One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


47. Niall's Awake... Zayn?

Chapter 47 

~Addison's P.O.V.~

Oh my god. 


I can't believe Michael, was the drunken driver that hit Niall and Zayn. 


"May I help you?" Michael's father spoke softly. 


"I... Erm... Sorry. I have the wrong room." I choked as me and Harry slowly left the room. 


"That son of a bitch, Michael was the one that hit Zayn and Niall?!" Harry asked with anger boiling in his tone of voice. 


"Harry!" I scolded. 

"What?!" He spat back. 


"I know you aren't the biggest fan of Michael-" I started and Harry scoffed. 


"Listen! Michael was there for me when you weren't. And if he dies..." I continued, choking back tears. 


"I.. I.. will be really upset.." I finished as a tear fell. Harry sighed and wiped away my tear. 


"I'm sorry... I'm just still beside myself and upset. I just keep thinking and wondering... What if they don't wake up." Harry croaked. 


"No. Harry. Don't think about that. They will wake up..." I stated and pulled him close to me. I was just about to pull away when he squeezed me tighter. That is one of the best feelings in the world. We stood in the hall way a little while longer just hugging. Then we started making our way back to Niall and Zayn's room. 




~Lexie's P.O.V.~ 


Me, Mal, Brendon, Cailyn and Josh were just anxiously waiting for Niall and Zayn to just open their eyes. 


Cailyn was exhausted, I could tell. But she didn't leave Niall's side. 


Perrie was on her way... she was at rehearsals for one of her shows when the accident happened. That's where Zayn was going after he dropped Niall off. But they didn't make it that far. 


Just then someone creaked open the door. Thinking it was Perrie, we all turned to the door. It wasn't Perrie. 


"Ellen!" Cailyn exclaimed rushing over to her and engulfing her in a hug. 


Cailyn and Ellen have been bestfriends and since Ellen left Cailyn has been quite lonely without Niall here either. 


Ellen and Cailyn stood near the doorway hugging, when I noticed something on Ellen's left hand. 


"Ellen..." I started. 


"Hey Lex!" She smiled coming over and giving me a hug. 


When she pulled away, I grabbed her left hand, she froze and gave me a 'shhh' look. I just smiled as she turned the ring around to where the huge diamond wasn't visible. 


Double E is engaged! But why does she want to keep it a secret? 


I obeyed and didn't say anything about it. 


"Thank you for calling me." Ellen stated as a tear fell from her eye. She slowly walked over to Zayn and sat down next to him. She was choking back tears as Ethan came over to her. She turned and starting crying into his chest. Seeing her like this and seeing Zayn and Niall lay still and unawake is so depressing. I just wish they would wake up. I turned to Josh who was silent. He has hardly said anything since we've been here. I turned to him and cuddled close to his chest. He pulled me close to him and laid his head on my head. I could feel his heart beat fast and I felt his chest go up and down. 


We were all just sitting there cuddled next our boyfriends as Perrie burst through the door. She gasped instantly as she saw Zayn unconscious and still. She burst into tears and walked over to his body. Her and Ellen began hugging and crying into each other's shoulder. 


We all just started to cry. By now, Harry, Addi, Dani, Liam, Lou and El were all here and in their room. Perrie and Ellen sat down by Zayn as Cailyn sat by Niall. 


All the rest of us were on the couches or in chairs. The room wasn't crowded at all. It was in fact a huge room that we all easily fit into. 


As Doctor Rumen walked in to check the boys he sighed. "Nothing new huh?" He asked. 


We all shook our heads. 


"I'm sorry. They should have woken up by now." He stated checking over his chart. 


"They will wake up?" Asked a very frantic Cailyn. 


"They should. But it's hard to tell." Doctor Rumen replied. Cailyn let out a cry as she left the room, Ellen got up and followed her out. 


"They just have to wake up on their own. Be patient..." He sighed and then excited the room. 


By this time, Ellen and a calmed down Cailyn returned. 


I squeezed Josh's hand as he kissed my forehead. I hate seeing him like this. He croaked, and finally broke down as a tear fell from his eye. I wiped it away as he led me outside their room. 


He was choking back tears as he pulled me close to him and we both started crying. 


"I just wish they would wake up!" He exclaimed. "I can't believe something like this happened. Something so serious that it put two of my best mates in a coma." He croaked. 


"I know..." I soothed. 


"They are going to wake up. I know they will." I stated. 


"I hope your right." He sighed pulling away. 


"I always am." I joked as he slightly smiled. 


"I love you." He declared. 


"I love you too." I smiled and gave him a quick kiss. 


As we walked back in the room, we were about to sit back down on the couch next to Mal and Brendon when Cailyn gasped. 


We all turned to her. 


~Cailyn's P.O.V.~ 


My gosh.. How could something like this happen? 

I was so excited to see Niall, and getting a call telling me that he was in a car accendent, kills me inside. 

I haven't left his side and I won't leave his side, until he wakes up. 

As my tears continued to fall I wiped them away with one hand as my other hand fiddled with Niall's fingers. Until he moved his fingers to where they were touching mine. I gasped and place my hand in his. His fingers grasped mine and he squeezed my hand. Everyone gasped and also rushed over to Niall's side. His hand was still tightly clenched to mine when he inhaled and slowly fluttered his eyes open. 

"Cailyn...." Niall croaked. 

"I'm here, baby! I'm here.." I smiled as tears of joy escaped my eyes. 

"Hey guys..." Niall half smiled. 

"Hey Nialler!" We all smiled back. 

"Hello, Mr. Niall. I'm glad to see you've woken up." Doctor Rumen spoke. 

"Thanks Doc. Glad to be awake." Niall smiled. 

"Just a few scratches and burns, nothing serious, okay?" Doctor Rumen replied. 

"Okay. I'm the most care free mofo. I know I'll be fine." Niall smiled causing all of us to chuckle. 

"But as for Zayn... He still has to wake up on his own just like Niall here did." Doctor Rumen sighed. 

After we explained to Niall what had happened. He felt horrible. 

"Oh my god." He sighed. 

"Do you remember anything?" Addi asked. 

"I remember seeing bright lights and then I swerved. I remember hearing sirens and a paramedic asked me if I could here him. And... Then the rest is fuzzy..." Niall exclaimed rubbing his head. 

"Who was the other driver?" Niall asked. 

"We don't know. He is in room 523. Apparently his condition is fatal." I explained. 

"No one went to check and see who the other driver was?" Liam asked. 

"We did." Harry stated. 

"Who was it?" We all asked. 

"Michael...." Addi choked. 

"Oh my god, Addi..." Lexie soothed giving Addison a hug. 

"No it's fine.... I'm just really glad Niall woke up. Now I just wish Zayn would wake up to." Addison sighed. 

"We all do." Ellen stated.

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