One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


21. Girl's Night

Chapter 21 
It's already February 1st. Today is Harry's birthday! I can not wait to see him and the boys. They are coming home today. 
"It's Gotta Be You! Only You!" Harry's familiar ringtone rang. 
"Hey Babe!" I answered. 
"Hello Love. How are you?" Harry replied. 
"I'm great! I can't wait to see you!" I chirped.  
"About that..." He sighed. "We aren't going to be able to come today." 
"Oh. Well okay. When will you?" I asked. 
"February 13th." He stated. 
"Two weeks." I frowned. "That's okay. I will still be here." 
"I'm sorry, Baby. I'm pretty upset too." He said. 
"No...It's okay. Don't be sad just a few more days." I sighed. 
"I love you so much, Addison." Harry exclaimed. 
"I love you too, Babe! Go live your dream!" I perked. 
"Okay." He chuckled. "See you soon." 
"See you soon." I sighed and then hung up. 
"Mal! Lex! I am inviting the girls over! Kay?!" I yelled. 
"Okay! But aren't the boys coming?" Lex yelled back. 
"No! Another 2 weeks." I sighed walking into her room. 
"What?!" She gasped.  
"Yeah. The 13th." I frowned. 
"Well. Damn. That sucks." Lexie sighed. 
"Language." I gasped. 
"Whatever." She smiled. 
"Where's Mal?" I asked. 
"In her room on the phone." Lex stated. 
"With who?" I asked, as Mallory walked in and started giggling and smiling. 
"I love you too, Baby." She blushed. 
"I miss you more!" She giggled. 
"Brendon." Me and Lexie sighed. 
"So we are having a girls day?!" Mal chirped. 
"Yeah, cause the boys won't be here for another two weeks." Lex frowned. 
"Oh, well that's stinks." Mal sighed. 
"Call Ellen and Cailyn." I declared as I went to get my phone. 
"Ellen's coming!" Mal smiled. 
Hey Dani! Girl's night at my flat! Wanna come? -Addi ;) 
Of course! Be there in a few! -Dani ;) xx 
"Yay! Danielle's coming!" I smiled. 
"I texted El and said she's on her way." Lex stated. 
"Great!" I perked. 
Around 6 o'clock everyone was here. It was so good to just spend time with my girls. We watched the Notebook and ate pizza. 
"I have to work tomorrow." Cailyn yawned. 
"Well I guess we should head home." Ellen frowned. 
"Okay...I'll talk to you later, girls!" Cailyn smiled. 
"Bye!" Ellen and Cailyn waved. 
"Goodbye!" We all chorused. 
"What to do now, ladies!?" El chirped. 
"Erm...Sleep." Mal smiled. 
"Okay, but I don't have to work tomorrow." She smiled. 
"Me either." Danielle chirped. 
"You guys should stay over!" I suggested. 
"Okay!" They perked. 
"I have a big bed so you can sleep with me. If you don't want the couch."  I smiled. 
"That sounds great!" Dani and El smiled. 
"Lex...Lexie! Wake up." Mal said trying to wake up Lex. 
"Is it morning?" Lexie asked. 
"No. It's 2 in the morning, but everyone's going to bed. Are you staying on the couch?" Mal asked. 
"No...." Lex sighed. "Night." She smiled, walking off to her room. 
"Night Addi, Dani and El." Mal yawned also walking off to her room. 
"Good Night, Mal." We chimed. 
Me, Danielle and El all piled into my king sized bed. 
"So Addi.... Do you love Haz?" Danielle asked. 
"With all my heart." I smiled. 
"Awee..." Dani and El chorused. 
"So are there wedding bells in your futures?" I asked. 
"I love Liam so much. But we are both not ready to settle down just yet." Dani smiled. 
"You too have the cutest relationship." I smiled. 
"Yeah, Lou and I get..... married?" El snickered. 
"We love each other to death, but neither of us are ready for marriage." El smiled. 
"It's good to take it slow." I stated. 
"Like you and Harry did." Danielle giggled. 
"What's that suppose to mean?!" I asked. 
"Harry told us all about you and him." El winked. 
"Us?!" I asked again. 
"Well, Harry told Lou and Lou told me and I told Dani." Eleanor smiled. 
"Oh well as long as not EVERYONE knows." I said emphasising 'everyone'. They both giggled. 
"It's obvious! Since Harry and you have been dating, He always wears a beanie and you know what that means. You're in love don't hide it." Dani stated. 
"Oh they don't. Every chance they get they snog." Eleanor smirked. 
"Oh, such friends you are...." I joked. 
"You know we love you, Addi!" They both smiled while hugging me tightly. 
"Can't breathe." I gasped. "I love you too." 
"We are in love." I stated. "And I can't help Harry's messy hair." I smiled. 
"How did it get messy?" Dani smirked. 
"Shut up Dani!" I joked. 
"I'm just ready for them to come home." El sighed. 
"Me too!" Danielle yawned. 
"Me three." I stated and we all drifted asleep.

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