She doesn't know what to do when her long-time boyfriend, Tony, leaves her. Then she meets Liam. He's 20 and she's 15. So many things go wrong after Tony leaves her. Read to see all of India's struggles.


6. Truth or Dare? Maybe...

*India's POV*

I saw that a few people that were going to play truth or dare. I pulled on Liam's arm. "Let's play truth or dare with them!" I saw a look on his face. "... Maybe..." I gave a puppy-dog face. "Pwease?" He smiled. "Fine!" We went to the truth or dare room. "Is this everyone?" asked Kimberly, the popular kid. I was popular too, so I knew I would be fine to play with them. "I think so!" said Emmily, another popular. "Ok! Everyone get a notecard and a pen, write your name on it and put it on your shirt, in case someone doesn't know your name!" Kimberly squeaked happily. I grabbed a notecard and a purple pen and wrote India on it and taped it to my shirt. Kimberly wrote her name in pink. Emmily wrote her's in blue. Liam wrote his in green. "I'll go first since it's my party!" Kim said. "Hey, Ind! Truth or dare?" She asked me. I looked at Liam. We sat across from each other. He smiled. "It this dirty t. o. d.?" "Of coarse! It not fun if it's not dirty!" Kim half shouted. "Ok! Dare!" I smiled. She smiled back. "I dare you to go into the closet and do 7 Minutes in Heavan with... Liam!" I knew she chose a random guy. I blushed. "Remember! Make sure you get dirty!" Emm said. We got into the closet and locked it. We made out. We started to take each other's clothes off. We started to do it. I moaned. Then we heard Kim say "Time!" we got dressed quickly and rushed out of the closet. "Have fun?" Emm asked flirtily. "Oh ya!" I said back. She smiled. "Good!" I smiled back. It was my turn. I looked around the room. "Taylor, truth or dare?" I asked. "Dare!" She half yelled. "I dare you to have sex with... Joseph in front of everyone in here!" I smiled so did she. "Joseph! Fuck me!" she called to Joseph Maraang. They started to fuck when we heard the front door open and heard a "What the hell is this?!" from downstairs. "Fuck!" said Kimberly. "Parents are home. Hide!" Taylor and Joseph were still fucking. "Closet!" I said quietly and everyone hid there, including Kim.


*Kimberly's POV*

My parents were home! I was screwed! I hid with everyone else in the closet so my parents might think that I didn't know about this party. They were supposed to be gone until Monday (it was Friday) they left earlier. They probably forgot something. "Fuck!" I mummbled under my breath. Today was an off day.... Ugh!

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