One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


34. As Long As She Loves Me

Chapter 34 


"Okay..." I sighed. Harry looked a bit hurt. 


"Come on." I smiled grabbing his arm. 


He quickly grabbed his keys and we drove to his and Lou's flat. I sat down on the couch waiting for him to get dressed. Within about ten minutes, he came back out with jeans, a 'Jack Wills' top and a beanie on. 


God I loved him in beanies.

No Addi. No, you don't. Just shut up and stop staring! 


"Erm...Addi..." He said waving his hand, snapping me out of my gaze. 


"You ready?" He asked. 


"Uh.... Are you gonna run me by my flat?" I asked looking at my wrinkly clothes from yesterday. 


"Why?" He asked absentmindedly. 


"I need fresh clothes!" I exclaimed. 


"No you don't there's some still in my room." He stated. 


"Really?" I asked with a confused look on my face. 


I rushed off to his room and opened the drawer where I used to keep my clothes. There they lay, untouched. 


All of my clothes I kept here...He kept them. I stood there smiling at my clothes like an idiot. 


Aweee.... He actually kept them. 


I chose my blue jean shorts and a floral top. It was actually hot today. Leaving my hair down and natural, I slipped my sandals back on and walked back into the living room. 


"Finally ready?" He smirked. 


"Hey! Beauty like this takes time." I winked and he just rolled his eyes and smiled as we walked out the door. 




After arguing on what to do....We finally agreed on going to the mall. 


"I wanna go to the top-shop." I smiled as we entered Westfield. 


"Really...." He groaned. 


"Yes!" I declared grabbing his hand. 


"Ooh....I like this one....And this one! Oh! This one's cute!" I exclaimed as I searched through the rack of cute tops. Harry just huffed and stood by me like a cute puppy. 


NO Addi! Not cute puppy! Mean dog that broke your heart! 


I grabbed about four tops and left for the dressing room. 


"Wait here." I declared. 


"Argh. Why! Nothing I haven't seen." He huffed. 


"Yes. And something you'll never see again." I winked with sarcasm rolling off my tongue. He just glared and scowled. 


Out of the four tops I tried on, I only liked two of them. Walking to the check-out counter, I laid the tops on the counter and pulled out my wallet. 


"Ah. Ah. Ah." Harry winked taking my wallet and handing the clerk his credit card. 


"Harry! No!" I exclaimed. 


"I've got it, baby." He smiled, as the girl gave him his credit card back and placed my tops in a bag. 


"I'm not your baby..." I scowled. "But thank you...." I said kissing his cheek. He looked a bit confused and turned as red as a tomato. Trying to cover up is adorable red cheeks, he smiled his cheeky smile. 


I can be a tease. 


I grabbed my bag and we walked out of the shop. 


"Where to next, baby?" Harry asked. I just sighed. 


"Erm....I don't know...Jack Wills? Hollister?" I suggested. 


"Both! But Hollister first." He replied. 


We strolled into Hollister and Harry automatically found something... HE grabbed a few tops and then walked to the dressing area. 


I stood outside his room, waiting. 

This is boring.... 


"Are you done?" I whined. 


"Almost...But... I need help." He declared. 


With what?!" It's a button-up top." I exclaimed. 


"Exactly." He smirked, opening the door. 


He just stood there, smirking with an unbuttoned top, exposing his bare abs. I quickly snapped out of my daze hoping he didn't catch me starting. 


"Button my shirt, please?" He asked. 


"No. Do it yourself." I spat back, crossing my arms and looking away from him. 


"My hands are broken." He frowned. 


"You're unbelievable." I sighed walking over to him. Damn... 


He definitely has a six pack coming in. Once again staring at his perfectly fit stomach, I did the unthinkable. 


I raised my hand and stroked his abs. 




"You like...?" He smirked snapping me out of my trance AGAIN! 


Oh my God. I did not just do that. 


"What? No...." I huffed in defense. 


"You've been staring for like five minutes straight and you just touched my stomach. Just think. All this could be yours if you just admit that you feel the same way I do, Addison." He pleaded. 


No. As much as I want him to be's too complicated. Just No. 


"Harry nothing's changed. Like you said. 'We're through'." I said coldly but my voice cracked a little when I said 'We're through'. 


The smile on his face turned into a hurt frown as I quickly buttoned up his top and walked away. He paid for the top and we left Hollister. 


"Jack Wills?" I asked as if nothing ever happened. 


"Yeah, sure." He half smiled. We were just about to walk in Jack Wills when a voice behind me spoke. 


"Addison?" The mystery voice asked. 


I quickly spun around to see the familiar face before me. 


"Michael!" I smiled, hugging him. 


"Hello love! Long time no see." He winked. 


I could totally see Harry boiling with anger and jealousy. 


He's jealous! 


He's jealous! 


Well... He HAD me. 


"Hello...I'm Harry." Harry introduced, extending out a hand. I saw Harry's knuckles turn white and I elbowed him in the stomach. 


His rock. Hard. Stomach. 


UGH! Snap out of it! 


Michael pulled his hand away and didn't seem hurt. Good. 


"Nice to meet you..."Michael smiled. 


"The pleasure's all mine." Harry smirked. 




"So. Babe... What are you doing tonight?" Michael asked, turning towards me. 


"Nothing at all." I smiled. 


"Would you like to go out to dinner?" Michael suggested. 


"I'd love to." I winked. 


Harry. Was. Fuming. But there was nothing he could do, because I'm not his. Just like I couldn't do anything when he was 'with' Caroline, because he wasn't mine. 


~Harry's P.O.V.~ 


Michael. He discussed me. 


What does Addison see in that git?! 


There she was giggling, blushing and smiling. That's what she did when she was around me! And now she's going on a date, with a guy, who isn't me. 




After a long day, me and Addi left Westfield and headed back to my flat where we watched a film. Addison had her head lying in my lap as I gently stroked her hair. When the film ended she rolled over and looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. 


"What...?" She smiled. I just smiled back and shook my head. 


"You're just so beautiful, baby." I winked. 


"Oh shut up. And stop calling me that!" She exclaimed. 


She's so cute when she's mad. 


"Why, baby? You are beautiful." I smirked. She just sighed. 


"You're impossible." She groaned sitting up. 


"Impossible to resist." I said turning her head to where her lips were inches away from mine. 


We were both breathing heavily and I knew she wanted me. I was just about to slam my lips on hers when she sighed and placed her forehead on mine. 


"Harry.... I have a date.... In an hour." She sighed. 


Damn you, Addi! 


It's always almost a kiss with us. 


I sighed and leaned back on the couch. 


"So.... I should go." She frowned, standing up. 


"I'll drive you home." I offered standing up next to her. 


"No... it's okay..." She smiled. "Today was fun." She said kissing my cheek. 


"Have fun tonight...But not too much fun..." I declared. 


"No promises." She winked and then walked out the door. 


Addison was all mine and now she's slowly slipping away from me. 


We went from 'I love you' to 'we're through'. 


If I could only take back those two words...Then maybe Addi would still be mine. 


The way she looked at Michael is different from the way she looked and still looks at me. 


I know I still love her. I never stopped. I will not give up on us. 

When she looks at me I see hurt, but also love in her eyes. 


And nothing else matters... As long as she loves me.

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