One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


44. Mendon and Lex Come Home!

Chapter 44 


~Lexie's P.O.V.~ 


We are about to land in London and the whole flight I couldn't stop thinking about those two little girls. 


I just felt so attached to them. 


Ella and Lilly... They were so helpless and young. 


It's terrible how their aunt treats them like dirt. 


I really wish I could help them... I wouldn't have wanted to spend my last day in Paris anywhere else than with them. I just felt something with them, like I've known them forever and I couldn't just ignore them. 


"Lexie.... The plane is about to land." Mallory said snapping me out of my thoughts. 


"Oh. Alright." I half smiled, preparing myself for the bumpy landing to come. 


"The plane is now safe to exit." The attendant perked. 


I grabbed my carry-on and exited the plane. Me, Mal and Brendon hoped in a cab and started our way back to our flat. 


Paris was loads of fun and I absolutely loved it there! I'm really missing Josh even though I saw him just a few hours ago to say goodbye. Him and the boys will be coming back in a week. Then it's off to Australia! 


I'm quite excited! 


"We're hommmmeeeee!" Mallory perked as we walked into the door of our flat. I just laughed and sighed, falling back onto the couch. It's good to be back home in London. 


~Mallory's P.O.V.~ 


We just got back to our flat and Lexie has already plopped down on the couch watching the telly. I'm so glad to be home, but Paris was extreme fun! 


"I guess Addi isn't home because she's not in her room." Lex stated. 


"Oh... She knew we were coming home! Where could she be?" I wondered. 


I had sat down by Lexie as she burst throw the door. 


"Yay! You're home!" She smiled, rushing over to us and practically jumping on top of us engulfing us in a hug. 


"Can't-" I started. 


"Breathe." Lex finished. 


"Oh sorry." Addi smiled, sitting next to us. We all just laughed. 


"So how was it?!" She perked. 


"So beautiful!" I exclaimed. 


"Yes, so many fascinating sites!" Lexie stated. 


"And such nice people." I smiled. Lexie's face went pale like something had happened or she was sick. 


"Lex... Are you okay?" Addi asked. 


"Yeah... I'm fine." She half-smiled, swallowing hard. 


I know she's hiding something she can't lie to us. 


Shrugging it off... "So what's been going on here?" I smiled turning towards Addi. 


"Oh you know. Same old stuff. I miss the boys and it's just really been me and Cailyn most of the time because El and Dani have had to work. 


"Where were you when we got home?" Lexie asked absentmindedly. 


"Erm... you know. Out." Addi replied. 


Is she hiding something too! Too many secrets! 


"Out where?...." I asked. 


"Just at Westfield. I went out with a friend." She sighed looking down at her lap. Something she does when she's nervous or hiding something. 


"Who?" Lexie asked. 


"Erm... Michael." She finished. 


"MICHAEL!?" Me and Lex both gasped. 


"Like... Your ex Michael?!" I gaped. 


"Yes, but we are just friends!" Addi said in defense. 

"Do you know how pissed off Harry is going to be!?" Lexie exclaimed. 


"We are just friends!" Addi stated. 


"Yes, but he's not here and you were off spending alone time with another guy." I declared. 


"I panicked when he called me. He told me he understood that I was with Harry, but he wanted to just hang out and spend time together as friends." Addison explained. 


"I love Harry and he knows I would never cheat on him. I hope he trust me..." Addi frowned looking back into her lap. 


"We know you love Harry with all your heart. We know he trusts you with his life, but we're just... sorry for getting all offensive." Lex stated. 


"It's just that you two just got back together and we would hate to see something happen to Harrison." I smiled and I could see a small grin form on Addi's face. 


"It's okay, I don't want anything to happen to Harrison either."Addison smiled back. Me and Lex both gave Addi a hug. 




~Cailyn's P.O.V.~ 

I'm so knackered! 


I had a really long day today. 


I really wish I had Niall to come home too. His flat is so empty without him. 


The other day, I was putting away some of my things and found the cutest baby photo album of him and Greg. It's adorable. 


When I'm missing him, I get out the album and look through it. 


As I flipped through the pages of the adorable baby book, I really started to miss my Nialler. 


I whipped out my phone and dialed his number. 


"Hello." His adorable Irish accent seeped through the phone. 


"Hey Babe." I perked. 


"Oh! Hello love! It's so good to hear your voice... I was just thinking about you..." He replied. 


"Awe... I was thinking about you too... I miss you." I frowned. 


"I miss you too, baby, but just a few more days and I'll be home to see your beautiful face." He declared. 




"So how is everything?" He asked. 


"Good. Just lonely in this big flat of yours." I stated. 


"Oh." He chuckled. 


"How's Addi?" He asked. 


"Good. She just really misses Harry." I sighed. 


"Oh God. Well that's all Harry ever does is whine about missing Addi." Niall chuckled. 


"I DO NOT! Who is that?!" A deep voice asked. That slow and deep voice only belongs to one person I know. 


"It's Cailyn, mate." Niall replied to Harry. 


"Oh. Hi Cailyn!" Harry called. 


"Hello Haz." I giggled as Niall repeated what I said to Harry. 


"So when are you coming home exactly?" I asked. 


"Erm... Probably late Saturday night." He stated. 


"Oh.." I sighed. 


"So how's the tour?" I asked. 


"Amazing! We have incredible and dedicated fans. I just love being out there with them. But right now I just want to be with my number one fan... you." Niall spoke. 




"I wanna be with you too, Nialler." I exclaimed. 


"It's getting late here, love. I should probably get some rest." Niall sighed and I could tell he was yawning mid sentence. 


"Alright, babe. I'll call you tomorrow!" I stated. 


"Goodnight, Baby. See you soon. I love you." He exclaimed. 


"Night, babe. I love you too." I replied and then hung up. 


Talking to him just gives me a warm feeling inside. I love him so much and I'm so glad to have an amazing boyfriend like Niall.

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