchen. I saw Niall sitting with Cailyn and Double E!

"Ellen!" I squealed walking towards them! She gave me a hug and squealed back.

"Lexie! Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks girl!" I smiled.

"Hiya, Ethan!" I smiled as he gave me a hug and wished me Happy Birthday.

They walked back over to Ciall and continued to 'catch up'. As I walked around to thank some of my guest. I saw Mal and Brendon in a corner, pressed up against the wall, snogging. Okay... I'm glad they are having fun! Liam is going to flip. So many dirty things are going on in his house. I walked over to Zayn and Perrie who were slowly grinding to the song 'As long as you love me' by Justin Bieber. I continued to walk around greeting some of my Hollister friends. I walked over to a table with Lou, El, and a fuming Harry, Liam, Dani, Josh and Andy Samuels. "There you are, babe." Josh smiled. "Meet Andy."

"Happy Birthay!" Andy smiled.

"Thank you." I chirped as Josh pulled me onto his lap.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked. Tilting my head in Harry's direction.

Josh nudged his elbow and pointed in the direction of Addi grinding on a guy. As the guy moved his head I saw his face more clearly. Not just some guy, But James... Harry's cousin.

"Oh shit..." I breathed.

~Harry's P.O.V.~

We were all sitting there having a good time, talking... I had just got done with my story when Liam and Lou's jaws both dropped. I turned to see what they were looking at and my jaw dropped as well.

"What the hell?!" I gasped.

I instantly stood up and clenched my fist, but Lou and Liam held me back.

"Mate, calm yourself." Josh sighed as Lex sat down on his lap. She doesn't even look that drunk. Shocker.

"What the bloody hell is she doing?!" I fumed.

"Go and calmly ask her." Liam stated.

Trying to be calm I walked over to her and looked at her in lust but also complete anger. The bloke that she was grinding her bum on was James! JAMES STYLES!

"Oh. Hey babe." She smiled, moving her hands to her hair continuing to grind.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I asked.

Stay cool. Stay cool. Stay cool.

"Oh well you were busy bragging about your little grinding session. So does this look similar?" She asked. Moving her hips more slowly. Damn. Why does she do this to me! She knows I just want to go off. But this is how she is. She's pissed at me and now she wants revenge.

"Oh, hey, Harry." James said putting his hands on Addi's hips pulling her closer to him. She let out a fake moan sending chills over me and causing something to move.

"Mate! Get your bloody hands off my girlfriend." I yelled, stepping in between Him and Addi. And as soon as I did I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Lou and Liam stand up from their chairs.

"Dude. I didn't know that- you two were back together... I mean She-" James stuttered, looking pale.

"Just. Go." I fumed.

I turned to Addi who had a smirk on her face.

"Someone was jealous...." She smirked, poking my cheek. And grabbing my hand. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to get me to forgive her.

"Okay... next time I'm being a prick. Tell me. Don't go and grind on my cousin." I stated.

"Sure. I'll remember that next time." She winked, pecking my lips.

"And why didn't you save all that fun action for me?" I said playfully poking my bottom lip out.

"Oh. It wasn't that fun. Besides...I saved the real action for tonight." She said kissing me and biting my lip. I bit her's back and she let me enter only to then pull away. She smiled, grabbing my hand, leading me back to our table.

"Damn. I am dating the biggest tease..." I smirked to myself.

~Lexie's P.O.V.~

We all closely watched as the argument took place between Harrison and James. It was actually really funny watching them from a distance. Louis kept pretending to be Harry and was predicting what he would say. While El pretended to be Addi, predicating things she would say. We all laughed at them two because half the things they were saying were things absolutely opposite of what Addi or Harry would say and others were exactly what they would say.

"MUAH! I love you Haz!" El said in a girly way like Addi.

"Oh! Erm..I love you too, baby." Lou said in a deep, slow voice like Harry.

Wow these two crack me up.

"They are so crazy." Josh whispered in my ear. I nodded and turned slightly on his lap to give him a small, sweet kiss then turning back as he rested his head back on my shoulder.

"Well, if it isn't the action of the party." Dani smiled as Addi and Harry strolled over. They both laughed and sat down.

"Damn, Addi. I thought Haz here was going to blow a gasket." Lou chuckled.

"Well. I have to keep him on his toes." She smirked. As Harry playfully rolled his eyes.

"It's only 8 o'clock." I gasped.

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