One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


11. Group Date

Chapter 11


"You don't know you're beautiful. Oh Oh! That's what makes you beautiful!" The chorus blared through my stereo waking me up.


"LEX! Turn it down!" I groaned.


"Someone's not a morning person." She growled.


"You know I'm not! Where is everyone?" I asked.


"Our dads, are at work. Our mums went to get pedicures and your sister's at school." She explained.


"Wait...Our mums are getting pedicures....Without us!?" I asked.


"Check your phone..." She declared tossing it on the bed. 


I had three new messages. One from Harry, one from my Mum and one from Niall.


Morning Babe, We are ALL going out tonight... Wanna go? -Harry ;) xx




Of Course! What time? Where? -Addison




At 7. Paramount! I'll pick you up around 6:30 -H xx ;)




Great! Can't wait -A ;)




Me either -H xx ;)




My Mum had just sent me a picture of her toenails with the caption 'jealous'.




Nope! I get to go on a date with a hot guy. Jealous? -Addi ;)




Addi! How is my lil sis? Are you coming tonight? -Niall xx ;)




Hey Nialler! And I am only four months younger than you, big bro. ;) and yep! I'm coming. -Addi :)




Great! And I don't care you're always gonna be my little sis. 
-N ;) xx




Deal! :) -A xx




I quickly took hot shower and straightened my medium length blonde hair. Lexie had already left cause she needed to get dressed too. Josh was picking her up. Awe! Jexie! I put on my light pink flowy dress that stopped just above the knee. I slipped on my white and pink flats and added some light makeup. While standing in the front of the mirror, I was debating on which earrings to wear. 


"You look beautiful." A deep voice said, standing in my doorway.


"Harry!" I exclaimed rushing over to him. 

"Hey babe!" he said wrapping his arms around my waist.


 "I missed you." He said gently placing his lips on mine. 


"I missed you more." I breathed pulling away. "We need to go!" I shrieked looking at the time.


"But Why?.... I would much rather stay here. Alone. With you and your lips." He smirked.


"Well as fun as that sounds....This will be fun too!" I perked. 

"Okay..." He sighed.


"Let's go!" I squealed grabbing his hand. Then we raced down the stairs and to his car.




When we reached the restaurant everyone was there except Niall and Lou.


"Where's Niall and Lou?" I asked.


"They're on their way. Lou went to pick up El and Niall is picking up his 'lady'." Liam informed me.


"Niall has a 'lady'?" I gasped.


"Yeah...None of us knew until today." Zayn stated.


We had to have an extremely large table to fit Lou, El, Dani, Liam, Niall, and his lady, Ellen, Zayn, Josh, Lex, Harry and myself. Just then the waiter came and told us our table was available. Harry entwined our hands as we walked. As I sat down Harry sat on my left and Niall had walked in and sat on my right.


"Where's your lady?" I whispered and winked. 


 "The lo." He smiled. 


"I'm so happy for you, Nialler!" I squealed.


 "Thanks Addi!" He laughed. "Here she comes."


We all turned around to see the figure before us known as 'Niall's lady'. To our surprise it was....


"CAILYN!" Me and Lexie gasped.


"Hey Guys..." She said shyly.


"You know each other?" Niall asked.


"Yeah...." She sighed.


"Oh My Gosh! I Knew you and Niall would make a perfect couple." Lexie squealed.


"Thanks Lex!" Niall and Cailyn smiled.


For the rest of the Dinner we talked about small talk, little stuff. Just how our day was and what we were doing tomorrow. Until a subject was brought up that made my mood die. Their tour. Seven months without Harry.


"Hey...Babe...You okay...?" Harry asked. 

"Yeah...I'm fine..." I stated putting on a fake smile.


"No you're not...I know you." He declared placing my hand in his.


"I'll tell you later..." I sighed, not letting go of his hand. He nodded and gently kissed my forehead. 


The meal was actually really good. I guess Danielle and El can deal with the boys being away, but I don't know if I can. And they leave in 2 weeks. El and Lou cracked jokes and Dani and Liam were being the responsible 'parents' they are. Josh and Lex giggled and smiled, even snuck a few kisses, but I saw. They are madly in love. I just know it! Niall and Cailyn laughed and fed each other. I sat there quietly while Harry tried to cheer me up, but it was no use.


After we ate, everyone was planning on going to the Pub. I'm not really in the drinking mood and I guess Harry noticed that.


"Hey guys. Me and Addison are gonna just go back to my flat." Harry stated.


"Oh....Okay then! See ya later." Louis winked. Harry just shook his head and rolled his eyes as we walked to his car. I'm glad we have some time talk. I love my friends, but I want to be alone with Harry for now.

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