One Boy, One Love, One Direction

The summer after Addison's High School Graduation, she moves to London. What happens when 17 year old, Addison get's One Direction Tickets and recieves an unexpected surprise afterwards. Will she fall for the man of her dreams who just so happens to be a member of her favorite band? Addison expierences a lot. Earns friends. And has lots of fun times, but most of all, will she find true love?


63. 2 Years of One Direction, Along with Post Panic

Chapter 64

~Harry's P.O.V.~

"SHE'S WHAT?!" The lads all gasped. "Yes. Mallory's pregnant." I sighed. I can't believe Brendon. I mean. I am so happy for them! But they both have told me that this baby was not expected or even planned. So according to them they will keep the baby. And I am nothing more than grateful for their mature decision. "Well! I'm so happy for them! I'm gonna go call her now!" Danielle chirped exciting the room, with Eleanor following her. "Wow. I can't believe it! She's so young." Liam sighed with a slight frown. But then smiled a little. "She's a year older than me." Addi laughed. "Still! She's nineteen!" Louis said looking shocked. "Yes.." I stated. "And Brendon's nineteen too!" "Well. This. Is-" Louis started, but I finished his sentence. "Going to take some getting used to." I smirked. "Yep. That's for sure." Zayn stated. "So.. Is everything alright? You said she was in the hospital." "Yeah. But everything's fine." Addi reassured. "Did they say how far along she was?" Niall asked. "Two months." Lexie stated. Everyone's eyes went wide. "And... She's just now finding out?" Cailyn asked. "Yes. She actually started noticing why she was getting sick all the time, and the headaches, and hormones and.. why other things haven't occurred." Lexie explained, but said the last thing awkwardly, causing all the lads, including me to stop her. "Yeah. You get it." She giggled. And we all nodded. "Well, lads. We should get going. Maybe after the show we can skype Mal and Brendon to congratulate them." Liam smiled standing up. "But now... We have rehearsals." We bid a goodbye to our girlfriends and then left for rehearsals. In the next 3 hours, we have to rehearse and go pick the girls back up. Then... it'll be show time! Let's do this!

~Niall's P.O.V~ "Another successful show, lads!" I smiled as I slid into a large booth next to Cailyn. Once we had finished our meal we were escorted to a small café down the road from the arena to have dinner. The booth was huge, but with our whole crew it was pretty packed. I wrapped my arm around Cailyn with my hand resting on shoulder. My fingers drew circles on her arm without me realizing. But she did. And looked up and smiled at me sheepishly. Her beautiful blue eyes staring at me with her gorgeous smile made my heart ache for more than one reason. My whole feelings situation had absolutely nothing to do with Cailyn; it was my entire fault because I let one mistake affect my feelings for two girls. My dilemma may not seem that big a deal to others, but it is to me, because my heart is aching for more than one person and I must choose. "So. Can you believe we have one more show in NYC and then we leave for Florida to wrap up the tour." Zayn sighed. "Our first official tour is almost completed!" Harry smiled running his hands through his messy curls, then swishing it into its signature side style. "I can't wait!" Louis fist pumped. "Yeah! It's been a whirl wind of a tour huh?" Liam sighed. We all nodded and smiled thinking of all the happy memories we have had. "Remember when the lads tore your shirt open, Hazza?" Danielle smiled as we all laughed. "I do. And I gave him that shirt!" Addi huffed from my left. We all continued to laugh. "And I loved the covers you boys did!" Lexie smiled. "My favorite was Valerae." "My Heart's A Stereo, was mine." Cailyn smiled on my right, looking up at me as I returned the small smile. "I loved Good Feeling!" Addison smiled. "And...-" "Torn." Me, and lads all breathed looking up at each other. "Up All Night, will soon be over. I can't really believe it." "Wait. What's todays date?" I asked. Everyone whipped out their phone. "July 23rd." Came a response from everyone. "Wow..." Me and the lads said in unison. Until the girls caught on we all kind of smiled in awe. "Two years of One Direction." Zayn smiled. "Best 2 years of my life." Liam smiled. "Mine too." Louis and Harry spoke. And Zayn and I nodded in agreement. "Here are your milkshakes." Our waiter smiled, handing them all out. "To... many years to come." I said raising my milkshake and we all smiled and laughed as our glasses gave a small clank as they collided in to each other for the toast. I turned to Cailyn and she gave me another dazzling smile as I leaned down and gave her a small kiss, causing my heart to ache a little more. I pulled away and with one arm around her, I scooted her closer towards me with a little squeeze; I rested my head on hers, pushing that sick feeling of heart ache as far as I could down into the pit of my stomach.

~Mallory's P.O.V.~ Brendon led me back into the flat like I was a fragile piece of porcelain. "Babe, I'm a pregnant girl not a glass tea cup." I laughed sitting on the couch and propping my feet up. "I'm just trying to help." He frowned sitting next to me. I smiled at him and placed my hand on his leg. "I know.." I grinned and kissed him softly. We were piled up on the couch together watching films. I rested my head on his chest and started to think about the small child that is living inside me. But the thought scared me to death. And it hit me. I'm not ready to be a mother! I'm 19! Is Brendon ready? What if my own child doesn't like me? What if something happens during the pregnancy? Or when he's older? Beginning to panic I sat up with a jerk and rushed off to the kitchen for a glass of water. "Mal, what's wrong, love?" Brendon asked rushing over to me. "I.. I.. Brendon... We're going to be parents." I said with a shudder. "There is a child inside me!" I exclaimed. Brendon came over to me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and I buried my head in his chest. He rubbed my back soothingly until we pulled apart and then placed one of his hands on my stomach. "Mallory.. Yes. We are going to be parents and I am proud to call myself a father to this wonderful child living inside you." He said looking me in the eyes, but still rubbing his hand over my stomach. What he had just said brought tears to my eyes. I hugged him like I never wanted to let go. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. "And I wouldn't want anyone, but you to be the mother of our beautiful child." He said leaning down and placing his lips on mine. Finally calming down I fully realised that in just a few months I will give birth to Brendon and I's child and I can be nothing, but happy. It'll take some adjusting, but I am also relieved that I will not be in this alone. I have friends and family that love and support me. And I'll always have Brendon, by my side.

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