One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


41. Bye Ellen

Chapter 41 


~Harry's P.O.V~ 


"Good morning, beautiful." I smiled kissing Addison's forehead. 


"Good morning...." She replied with her head still lying on my bare chest. I was stroking her hair as she was tracing circles on my stomach. 


I never want to move. I just want to stay right here, with her, forever. 


"We should, probably get dressed; we're going to Cailyn and Ellen's to help them pack." Addi stated. 


"When should we tell everyone we're back together?" I asked. 


"Everyone..." She sighed. 


"As in the public...our friends... your family... the fans..." I declared wrapping my arms around her waist. 


"I dunno... Right away or later?" She replied looking down. 


"I have an idea...." I smiled pulling out my phone. 


"What are you doing?" She giggled, trying to pull away, but my grip on here was too tight. 


I spun her around and rested my head on her shoulder with my free arm still around her waist. 

"Smile!" I said snapping a picture. 


"Awe... I like it!" I smiled. 


"Ew. I hate it. I look dreadful!" She protested. 


"Well your beautiful in my eyes." I winked placing my lips on hers. 


"Blah blah blah... Get dressed, Styles." She smiled pulling away. 


I groaned, but obeyed. 


After we had both had an 'individual' shower. We quickly got dressed in casual clothing. 


"Would you hurry up!" I groaned. It only takes me 5 minutes to get ready and she takes forever! 


"I'm ready...." She sighed slipping on a pair of toms. She was wearing jeans and one of my Jack Wills tops leaving her hair down and natural. 


"You're so cute when you wear my clothes." I smiled tapping her nose. She smiled and took my hand. 


"Wait! One more thing!" I exclaimed pulling my phone back out. 


"Smile....again." I commanded. This time Addison did. I put my arm around her shoulder as she wrapped both of her arms around my waist as I snapped the picture. 


"I love this one." She smiled. 


"Me too." I agreed logging onto twitter. 




@Harry_Styles Can't live without her(; I love you so much<3 #Harrison 




"Done." I stated taking Addi's hand. 


"I'm going to get so much hate." Addi sighed. 


"I'm not going to let that happen...If they hate on you then they are not true fans." I stated pulling her into a tight hug. 


"I love you." I whispered kissing Addison's forehead. 


"I love you too, Haz." She smiled as we started to make our way to Cailyn and Ellen's flat. 


~Ellen's P.O.V.~ 

Oh. My. God. 

I'm so tired! 

We've been packing for almost four hours and we're almost done! 

I still have to pack up my music room and Cailyn still has to pack up her bedroom. 

"Ellen...Where do these go?" Niall and Liam asked. 

"Just sit then down near the door." I replied. 

"Hey Ellen! Sorry it took us so long to get here...." Addi chirped standing next to Harry. 

"Oh! No problem! Great! We need more help!" I smiled. "Harry can you get this bin?" I asked. He nodded and effortlessly lifted the heavy box of music books. 

"Here's the last of Cailyn's boxes ." Addi and Mal smiled as they placed two more boxes in the van. 

"Here Ellen.... I'll get that." Zayn and Brendon smiled both lifting up my heavy speaker system. 

"You all packed up, love?" Ethan smiled, pecking my lips. 

"Yep!" I perked, giving him a kiss. 

"Wanna grab a bite to eat before we leave?" Ethan suggested. 

"Sure! Where?" I asked. 

"NANDOS!" Niall yelled from the kitchen. We both chuckled. 

"Nando's it is." I smiled. 

When we got to Nando's, Everyone else met us there. 

Lou and El were spending the day with the twins, Daisy and Phoebe. They're so cute! 

And Lex had gone to a family reunion with Josh. 

Once we had all ordered our food we were just casually talking so I pulled out my phone and logged on to twitter. The boys don't really tweet when they are on their 'off' weeks. I was just scrolling through my timeline when a world-wide trend caught my eye... #Harrison 

What?! I'm so confused. 

"Haz.... Are you and Addi back together?!" I asked randomly interrupting everyone's casual conversations. 

"Huh? No...." Zayn stated. 

"Actually..." Addi started. 

"Yes. We are." Harry smiled. 

"REALLY!?!?" We all exclaimed. They both nodded and smiled. 

"Yes... You just found out? It's all over twitter." Harry stated. 

"How much hate do I have yet?" Addi sighed. 

"None! Actually Harrison is trending!" Mal smiled. 

"I'm just glad you're finally back together!" Cailyn exclaimed. 

"Yes! The plan worked!" Louis shouted, high-fiving Lex. 

"Yes... You're little plan." Addi smirked. 

"Oh you know you love us!" Lexie smiled. 

"Without our plan you two would probably still be bickering about stupid stuff." Louis stated. Harry and Addi just playfully rolled their eyes and laughed 

"I guess so... So thank you." Harry and Addi said in unison. 

"Harrison Forever!" Cailyn squealed. 

"Woah. Now none of us are single..." Liam stated. 

"Our poor fans..." Niall frowned. 

"They must be devastated." Zayn sighed. 

"If they love us then they should respect the ones that we love." Harry smiled looking into Addison's eyes. 

"We should probably get going..." Ethan whispered in my ear. 

"I know..." I sighed. 

I just don't want to leave my friends... who are practically my family. 

Once we had finished our meal. We paid and then walked outside. 

"So are you about to leave?" Zayn frowned. 

"Yes. It's getting late." I stated. 

"Oh...Well... Then come here." Zayn declared, pulling me into a tight hug. 

"If you ever need me. Call me. I love you and Me and the boys and just all of us are here for you." Zayn whispered in my ear. 

"I will. I love you too, favorite cousin." I whispered back. We both pulled away and smiled. 

"Bye, Ellen... I'm gonna miss my best friend." Cailyn frowned giving me a hug. 

"I'll miss you too! I'll visit all the time!" I smiled hugging her back. 

"Bye Ellen...." Addi, Lex and Mal said each giving me a hug. 

"We'll miss you!" Addi frowned. 

"It's just not going to be the same without ya!" Mal smiled. 

"Promise you'll visit?" Lex asked. 

"I promise." I replied. 

"Bye Bye Ellen... We will miss your crazy self!" El and Dani smiled also giving me a hug. 

"We'll miss you Ellen." Brendon and Josh said both giving me friendly hugs. 

Now last, but not least.... The boys. 

They have been practically like my brothers for almost two years now. 

"We're gonna miss you so much sis!" They all frowned surrounding me in a group hug. 

"I'll miss you too!" I half-smiled. 

Saying goodbye is always hard. 

I said my final goodbye and then me and Ethan hopped in the van. I rolled down the window and poked my head out. 

There stood the faces of my true friends. 

I love them and I'm going to miss them. 

I waved goodbye and they all smiled and waved back. 

I felt the van start to move so I sat back down in my seat and rolled the window back up. Ethan took my hand and locked our fingers together, giving me a small smile. 

I'm going to miss them, but I'm ready to start my new life with the man I love.

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