One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


50. Mistake of Words? Or Mistake of Feelings?

Chapter 50 ~Addi's P.O.V.~ Me and Harry were lying in the bed, I had my head lying on Harry's warm, bare chest. He was lightly stroking my hair, when I heard voices outside of my door. Suddenly relaxing when I realized that the voices were Josh and Lex. Back so soon? I quickly grabbed Harry shirt and a pair of my shorts, while Harry slipped his pants back on. "You guys are home early." Harry joked, but then we rushed towards them as we saw Lex's face flushed white as Josh applied ice to her swollen wrist. "What the hell happened?" I exclaimed. "This drunken son of a bitch put HIS HANDS on MY GIRLFRIEND." Josh fumed. "Calm down mate. Explain what happened." Harry soothed. "Me and Lex were dancing and then I went to get us a drink. I came back and saw this freak about to hit Lexie, but I caught his hand and kicked his ass." Josh explained. "Why was he going to hit you?!" I asked. "I refused to grind on him." Lex replied with disgust. "Ew." I scoffed. "That bastard." Harry huffed. "Guys, I'm fine. My night-n-shining armor saved me." Lex smiled, pecking Josh's lips. "I'm sorry, Babe." Josh fowned. "Baby, There is NOTHING to be sorry for." Lexie stated, hugging Josh tightly as my phone vibrated. Everytime Jexie does something I can't help but to mentally 'AWE' Awwweeee! "Hello?" I answered walking into the living room. "Hello this is Nurse Audrey Rivers. One of my patients here would like to see you." She stated. A patient? Zayn and Niall were released last month. Who could it be? I talked to my parents last night they never mentioned anyone. Could something of happened? "Erm... May I ask who?" I replied. "Michael Vernon in room 934." She answered. My heart sank. I totally forgot that Michael was still in the hospital! How could When Zayn and Niall were in the Hospital I would go and visit him every other day. But he wasn't conscious. I guess when Niall and Zayn were released, taking care of them became time-consuming. I feel horrible. "Erm... Hello, Miss?" Said Nurse Audrey. "Oh. Sorry. I'm just a bit startled." I replied. "Do you not know, Mr. Vernon?" She asked. "Oh, yes. I do... I'm on my way." I replied. And then quickly hung up. "Who was that?" Lexie asked. "A nurse from the hospital. One of her patients wants to see me. "Who?" They all asked at the same time. "Michael." I stated. "What?!" Gasped Josh and Lex. "Michael. As in your ex boyfriend. Hospitalized Michael?" Harry asked. "Yes." I stated. "Well, you're not going to see him." Harry declared, pooring him a glass of tea. "Yes. I am. He wants to see me. And I'm going. Whether you like it or not." I declared. "Addison. No." Harry demaned. Ugh! He is the only one besides my parents or Lexie and Mal, that call me 'Addison' and he only says it when he wants something or when he's mad. "Sorry, Styles." I smiled kissing his cheek and grabbing my bag, leaving Harry left shocked that I refused his order. Sorry... But Styles, doesn't own me. But just before I had shut the door I heard him sigh and say that he was heading home. I pulled out my phone and texted him. It was dark out so I waited for a car to take me to the hospital in downtown. Sorry, baby. I'll swing by your flat on my way home. Love you ;) -Addi Alright. That's fine, sweetheart. Can't wait ;) x -Haz I tossed my phone back in my bag and waited for the short drive to the hospital. Once I arrived there I paid the driver and walked towards the front desk. "I'm here to see Michael, Vernon." I stated. "Are you Miss Addison?" The tall man questioned. "Yes, sir."I smiled. "Alright. Room 934." "Thank you." I smiled and then walked away. This wasn't the same room number as he was in before. When I reached Room 934, I braced myself for what's to come. When I walked in, I was shocked. The guy before me was not the same one that I left a month ago. He was conscious and looked just as surprised as I did. There were hardly any more scratches. His hair was short and styled to where it was slightly spiked in the front. Cute.... No. Not cute! He still had a cast on his leg but no longer on his arm. Wow... a month since I've seen him and he's almost recovered. "Addi... What a pleasant surprise." He smiled with his adorable accent! NOT ADORABLE. "Well the nurse called and said that you wanted to see me..." I stated. He looked just as surprised as I did. "Well, Nicholas, Why don't we leave these two alone..." Karen, Michael's mom smiled. "Mum... Did you-" "Enjoy your company!" Karen winked and then shut the door. "Wow. I'm sorry..." Michael sighed. "No, it's fine." I smiled. "Well, She told me that you came to visit me... and I guess she kind of took a liking of you when you came." Michael stated, flashing me his killer smile. No. Addison. HE's NOT cute. NOT Adorable. And you're boyfriend, waiting for you, has a killer smile, plus so many more qualities. Get it together Addison! "Erm... Addi? Addi?" Michael sad snapping me out of my mental argument. "Oh! Well I'm glad to see that you're healing." I smiled weakly. "Yeah... I should be released this week." Michael declared. "That's great!" I exclaimed. "I'm about tired of staring at these hospital walls." He chuckled. "My mum told me about your friends.... Niall and Zayn..." He frowned. "Are they alright?" He asked looking as though he was going to cry. "They're are fully recovered." I stated, feeling a bit sorry for Michael. He looked disgusted and terrible at the thought of his actions. "Could you tell them, I'm sorry?" He pleaded. Aw, he's so sweet and caring. What he did was wrong, but at least he's sorry. "I sure will." I smiled. We talked for at least an hour when I saw my watch that read, 10:34. Wow its late. Aren't visiting hours over? I was just about to tell him I must leave when out of the blue he raised an unusual topic. Harry. "So how's your boyfriend? Harvey? Henry?" He slurred. "Harry." I stated. "Oh yeah. Him." He said coldly. "He's great! About to go back on tour, actually." I spat back. "Oh. So he is still your boyfriend?" Michael scowled. "Yes." "Is there a problem?" I asked once he had rolled his eyes at my answer. "Nothing." He huffed. "Tell me." I demanded. "He stole you from me." Michael scowled. What? WHAT?! "He what?" "That's right! He stole you from me! We were happy and you know it!" Micheal spat back. "Michael, we dated for only a few months. I was happy with you, but yes, Harry did steal me. He stole my heart. But my heart was never your's." I said coldly, slamming the door behind me, receiving a few dirty looks from nurses, telling me to shhh. UGH! How could I think that that pig was sweet. And cute. And adorable! How dare him talk the way he did about Harry and Me and us. He makes me sick. I made my way back down to the bottom floor and rounded the corner to find just what I wanted. A certain curly-headed boy with a cheeky smile standing against the lobby wall. I smiled instantly and ran towards him. His arms are the only place I want to be. And with him is where I want to stay. He squeezed me tight and whispered in my ear. "I love you, Addison." With my face buried in his chest I whispered back in a muffled tone "I love you, Michael."
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