We Meet Again

hi guys this is my first fanfic so hope you like it


2. chapter 2


          Niall's P.O.V


  Wait Jen is that you! i ask surprised, yes! niall it's me, oh how i missed you so much Jenna said.she really change she look's even more beautiful since we last met,hey Jen forgot to introduce my bandmates/bestmates Zayn,Louis,Liam,and Harry i said introducing them and mates this is Jen i said Jenna introduce to her friend Cathy, she look so beautiful, wanna go to our place i invited them and they both said yes we went to the car and road off. i went to cathy/jenna's room were they sleep i entered the room and saw cathy alone were's Jen i ask  she went home to get us some clothes she reply uhm.... can i ask you something? i said yea she reply with a smile okay here it goes i know we just met but can you be my girlfriend? i ask yes!yes!yes!yes! she said screaming.then Jenna walk in the room hey guys what's with the screaming she said  rubbing her ears i ask cathy to be my girlfriend and she said yes i said oh! was her only expression.


 Jenna's P.O.V


   i felt my heart broke into two when niall told that him and cathy are together 

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