One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


56. BabySitting, Cheshire Fun & Ice Skating

Chapter 56

~Addison's P.O.V.~

After leaving the airport I drove back to my flat, grabbed my bags and headed to my parent's house.

"Where. Have. You. Been?!" My mother roared as I walked through the door.

"Well hello to you too, mum..." I stated. "I told you... The boys left today so I was with them..."

"Oh... Okay.. Well we are going to miss our flight!" My mom sighed.

"Hurry, Dean!" She called up the stairs as my father came walking down carrying many bags.

"I'm coming. I just had to grab the bags. All the bags." He smirked walking to the car. I just smiled.

"I love you and take care of your sister!" My mom smiled, kissing my check and turning to do the same to my sister.

"We'll be fine! Have fun!" I exclaimed.

"Bye, girls. I love you." My dad said also hugging us.

Me and Natalie both hugged and said goodbye to our parents.

"If anything happens, call us and we will come straight home!" My mom cried getting into the car.

"We love you!" Me and Natalie smiled and waved watching their car roll out of sight.

When I walked back in the door, Natalie was lying on the couch texting away.

"Hey so can I stay at Ginny's tonight?" Natalie asked not looking up from her phone.

"What? No. How old are you? Like 10?!" I gasped.

"I'm twelve."

"Oh... I knew that!" I sighed.

I've been really stressed lately. I sat down in the chair next to the couch and propped my feet up on the table, kicking my toms off.

"Woah. Sis. You're feet are huge."

"No they're n- Oh..." I said looking at my swollen feet.

"It's probably because of running back and forth to the airport and I've been walking everywhere lately." I sighed leaning back in my chair.

"Well can Ginny stay here?" Natalie asked. "Please....."

"I don't care, as long as her mom or someone brings her." I stated.

"Thanks!" Natalie smiled hugging me.

"Ginny! Hey! My sister said you can stay if you want!" Natalie exclaimed racing up the stairs.

I just sighed and pulled my laptop onto my lap, logging onto twitter.

I had tweets from mostly fans and old friends until I found one from Harry.

He had just tweeted it.

@Harry_Styles @xxAddisonxx I miss you already baby! See you soon. Love you! xx

@xxAddisonxx @Harry_Styles I miss you to babe! See you next week! Loveeee Youuu x

I smiled at the screen reading all the mentions about #Harrison, when Ginny came through the front door.

"Hey Addi!" She smiled as Natalie came running down the stairs.

"Hey Ginny!" I smiled hugging her. Her and Natalie became instant best friends when we moved here last year.

"I'll order a pizza!" I declared as the two girls ran upstairs.

"Okay! Thanks Addi!" They both called back. I smiled and dialed the number to the Pizza Palace.

This'll be a long night...

~Mallory's P.O.V.~

Woah. The past few days have been amazing! Brendon's family is so nice and welcoming to me. Today his two older cousins took me shopping with them and tomorrow we are going to get our nails done!

Let's just say Harry isn't the only rich Styles boy in their family. Brendon's parents are both co-heads of a law firm in Cheshire.

I walked through the door of the small cottage me and Brendon are staying in. The cottage is near his parent's house and very convenient.

"Hey, babe!" Brendon greeted me with a kiss as I placed many of my shopping bags on the counter.

"So how was shopping with Tina and Molly?" Brendon chuckled.

"Great! They are so nice and fun!" I smiled.

Molly and Tina were only a few years older than me and were extremely funny!

"I had lots of fun!"

"Well, I'm glad!" Brendon smiled, wrapping his arms around me, flipping through channels on the telly.

He stopped on the news as a story about the boys was being broadcasted.

"One Direction sure has fun in the sun as teen pop sensations fly to America a few days early and are spotted with two girls on a local beach in Los Angeles. We have been reported that these two girls are the girlfriends of Josh Devine, Drummer of One Direction and Niall Horan, one of the members. Where are the other ladies, boys?" The telecaster spoke. I just laughed.

"No privacy at all." I muttered to myself causing Brendon to chuckle.

"I think it's funny..." Brendon smiled, changing the channel.

"Hilarious..." I smirked.

"Well, I'm kinda tired..." I sighed.

"Alright, love... you can go and get ready for bed, I'll be up in a minute." Brendon stated. I kissed his cheek and walked up the stairs to our bedroom slipping on some more comfortable clothes.

I walked back in the room to find Brendon shirtless in nothing but his boxers. I rolled my eyes as he stretched, obviously flexing his muscles. I smirked and continue to climb into bed.

Brendon cuddled next to me snaking his arms around me. That sick feeling occurred again in my stomach this morning. It's become kind of a regular thing for the past few days... I should probably go and see if I have a virus or something. Gladly that sick feeling usually faded away when I was in Brendon's arms.

"Goodnight, Baby." Brendon breathed, sending chills all over my body. I rolled over, gave him a small, sweet kiss and cuddled closer to his warm, bare chest.

"Goodnight." I smiled, just before drifting right off to sleep.

~Lexie's P.O.V.~

"GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINES!" Louis shouted, bursting through the door to our hotel.

"Ugh. Go away." I groaned, looking up at him for just long enough to throw a pillow at him.

Unfortunately each of the boys, have a key that operates all of our rooms.

"Wake up! Today is our last free day and then it's back to interviews, rehearsals, meet-and-greets and concerts!" Louis chirped.

I groaned again slowly sitting up until I felt a pair of arms slam me back down into the bed sheets.

"Josh... Stop!" I giggled as he tickled me.

Louis just stood there, tapping his foot.

"Get. Up." He snapped, fixing his beanie then walking towards Niall who was raiding our mini fridge.

I just sighed.

"NOW!" Louis yelled urgently, causing me to jump right up and begin to get dressed.


Once we were all dressed, Me and Cailyn both suggested going to the beach to tan, but all the boys refused.

"I guess we can tan when they are at work." I whispered into Cailyn's ear, playfully sticking my tongue out.

We were driving around California when we stopped at a... Ice Skating Rink?

You have got to be kidding me?

"Are we really going ice skating?!" I protested.

"Yes! Have you ever been?" Louis asked.

"Yes..." I nodded.

"Really?! Is it fun?"

"Is it easy? Or hard?"

"I'm hungry!"

"Are you good at it?"

Everyone was asking me so many questions.

I realized that I was the only American on this trip and I cannot believe they have never been.

"And Niall. You are always hungry." I laughed.

Everyone was so excited.

Josh grabbed my hand as we entered the skating rink.

"Don't worry... I'll catch you when you fall." Josh whispered in my ear.

I spun around and smirked.

"Oh please... You'll be to busy trying to keep up."

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