One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


30. Just a Big Misunderstanding


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Chapter 30 


~Harry's P.O.V.~ 


My eyes widened as I quickly pulled away. 


"Caroline! What are you doing!?" I asked in shock. 


"What? You act like you don't still want me." Caroline smirked. 


"I don't! I thought I was ready to date again and I thought I wanted a girlfriend, but I don't. I want A-. Never mind." I said standing up. 


"Harry wait. Don't walk away from me!" She yelled. 


"No Caroline!" I yelled back. After tossing some money on the table, I then stormed out. 


Niall was right! It was a bad idea for coming on this date. 


~Addison's P.O.V.~ 


Caroline and Harry are together. 


What the hell, Harry! It's been one day! 


I forcefully pushed open the door to the airport, walking up to the worker I handed her my flight ticket. 


"Miss....I'm sorry, but you're flight left just a few minutes ago." The lady explained. 


My eyes widened as I stared at the lady who had an apologetic look on her face. 


"What?" I asked. 


"Sorry....Next!" She called. 


Great. I missed my flight, so now I'm stuck in London until tomorrow. 


Well there's only one place to go. 


~Lexie's P.O.V.~ 


Ellen and Cailyn had just left after we watched 'The Titanic'. 


"So....What shall we watch now?" I asked. 


"Um....Nothing sad! Comedy?" Mal suggested. 


"Sure!" I chirped. 


"Okay! I'll make popcorn!" Mallory smiled, walking off to the kitchen. 


I was just about to pop the movie in the DVD player when someone lightly knocked on the front door. It's probably Ellen or Cailyn. I bet they left something. I walked over and turned the door knob, opening the door. 


It wasn't Ellen or Cailyn. 


It was- 


"Addison!" Mallory squealed, almost dropping the popcorn. Luckily she didn't. 


I stood there in shock, while Mallory and Addison hugged. 


"Addi! What are you doing back!" I asked surprised, but also excited. I engulfed her in a hug and shut the door behind us. 


"Um...I'm not back." Addi frowned, sitting on the couch. 


"What do you mean?" Mal questioned. 


"I came back for a reason...but it was a mistake." Addison replied. 


"What? You can tell us." I said comfortingly. 


"I know....just don't tell anyone." Addi stated. Me and Mal nodded as Addison began to talk. 


"I came back to talk to Harry.... I hoped we could get back together." Addi sighed. 


"Really! Oh my gosh! That's great!" Mallory squealed. 


"No it's not." Addi replied leaning back on the couch. 


"Yes it is! Harry has been a mess lately." Mal said absentmindedly. 


"He sure didn't look like a mess while kissing Caroline!" Addi practically yelled. 


"What?" Mal and I asked in unison. 


Addison nodded her head and I could tell she was fighting back tears. 


"Oh my gosh. I'm sorry." I said giving her a hug. 


"Don't be. We broke up...he can date whoever he wants...I passed by that restraunt around the corner and there they were kissing in the booth by the window." Addison explained. 


"We didn't even know he was with Caroline." Mallory sighed. 


"And then I was so upset that I was just going to go back to the U.S. and pretend nothing ever happened, but I missed my flight." Addison added. "I'm just gonna take the first flight out tomorrow." 


"You're leaving?" Mal and I whined. 


"Yes. And you can't tell anyone I was here...especially Harry." Addi said firmly. 


"Why? The boys would wanna see you before you left again." I stated trying to convince her to stay. 


"No. Harry's with Caroline. I don't want to look like the lovesick ex girlfriend who chased after her love only to find that he's moved on. No." Addison said. 


"Okay... We won't say anything." I smiled and Mal nodded. 


"Thanks." Addi half smiled, hugging us both. 


~Lou's P.O.V.~ 


"Harry, are you hungry?" I asked. 


"No." He replied. 


"Come on...tell me what happened." I sighed sitting next to Harry on the couch. 


"No." He repeated. 


"Hazza Bear..." I said poking out my bottom lip. 


"Okay. Fine." Harry sighed turning towards me, hugging a pillow. 


"Caroline kissed me." He stated. 


"Ewww......" I replied, disgusted. 


"And it was a good kiss." He smiled. 


"Really?!" I asked dumfounded. 


"No, just kidding." He chuckled. I sighed in relief and playfully smacked his arm. 


"I practically pushed her off me just so I could leave." Harry declared. 


"Good....So you have no feelings towards Caroline...yeah?" I asked hoping he doesn't. 


"Nope. No feeling for Caroline. The whole time I couldn't stop thinking about...- Never mind." He said scratching the back of his head. 


"What? Come on... Tell Boobear!" I nudged his arm. 


"I couldn't top tinking bout ddi..." He grumbled. 


"What?! Just say it!" I yelled. 


"I couldn't stop thinking about Addi!" Harry yelled back. My face fell to a apologetic look when I saw the hurt in his eyes as he sighed and placed his head in his hands. 


"Oh....You still have feelings for her, don't you?" I asked. 


"Yes Lou, I just wish she was here. Leaving her was the biggest mistake I've ever made besides going on that date tonight." Harry sighed. 


"Bloody hell! I hope the paps didn't see me and Caroline kiss. We were by the window." He exclaimed. 


"It's okay mate, I'm sure no one saw." I reassured. 


"Still, if anyone did, they wouldn't know that it's all just a big misunderstanding." Harry said continuing to hug his pillow.

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