She doesn't know what to do when her long-time boyfriend, Tony, leaves her. Then she meets Liam. He's 20 and she's 15. So many things go wrong after Tony leaves her. Read to see all of India's struggles.


12. Ummm.... Uhh... Umm...

*India's POV*

Oh crap. What was I gonna tell mom and dad?! 'Oh hey I'm pregnant.'? NO! They (dad mainly) would kill me! 'What were you doing? With who? You're grounded! Why? Why were you playing truth or dare?' ect. ect. FML! Liam was still staring. "You.... Pregnant.... Baby.... Me... Dad... You............. Mom.... Mom gonna... kill me... dad gonna... high" I looked at him. "SNAP OUT OF IT!" I screamed as I slapped him. He shook his head and looked at me like I kicked a puppy. I just laughed at his expression then remembered my predicament. "FUCK!" I accidentally screamed. Mom was opening the door as I screamed that. "What's wrong?" I thought quickly. "Stubbed my toe!" I wailed hopping up and down on one foot and holding the other. "Which one?" She asked. "Big toe!" I said back. She nodded and left the room. I rolled my eyes and put my foot back on the ground. Liam laughed. "She... Bought.... THAT?!" He said and laughed harder. I rolled my eyes at him, but I was smiling all the same. "Hey, babe! We were invited to Chandler and Lyddian's house for supper tonight!" she yelled. "Ok!" I called back. I looked at Liam. Liam looked at me. We were trying to do a dramatic moment like in the movies when the music is all like da da daaaaa! "da da daaa!" I whispered. Then we both laughed so hard! Ronny walked in. "What's so fuuuunnnnyyyyy?" He asked. I shook my head, idicating that he wouldn't understand. Then it hit me. What if they start talking about the party?!


Short Chapter! ~Kayla

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