One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


33. Almost A Kiss

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Chapter 33 


~Addison's P.O.V~ 


When I woke up, I was in the same position, still cuddled up next to Harry. Awe. He didn't move all night. I slowly sat up trying not to wake up Harry. 


It didn't work. 


"Morning babe." He said in his amazingly cute morning voice. 


"Morning Haz." I said still remembering that I'm NOT his babe. As Harry walked into the kitchen, I picked up my phone. I had loads of messages and missed calls. They were mostly from Lex, Mal, Ellen and Cailyn. A few from Dani and El, but they all asked the same thing... 


You and Harry are back together?! 

What are they talking about...? It was cuddling. Friends cuddle! We are NOT back together. 


I didn't reply to them cause I have no clue what they're talking about. 


"Want any pancakes, Baby?" Harry asked from the kitchen. 


Baby? Ummm NO! Not gonna happen, Styles. 


"Yes. I would like some pancakes, but I'm not your 'baby'!" I stated. 


"Whatever you say, baby." He called. 


"STOP! Last time I checked, we're broken up." I spat back. 


"Oh really. Check twitter." He smirked as I sat down on the kitchen stool. 


Huh? What's on twitter! 


I quickly picked up my phone and logged on to twitter. I had a ton of new followers and my mentions were blowing up. Everyone was asking the same thing as the girls. 


You and Harry are back together?! 


Why would they think that! I kept scrolling until I found a picture that all the boys had tweeted. It had the caption of 'the cutest thing ever!' 


It was a picture from last night of me and Harry cuddling on the couch. I was asleep with my head on his chest. His head was resting on mine and our fingers were entwined. 

When did that happen?! 

I began to scroll through the replies. Most of them were nice and cute until I came across one, from @Harry_is_Mine. (idk if that's a real account. Sorry if it's yours) 


Ugh! Harry's back with that whore. I hate her! She's hideous and desperate! That bitch should leave our boys alone. #DIEADDI 


After reading that tweet I wanted to break down in tears. Why would someone say that? Is that how they see me? I kept reading the tweet over and over until tears escaped from my eyes. 


"Okay! Breakfast is re-Addi! What's wrong?" Harry said rushing over to me. I just shook my head and continued to cry softly. 


"Addison.... Tell me what's wrong?" Harry soothed as he cradled me in a hug. I picked up my phone that had the tweet open, and handed him my phone. He looked, wide eyed at the screen slowly reading the tweet. Once he was finished he slammed my phone down, making me jump a little, but then threw his arms around me. I buried my head in his chest as a few more tears fell. 


"Shh..." He soothed still tightly hugging me. We stood there in each other's arms. I have missed him so much. I know that we aren't back together, but the fact that he still cares and is trying to be friends for me, means a lot. I pulled away and weakly smiled. 


"Addi.... None of that is true. You are beautiful. Do NOT believe what haters say. They are just jealous." Harry exclaimed. 


"Thanks Haz..." I smiled. 


"Addi..." He started. 


"Hmm?" I replied. 


"You remember last night....When you were laying on my chest...." He continued. I nodded. 


"Well I whispered something in your ear...." He added. I looked up at his green eyes begging him to finish. He looked down as if he couldn't continue. I picked up his hand and squeezed it for support. 


"I meant what I said." He stated, stroking my cheek. "I love you." 


I squeezed my eyes shut as another tear fell. He gently wiped it away and continued to slowly stroke my cheek. 


Harry still loves me. 


I reached up and entwined our fingers. He rose our hands up to his lips and kissed mine multiple times. 


"I love you." He repeated. I just shook my head fighting the urge to just kiss him. 


"Addison.... I never stopped loving you." He finished. 


Why can't I just say I love you too and we get back together!? 


I know why... 


It's not that easy. 


Harry continued to wipe away my tears. Our hands were still intertwined with each other's; they fit so perfectly together. I once again got lost in his gorgeous green eyes. I could see Harry leaning in, but I didn't flinch. We were inches apart with our breaths both heavy and hot. He leaned in closer with our noses touching. This was just like the first time we kissed. With the urge to just lean in closer, I continued to fight waiting for him to come to me. We were so close I could almost taste his lips when... 


"Good mor- Oh." Niall said absentmindedly walking towards the fridge. 


Harry sighed and kissed my forehead. 


AHH! Really Niall?! 


I love you to death, Nialler, but right now.... Not so much. 




Harry walked off to the bathroom as I glared at Niall. 


"I'm sorry..." He frowned. 


"'s fine. I needed to be stopped..." I sighed. 


"From what?" Liam asked sitting next to me at the counter. 


"From kissing Harry..." Niall smirked. 


"You almost kissed Haz?" Zayn asked. 


"Almost." I emphasized. 


"Harrison Forever!" Louis whisper yelled, sitting on the other side of me. 


I just sighed. 


"Boys, we leave tomorrow morning..." Liam stated. 


"Okay 'Daddy Direction'" I smirked. He just smiled. "Why do you have to leave?" I frowned. 


"Our tour. We'll be home soon." Zayn said patting my back. 


"I'll miss you." I sighed. 


"We'll miss you too, Addison!" Niall shouted throwing his arms around my neck. 


"Group hug!" Lou shouted. 


By now Harry was back and all five lads huddled around me in a hug. 


"I love you boys." I smiled to myself. 


"We should do something today. All of us." I suggested. 


"Can't I'm spending the day with Cailyn." Niall stated with a smile. 


Awe Ciall Forever! 


"I'm going to see Dani." Liam stated. 


"Yeah I'm going to El's." Lou smirked. 


"Perrie wants to hang out. Me, her and Ellen." Zayn smiled. 

"Well, yeah, I understand." I shrugged. 

That just leaves.... Harry. 

"No problem, I'll just-" 

"I'm free." Harry smirked. 

Oh joy.... This'll be an interesting day.

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