One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


12. A Night To Remember

Chapter 12
Once we got to Lou and Harry's flat, I went inside and plopped down on the couch.
"What's wrong, babe?" Harry asked. I just shook my head and laid down with my head in his lap.
"I know something's wrong." He declared. "I can read you like an open book."
Besides Lex, he was the only one that could tell by my expressions what I felt like. I took a deep breath and began to talk.
"I can't handle it..." I stated.
"Handle what, love?" He asked.
"Handle being away from you for seven whole months." I sighed. His face looked just as worried as mine.
"I didn't think about that." He frowned. "Me either, until tonight." I stated. As I felt tears well up in my eyes, I covered my face and buried my head in his lap. 
 "I'm gonna miss you. But we can try to make it work."I said as a tear fell from my eye.
"What?! Of course we can make it work." He said lifting me and holding me in his arms as we sat on the couch.
"Did you think we would have to break up?" He asked. I nodded and buried my face back in his chest.
"No. I want to be with you. You are my girl and if distance is what we will have then I'll call you every day. We can FaceTime and Skype." He stated pushing a strand of hair behind my ear.
"Harry... I've seen American girls. I am one. You would want to be with one of those girls not me."I stated as another tear fell.
"I don't want all those girls. All I want is you." He declared crashing his lips on mine. When I said he was a great kisser, I meant it. It was passionate, our lips, our tongues, our hearts. He truly is an amazing boyfriend. He bit my lip which made me feel even worse knowing the fact that I wouldn't be able to kiss him or hug him. He wouldn't be able to hold me in his arms. I couldn't snuggle up to his chest. As these thoughts racked my brain. I couldn't stand the thought of being without him for another minute much less seven months. I couldn't take it. By this time his soft, gentle kisses made their way down my jaw line and to my neck. With my hands in his now messy hair, his lips made their way down my neck, including my soft spot and then back to mine. I can't be without him. With that in mind, I gave in completely. Ripping his shirt off and exposing his bare chest. He pinned my against the wall and continued to kiss my neck. Never did I ever imagine this moment to be so real. We finally made our way to Harry's room. Leading Harry to the bed with our lips never parting he kicked the door shut with his foot and gently laid me on the bed. Let's just say tonight ended rather well. ;)
"Good Morning, beautiful." Harry's adorable morning voice said waking me up.
"Good Morning Haz." I said opening my eyes.
His dark green eyes were inches away from mine, along with his lips....not for long. I leaned in really close just brushing my lips against his then sitting straight up. I just giggled as he groaned.
"That's teasing." He whined.
"Suck it up, Styles." I said but he grabbed my waist and pulled me back down beside him, gently kissing me.
"I'm HOME!" A voice yelled from outside Harry's door.
"Louis!" I shrieked pulling away.
"Morning Hazz-AHHH!" He screeched covering his eyes.
"I knew it! El, get in here! Harry and Addi did it!" He yelled.
"Lou!" Me and Harry shouted.
"Oh. My. Gosh. Finally!" El laughed.
Me and Harry sighed. Just as Lou and El left another voice yelled.
"We're here!" Liam's voice yelled.
"Vas happening!" Zayn cried.
Harry jumped up and quickly put on clothes. I grabbed one of his Jack Wills tees and some sweats.
"I'm borrowing your clothes." I whispered.
"Yeah, borrowing for life." He called back. I just laughed.
Once we were decent, we walked out hand-in-hand.
 "Wait, Harry....Put this on." I said handing him a beanie.
"Right! Come here." He smirked straightening my hair.
When we walked out every one turned and smiled like maniacs. "What?" I asked a little scared.
"Oh nothing...." Louis sighed.
"Nice beanie." Zayn smirked at Harry.
"Thanks." Harry grinned.
"Eww!... Addi has a hickey!" Niall said poking my neck.
"What?!" I said rushing to the bathroom.
"Damn Harry! What are my parents gonna say!" I exclaimed. "They already caught us na-" I started.
"What?" They all asked.
"Long story." Harry sighed.
"Don't worry! I'll cover it up." El chirped.
"Thanks." I sighed in relief.
"You can say you stayed with me too!" she added.
"Oh yeah...They'd love the fact that I stayed with Harry." I said sarcastically.
"Thanks again, El." I stated.
"No problem." She  smiled.
"I thought you didn't feel good last night?" Zayn asked.
"Oh yeah...." I sighed remembering why my night started badly.
"Hey...It's okay..." Harry comforted pulling me close to his chest.
"Was it something I said?" Zayn frowned.
"'s okay, Zayn." I stated.
"She just doesn't want us to leave." Harry declared wrapping his arm around me.
"It'll be okay, Addi. Distance is hard, but it gets better." El cooed.
"Hey! Let's go shopping!" She suggested.
"Okay! Girls Day!" I smiled.
"Yeah! I'll call Dani and Ellen. You call Lex and Cailyn." She suggested.
"Alrighty!" I agreed pulling out my phone.
"Bye Harry..." I said giving Harry a hug."
"Bye Lou!" El chirped pecking his lips.
"Have fun." Harry whispered. "I'll call you later."
"Okay..." I replied.
"Bye Boys!" El and I waved before driving away.
Girls Day. I need to get my mind off of things. A day with friends should do it....Hopefully.

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