One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


36. Double E, Ciall & Mendon

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Chapter 36 


~Ellen's P.O.V.~ 


"Cailyn!" I yelled from the living room. 


"What!?" She groaned. 


"I'm going out with Ethan! Be home later!" I shouted. 


"You're leaving me... Here... Alone..." Cailyn frowned. 

"Yes." I stated. 


"Oh! Fine! Go be with your boyfriend!" Cailyn exclaimed. 


"Go see Addi and Lex....They're boyfriends are gone too." I suggested. 


"Addi doesn't have a boyfriend." Cailyn stated. 


"Oh yeah. Right. Still go see them!" I huffed walking out the door. 


I guess I'm still not used to Addi and Harry not being together... 


Ethan intertwined our hands as we walked down the sidewalk. 


"What are we doing today?" I asked hopefully. 


"I dunno yet...I have something in mind. Are you hungry?" He asked. 


"Kinda." I smiled. 


"Let's have a picnic." Ethan suggested. 


"Sure!" I perked. 


We gathered up some snacks and food to eat and placed it in a basket. When we got to the park Ethan placed a blanket under a large, shady tree and I set the food out. 


Today is such a pretty day. 


Once we had finished eating. We laid underneath the tree and stared up at the slightly cloudy sky. I had my head resting on Ethan's chest and I could feel his heartbeat. He gently stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. 


"Ellen...." Ethan whispered. 


"Yes...." I whispered back. 


"So... You know how....I'm graduating soon...?" He stated. 


"Yeah...Of course!" I exclaimed. 


"Well...I..."He stuttered. 


"What is it, babe?" I asked sitting up to where his eyes met mine. 


"I have an amazing job offer already." He declared. 


"Oh my gosh! That's great!" I squealed, but my smile faltered when his face didn't look excited. 


"The jobs in Manchester." He frowned. 




~Cailyn's P.O.V.~ 


I took Ellen's advice and went to see Addi, Lex and Mal. 


Lexie was pretty down, like me. Mallory wasn't upset cause she had a date with Brendon tonight. And Addi... I could tell she missed the boys. I know they're all her good friends and she's always upset when they're gone. Even when she's no longer dating Harry. It was cold today and it looked like it was going to rain. So we all piled up and watched films on the telly. 


I miss Niall. The way he would hold me when we watched films. The way we cuddled on the couch. I just miss him. 


Once our second film had ended. I pulled out my phone and called Niall. 


"Hello love!" His adorable Irish accent leaked into the phone. 


"Hey, babe!" I perked. 


"How are you? Is everything okay?" He asked. 


Awe... He's so thoughtful... 


"Yes. Everything's fine. I just miss you." I frowned. 


"I miss you too! We'll be home in a few days." 


"How is everything?" I asked. 


"Great! Our flight landed a few hours ago and we settled into a Hotel. Our first show is tonight. I was gonna catch up on some sleep before the show." Niall explained. 


"That's good! Good luck tonight, Nialler!" I smiled. 


"Thanks baby. I love you so much, Beautiful!" He exclaimed. 


"I love you too! Get some sleep." I declared. 


"Okay...I will." He chuckled. And then we hung up. 


"Awe...Was that Nialler?" Addison smiled. 


"You're blushing!" Mal exclaimed as we all began to laugh. 


"Ciall Forever!" Lex squealed. I just smiled. 


"Oh! I better get dressed!" Mal exclaimed. 


"You don't wanna be late for your date!" Lexie giggled. 


"That rhymed." Addi smiled. 


Mallory rushed off to her room and began to get dressed. 


~Mallory's P.O.V.~ 


I took a quick shower, then straightened my long, blonde hair. I applied light make-up and then slipped on my bright red dress. The dress was fairly tight and stopped about mid-thigh. I put on my earrings and necklace, slipped on my black heels and grabbed my bag. 


"Wow Mal! That dress is gorgeous on you!" Addison smiled. 


"You look incredible!" Lexie exclaimed. 


"You're so pretty, Mal!" Cailyn declared. 


"Thanks girls!" I smiled before walking out the door. 


When I got to the restraunt, Brendon had already reserved a table with Champaign. 




When he saw me his mouth literally dropped and I instantly started to blush. 


Every girl wants that moment when their boyfriend truly 'jaw drops' at their appearance. 


Brendon pulled out my chair like a gentleman when I reached him. 


"Mallory... You. Look. Beautiful. As always." He winked. Still blushing red, I just smiled. 


"Thanks Brendon." 


I was still curious as to why we were having such a fancy dinner and what my 'early birthday present was'. 


"Soo..." I said looking at the menu. 




"Soo... You're wondering what you're birthday surprise is, yeah?" Brendon smirked. I just giggled. 


"Maybeee...." I smiled and winked. 


"But admit it. It's killing you not knowing what it is..." He chuckled. 


"Okay! Fine it is." I smiled. 


"Alright...I'll tell you." He started as I waited anxiously. 


"Mallory.... I love you so much! And I am so glad we met that day on the plane. You are a beautiful, wonderful person and I could not ask for a better girlfriend than you." He continued. I actually felt tears of joy well up in my eyes. 


Brendon reached in his pocket and pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. 


I gently opened up the envelope to find two tickets. 


Two plane tickets. 


To Paris. 


I was completely shocked. My mouth literally dropped. I looked up at Brendon who was smiling like an idiot. I have always wanted to go to Paris. 


"Oh my god, Brendon...." Was all I managed to say. 


"So...Would you like to go with me." He smiled asking hopefully. 


Did he really just ask me that?! 


"Like to... I'd love to!" I squealed. 


"Brendon...How did you?" I started 


"I knew you had always dreamed of going to Paris and I wanted to make that dream come true." He exclaimed. 


"Brendon. I love you so much! You are the best boyfriend and this is the best birthday present ever! I am so blessed to have you." I smiled as a tear of happiness escaped my eye. 


Brendon quickly wiped away the tear and took my hand in his. 


"I love you so much, Mal." He smiled, kissing my hand. 


We leaned across the table long enough to have a quick kiss. Pulling away I smiled knowing that I could never dream of a better boyfriend than Brendon.

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