We Meet Again

hi guys this is my first fanfic so hope you like it


3. chapter3



Jenna's P.O.V


i felt my heart broke into many  pieces im so happy for you guy's but will you pleas do me a favor? iask of course they both said pleas don't shout kay i said sure thing niall said thanks i said.... i just walk out of the room.....why?...why?....i saw louis walk out of his room he saw me in the floor staring in to nothing he sat next to me and ask  hey jen what happen to you ? a tear rolled down my face he's gone lou he's gone i said who's gone? he ask niall! i said almost a shout but they didn't hear it im sorry jen i didn't know you like him he said no it's okay but pleas don't say it to anyone that i like niall i said  promise he said


later that night


heeeeeyyyyy guys let's watch some movie harry shouted from down stair we all went down stair..,  harry put the movie he put the,The Parent Trap...............the movie was over and i saw  niall and cathy kissing i fake cough they stop kissing the movie's done i said with a annoyed tone i didn't notice niall said of course you wouldn't  notice because you're to busy sucking your faces of i said while walking out of the room then louis followed me out he let me cry in his shoulder don't  let jealousy take over you love louis whisper to me thanks lou i said we went back down stairs jen are you jealous niall said yes i said why? he ask because both of are my best friend maybe one day you'll forget me i lied to them then we all went to bed

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