One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


1. One Boy, One Love, One Direction

#Chapter 1
"Addison!' My mum yelled from downstairs.
"What?!" I moaned turning over in my warm bed; covering my face with a pillow.
"Hun, get up. I am going to  
town to run some errands. Are you coming or not?" she asked.
"Not." I said still lying in my comfy bed.
"Well okay... I'll be home a little later." She said leaving my room.
The sun was beaming through my window when I glanced at the clock saying it was 10:18 a.m. Great! I missed breakfast....again.
"I wanna stay up all night and jump around until I see the sun!" my Iphone  rang as I picked it up.
It read that I had 4 new messages all from my "BBFFL." BBFFL stood for Best British Friend For Life!  It was kind of an inside joke between Me and My best friend, Lexie
"Hey Bestie" she texted at 9:03am.
"Wake up!"
"Addison!  Get up lazy bones! You know what today is!"
"Don't forget I'll be at your house at 11 a.m. Sharp! WAKE UP!
"Shhhi-" I screeched looking at the clock that read 10:35 am.
I quickly ran into my wardrobe grabbed my dark skinny jeans, my pink and black jumper and slipped on my black sandals. Just as I was about to go downstairs I grabbed my phone and Jack Wills hoody.
As I walked downstairs I slipped my phone into my back pocket when the doorbell rang.
"Coming." I yelled walking over to the door.
"Well look who's up." Lexie said smiling.
"Wow, your actually on time..." I said letting her in.
"Are you ready?" She asked impatiently.
"Yep! Just let me just leave my Mum a note." I replied.
Going to the shops with Lex! Be home soon! Love ya  
-Addison xx
"So.... You know where to go right?" I asked Lexie as we walked down the sidewalk.
"Well Yeah... We've been living here for 4 months now. I think I can pretty much make my way around London." She joked.
Me, Lexie, my family and her family all moved here from America a few months ago. Our parents were close and our dads both received promotion jobs here in London. After high school graduation in May we moved here. Lexie and I were already huge One Direction fans so we were all for moving! 
"Shopping time!" Lexie squealed as we entered the mall.
"Where to first?" I asked.
"Erm.... Primark?" She replied.
"Okay!" I agreed.
"Addison! Look at this top!" Lexie gasped.
"I love it! Look at these jeans!" I replied handing them to her.
"I must get them!" she squealed.
I paid for my red, white and blue jumper and bright blue jeans. While Lexie paid for her read and white jumper and dark red jeans.
"Wait! Let's go to Hollister" I said.
"Okay!" she 
"I love this dress!" I said before falling to the ground.
"Oh! I am so sorry!" I said sitting on the ground.
"I am so clumsy. It's my fault." The dark haired girl beside me replied. "No worries. Hi, I'm Eleanor." she chirped.
"Hello, I'm Addison. Hi, and I'm Lexie." We stated.
"Wait...." I paused looking at Lexie who had the same look of shock on her face.
We joked all the time about having some kind of secret, best friend telepathy cause we always thought alike.
"Your Eleanor Calder..." I finished.
"Yep! That's me" she replied.
"You're so much prettier in person" Lexie stated.
"We have been to one of your modeling shoots! It's so cool! I said holding in my excitement.
"You're so pretty and a great model!" Lexie squealed.
"Awe...that's so sweet! I love my job! It's a dream come true!" Eleanor said smiling.
"What are you guys doing tonight?" El asked.
"We are going to an One Direction concert!" We both squealed.
She giggled. "Directioners.....ehh?" She asked.
Me and Lexie gasped and turned to each other again.
"I almost forgot!" I exclaimed.
"Your Louis' girlfriend." Lexie finished.
"I was wondering how long it would take you two" El giggled.
"You and Lou are absolutely adorable." I said trying not to awe.
"Yes..You two are perfect together." Lexie said smiled.
"Wow! Thanks guys. Usually when fans meet me they scream at me and say they hate me." She sighed.
"That's horrible." I said.
"Yeah.. So rude!" Lexie added.
"Yep! Not most people know and like me for being a model. I'm just usually known by the fans as 'the slut Louis is dating'.
"Haters are just jealous" Lexie stated.
"Oh Yes... Because I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend who has a 'fake' pigeon and loves Carrots." Eleanor joked. "No, Louis is great. I love him with all my heart." She said blushing.
"Awweee" Me and Lex said in unison.
"So are you two hungry?" Eleanor asked.
"I'm starving." I stated.
"Me too" Lexie replied.
"Nandos?" I suggested.
"Of Course!" They both said giggling.
"Should I call Danielle?" Eleanor asked.
"YES!" Lexie and I squealed.
"Okay...One sec." She said pulling out her phone.
"She'll be here in a few." Eleanor said happily as we walked into Nandos.
"Yay!" Me and Lexie chorused.

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