We Meet Again

hi guys this is my first fanfic so hope you like it


1. chapter 1



    hi my name is Jenna Watson i really have a good friend well bestfriend well i used to yes my best friend Niall Horan used to be my best friend but since he moved i never been in contact with him and now he's one of the biggest boyband alive ang did i mention im inlove with him he never new so i just saw him on thier music video and now let's proceed to the story

after2 years


   Jenna P.O.V


  omg we're in U.K. my bestfriend Cathy scream hahahaha! yah!yah! let's go home we got to the taxi and went home we saw the house was huge i can't belive you're grandmother has a huge house i mean your house Cathy said hahaha! me too i can't belive this is my house now we went inside it was fully furnitured there's a flat screen T.V. huge couch ,huge bedrooms,kitchen,bathrooms, now cathy you're bedroom is the second door now let's start unpacking so we can go shopping i scream yah! cathy said 


skip the unpacking stuffs 


we were about to get in 21 when i bump into someone just my luck my first day here ang i already bumped into someone im so sorry i said getting up when i open my eyes i saw someone i didnt expect i saw naill

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