One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


8. A Day with Friends

Chapter 8


"Good afternoon..." My dad said sarcastically as my half asleep body walked down the stairs.


"It's Saturday." I groaned. "What do you expect?


"Hello Hun. It's about time you woke up." My mom chirped as I walked in the kitchen.


"It's only 11 am." I spat back.


"Okay, okay..." She said in defense.


"Your Dad is about to leave. He has a meeting at 1 and I am taking Natalie to a birthday party at 12." She stated.


"Oh....Well I'll just hang out here..." I sighed.


"Invite Lexie over." She suggested.


"I guess I could..." I said rushing to get my phone.


I quickly ran my fingers over my phone to find her name under recents and tapped 'BBFFL'.


"Hello!" She answered after a few rings.


"Hey! What are you doing today?" I asked.


"Oh nothing... I just met this really funny girl at star-bucks. Her name is Cailyn." She chirped over the phone.


"Why don't you and Cailyn come over?" I suggested. 


"Okay! Be there in a few." She said.


"Wait Lex!" I started.


"Yeah..?" she asked.


"Did you get ME anything from star-bucks? I asked emphasizing 'me'.


"I haven't ordered yet...The usual?" She asked already knowing what I wanted.


"Yes please!" I replied before hanging up.


I took a short shower and put on sweats and a jumper with a British flag on it. As soon as my dad told me goodbye Lexie and Cailyn burst through the front door.


"Vas Happenin!" Lexie yelled.

"Oh Hiya Mr. Dean." She said to my dad as he was leaving.


"Hello Miss Lexie. I have to go now... Good Bye! Be home soon." He yelled before leaving.


"Cailyn!?" I asked.


"Oh! Hey!" She replied.


"You guys know each other? Lexie asked.


"Yeah! We met the other day." I stated.


"Oh! Okay cool!" Lex said shrugging it off.


"Just make yourself at home." I told Cailyn while walking off to get some snacks.


When I walked back into the living room, I saw Lex and Cailyn giggling.


"What's so funny?" I asked.


"This picture of you two." Cailyn said while holding an old photo of me and Lexie.


"Oh....We were like 12." I said laughing as well.

It was almost 3 in the afternoon. I had spent all day with Lexie and Cailyn. We both had really got to know her some more. She is really funny! 


"Niall! She reminds me of Niall!" I gasped.


"Oh my Gosh!" Lex gasped.


"What?!" Cailyn and I asked worried.


"You're right! Addison, wouldn't she make an adorable match with N-" Lexie started but Cailyn cut her off.


"Oh..... I actually have a date at 4." She gasped looking at the clock.


"I really need to go!" She exclaimed.


"Oh...Well text ya later." She chirped.


"Okay Bye..." Me and Lex chorused as she rushed down the sidewalk.


 "Thanks for letting me come over! We will have to hang out another time!" She called back waving.


"Anytime!" I cried out to her.


"She is sweet." Lexie stated.


"Her and Niall would be cute." I awed.


"I know!" She shouted in agreement.


"It's raining." Lexie whined.


"Let's watch a film..." I said laying down on the couch.


"Okay! Popcorn!" She squealed running off to the kitchen.


We watched 'You Again'. It was kinda funny. 


"'s getting dark so...." Lexie started.


"You have to go?" I frowned.


"No I was gonna say that I would just stay here..." She finished.


"Oh okay! That's fine." I stated.


Just then my phone vibrated.


"Hello...." I said answering my phone, walking off to my room.


"Hey babe." A familiar husky voice answered.

"Sorry rehearsals ran over and then we had a few short radio interviews...So, how are you?" He asked.


"I'm great now...It's okay just good to hear your voice." I said blushing.


"Awe...." Lexie cooed from outside my door.


"Shut Up!" I spat back.


"Who was that?" He asked chuckling


"Lexie....being Lexie." I sighed "I hung out with her and another friend, Cailyn all day."


"Oh...Hi Lex!" He shouted.


"Harry said Hi!" I repeated to Lex.


"What up Haz!" she yelled. 

 "She said-" I got cut off.


"I heard." He repeated with a chuckle.


"Oh...." I giggled.


"I really miss you." He said.


"I miss you too..." 


"Well then open your balcony window...." He cried.


"Huh?" I said quickly turning around to see a tall, curly headed boy, on my balcony, drenched with rain water. Smiling his small, cheeky smile.

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