One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


23. Goodbye

Chapter 23 
"Wh...Wh-at?" I stuttered into the phone. 
"Baby, What's wrong?!" Harry asked worriedly as he cradled me in his arms. 
"My grandmaw...She...died." I sobbed. 
"Come on, Addi. Let's go." Harry said trying to push our way back through the crowd and to his car. The whole car ride he held my hand. I kept sobbing, panicking. I felt lifeless. I wanted Harry to just hold me, comfort me, cradle me, but his driving was so fast that we safely made it to my mum and dad's house in minutes. We jumped out of the car and frantically paced to the front door. I didn't even knock; I just burst through the front door to find my mum sobbing to my dad, who had tears in his eyes. I raced over to my parents and threw myself unto their arms. 
"I'm going to go tell the lads where we ran off to." Harry declared, walking outside. 
After my mum explained what had happened, I had stopped sobbing, but still felt lifeless. She had been sick for a while and old age didn't help. But the worst part was going to be her funeral. Seeing her lifeless, helpless, cold body lie before me will kill me. She's my grandmaw. I grew up with her. Not only will I be without her, she'll be buried in the same spot forever. The States. How was I going to tell Harry? I mean it's just for a few days, possibly, but when I come back he'll be gone for another two months. I didn't want to think about that. 
"Does Natalie know?" I asked, but my dad shook his head. I inhaled, wiped the tears from my eyes and grabbed Harry's hand. We slowly crept up the stairs. Still clinging tightly to Harry, I gently opened my sister's door. She was playing in the corner with some dolls. 
"Addi! Harry!" She smiled, running towards us. She jumped into my arms and then hugged Harry as well. 
"What's wrong?" She frowned. I took a deep breath and felt a lump in my throat. Harry squeezed my hand for support as we sat down, next to Natalie on her bed. 
"Um... Do you remember MawMaw Barbara?" I asked her. I had to be strong. I couldn't cry. I can not cry. I have to be the strong older sister. 
"Of Course. I love MawMaw! I talked to her last month. She said she was sick, but trying to get better. So I prayed for her to get well soon." She smiled. I felt a small tear fall from my eye, but I quickly wiped it away. 
"Well, yes. MawMaw was very sick, but she's not anymore. She's in a better place. No more pain, no more sickness." I sighed as Harry rubbed my back supportively. 
" mean...she...died?" Natalie said with tears welling up, in her eyes. I nodded as a few more tears fell. 
"No...No, she couldn't have. No..." She cried while backing away and shaking her head. 
"Yeah, She's in heaven." I smiled weakly. But she broke down in tears. Harry and I held her while she sobbed. After I tried to convince her that our grandmaw is in a better place she ran downstairs to my mum. 
"Baby, Everything's going to be okay." Harry cooed as I laid my head in his lap. By now I wasn't crying but I wasn't okay. I was in a state of shock and disbelief. Harry played with my hair and cradled me lightly as I drifted off asleep. 
I opened my eyes, it was bright. At first I didn't know where I was, but I soon relaxed realizing I was at my old home, with Harry's warm body next to me. I wish the news I received last night was a nightmare, but it wasn't. My grandmaw was gone and now I must go back to the U.S., for who knows how long. 
"Good morning." My mom chirped as me and Harry slowly walked into the kitchen. Her eyes were puffy from crying, but that's my mom. She was like me, always trying to be strong for everyone else. 
"Morning." I croaked, but Harry just chuckled at how my voice always cracks in the morning. 'Not the time.' I mouthed to Harry, but slightly grinned. 
"Our flight leaves tonight." My mom sighed. 
"Okay...Well I better go pack. I'll meet you here later." I frowned as me and Harry left. Harry was silent the whole ride back to his flat. Could he be mad?! No... He understands that I have to leave. Right?  
When we got back to Harry's flat. Everyone and I do mean everyone was sitting down with panicked looks. 
"Hey..." They gasped as me and Harry walked in. 
"Hey guys..." I weakly smiled. I quickly explained to them what all happened and how I was going to the States for a little while. 
"We are gonna miss you, Addi." El frowned. 
"Yeah..." The all added. 
"Don't. I'll be back before you know it." I smiled. Danielle, El, Lex, Perrie, Mal, Ellen and Cailyn all helped me pack. It was almost 6 o'clock and my flight leaves at 7. 
"Don't have too much fun without me." I sighed snuggling next to Harry on the couch. He still said nothing. 
"We won't." Zayn sighed.  
 "Yeah, It'll be a little boring..." Liam frowned. 
"I won't have my little sis." Niall whined. 
"I will tweet and call you guys, it's just like you're leaving for the tour." I stated. 
"Yeah... I guess." Louis frowned. 
"Well, I probably need to get going." I stated. 
"Bye Li! Bye Dani!" I smiled hugging them both. 
"Bye Bye Joshy and Lex!" I said hugging them as well.  
"Bye Lou! Bye El!" I grinned giving them both hugs. 
"Bye Big bro." I frowned, knowing I would miss my Nialler. Well Cailyn's Nialler. But I had to get another Horan Hug before I left. 
"Bye Cailyn, Zayn and Perrie!" I said also giving them friendly hugs. 
One Direction has corrupted me into a hugger. 
Waving good bye one last time, they all looked sad, but faintly smiled as me and Harry drove off. But the worst good bye was to come. Harry.

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