One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


35. Bye Bye Boys

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Chapter 35 


~Lexie's P.O.V.~ 


"That was fun." I sighed plopping down in the couch next to Josh. 


"Yeah! Double dates are fun!" Mal chirped. 


Josh and Brendon just smiled. I laid my head down on Josh's lap when Addi walked through the front door. 


"Well.... Look who's home." I joked. 


"Sorry... I knew you two wanted to spend time with Josh and Brendon so me and Haz went to the mall." She said sitting down in the chair. 


"You spent the day with Harry?" Brendon smiled and winked. She just rolled her eyes. 


"We're just friends." Addi stated. 


"You sure about that." Josh smirked. 


"Positive." She replied, walking off to her room. 


I just smirked and turned over looking at Josh. I motioned with my finger for him to come closer and he did. I reached up and placed my lips on his. 


I sat up to where I was in a more comfortable position as me and Josh continued to make out. 


"I know! I can't wait!" Mal whisper squealed as Brendon chuckled. 


"For what?" I asked inbetween kisses. 


"My birthday!" She perked. 


"When is it?" Josh asked. 


"Next week." Mallory replied. 


"What are you doing?" I asked pulling away from me and Josh's snogging moment. 


"I dunno..." She shrugged. "Something." 


About that time, Addi walked back out in a summery dress with her hair and make-up fixed. 


"Okay! I'll be back later!" Addi smiled. 


"Where are you going?" Mal asked. 


"I have a date. Gotta go! Bye! Love ya!"She said just before walking out the door. 




"A date! With who?" I exclaimed. 


"Harry?" Mal shrugged. 


"No... Another guy?" I stated. 


"Oh.... She did tell us about some new guy she met, but I thought they were just friends." Mal replied. 


"She also says her and Harry are just friends." Brendon stated. 




"Oh yeah.... Mason... Matthew..." I declared. 


"Michael!" Mal exclaimed. 


Well this just stuffs up everything. Especially mine and Lou's plan. 


With that in mind, I picked up my phone and called Louis. 


When I walked back into the living area Mal and Brendon were kissing. 


Mendon Forever And Always! 


I sat back in my spot on the couch next to Josh. He started kissing my jaw line making his way down my neck. 


"Hello." Lou answered. 


"Hi LouiEhehehe..... Josh stop it." I giggled when he kissed my soft spot. 


"Ew. Are you?" Louis asked. 


"No." I reassured. 


"Oh okay. Good..." He breathed. 


"I'll be waiting...." Josh winked, walking off to my room. 


"Okay baby." I winked back. 


"Alright Lou, this has got to be a fast conversation I uh...Have something to do." I declared into the phone. 


"Or someone...." He chuckled. 


"Just listen." I demanded. 


"Addi is going on a date with her new friend Michael. Which means our plan to get Harry and Addi is screwed now." 


"The plan was screwed anyway... Cause we leave tomorrow."Louis stated. 


"Damn. I forgot about that. When do you come back?" I asked. 


"Next week." He replied. 


"Oh...okay. Well... I gotta go." I stated. 


"Alright Lex....Tell Joshy to use pro-" He started. 


"Goodbye, Lou!" I interrupted. 


"Bye." He chuckled and then hung up the phone. 


I placed my phone on the counter and then left for my room. 


Aww... Tonight is Josh's last night in town... 


Better make the most of it! ;) 


~Mallory's P.O.V~ 


Lexie and Josh had gone off to Lex's room while me and Brendon continued snogging on the couch. His kisses trailed up and down my neck making their way back to my lips. 


The kiss intensified and I was now laying on top of Brendon when he pulled away. I just looked at him confused. 


"What's wrong?" I asked. 


"Nothing... Just... Mallory, Do you know how much I love you?" Brendon smirked. I started to blush a little. 


"I love you so much." He smiled kissing my forehead and tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. 


"I love you too, baby." I smiled pecking his lips. 


"So what are you doing tomorrow night?" He asked. 


"Nothing...." I smiled. 


"Okay. Great! I have you an early birthday present." He stated. 


"Brendon, Babe...You didn't have to get me anything." I smiled, but he just rolled his eyes and smirked. 


"That's what every girl says." He smiled. "But all girls secretly want something..." 


"I want something." I smirked. 


"And what's that, love?" He asked stroking my cheek. 


"You." I winked leaning him back onto the couch. 


"Well, you're in luck. Cause I'm all yours." He smiled placing his soft warm lips on mine. 


We continued to kiss making our way to my room. Where of course the night ended well. 


~Addi's P.O.V.~ 


Today is the boys last day in town and they all...Well Niall, wanted to go eat together. 


"You ready Addi?" Mal called from the kitchen. 


"Almost." I replied slipping my red toms on. I took a quick glance in the mirror checking my hair. Then I walked back in the kitchen. 


"Awe Jexie's still strong, huh?" I chirped interrupting Lexie and Josh's kiss. They both just laughed. 


"And Mendon too!" I Smiled at Mallory and Brendon who were giggling and holding hands. 


"Where's Michael?" Brendon asked. 


"He had a family thing to go to." I stated. 


"Oh...." They all replied. 




When we got to the restraunt everyone was there already. 


Niall and Cailyn were there being all cute and coupley. Ethan's home! Double E was being so cute! Dani and Liam were smiling all adoringly at each other with Lou and El being hilarious and adorable. Jexie snuck a few kisses along with Mendon. Even Zayn kissed Perrie once or twice. And then there was Harry all alone... Like me. 


When our meal arrived we all continued to talk about the tour and when the boys would come back. I was in my own little world when Ellen nudged my arm. 


"Hmm..." I said looking over to her. 


"Did you hear Cailyn?" She asked. 


"Oh! No. Sorry... What'd you say?" I asked looking over to Cailyn. 


"I said...Where did you get your necklace? It's pretty." She replied. 


"Oh...Thanks." I said feeling my necklace with an 'A' on it. "My mom gave it to me." 


"No, Not that one... It's pretty, but I'm talking about the other one. The locket." Cailyn smiled. 


I gulped hard as I felt a lump form in my throat. I reached up and held the locket in my hands as everyone watched intently. 


"Oh...Um...Uh..." I stuttered. 


"Are you okay, Addi?" Liam asked. 


"Yeah..." I replied looking down at my lap. 


"Addison...." Harry said softly. 


I looked up at his face which had a sympathetic look on it. The whole table was quiet as everyone's eyes were locked on me and Harry. 


"Is that...." He asked. I nodded, looking down again. 


"Yes... This is the locket Harry gave me for my birthday." I said opening the locket. 


"It has the picture from me and Harry on our first date." I declared. 


"And..." I started. "And on the other side it has...Uh..." 


"Harry and Addison Forever and Always." Harry finished looking into my eyes. 


"Awweee..." The whole table cooed. But my eyes were still locked on Harry's. 


"You kept it...." Harry said with a slight grin. "Why....?" 


I just shrugged. "I dunno... Because..." 


I do know why... Because I just can't let go. 


"I'm gonna.... Just go... back to the flat." I stated standing up. 


"Addi wait." Harry started. 


"No.... I just need some rest. I love you boys! I guess I'll see you next week." I smiled. 


"Bye Addi! We love you. See ya soon!" They all waved. I smiled and waved back before walking out the door making my way back to my flat. 


I feel sick to my stomach. 


This happens every time the boys leave... 


Maybe I really do need rest. 




~Harry's P.O.V.~ 


"It's almost 4 o'clock boys... Paul said to be ready before 4:30." Liam stated. 


"I don't want you to go..." Lexie sighed as she leaned up and pecked Josh's lips. 


"We'll be back in a week." Josh smiled as him and Lex continued to hug. 


I just sat on the couch as everyone hugged. The only one that I wanted to hug was Addi. 


"Bye Haz." Dani and El smiled giving me a hug. 


"Bye Harry." Cailyn and Lex smiled also giving me a hug. 


"Bye Bro." Ellen Smiled and gave me a hug. 


"See ya later, Harry." Mal smirked, giving me a hug. 


I hugged all the girls, Ethan and Brendon before they all turned and said goodbye to the rest of the boys. 


Once the boys said one last goodbye to their girlfriends, we hopped in the van and drove to the airport. 


Now we're gonna be gone for another week.


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