She doesn't know what to do when her long-time boyfriend, Tony, leaves her. Then she meets Liam. He's 20 and she's 15. So many things go wrong after Tony leaves her. Read to see all of India's struggles.


15. Perfect!

India's POV


On the way home, my mom looked back at me  and nodded, signaling me to tell dad. I hoped he wouldn't get mad at me. He had gotten mad at me when I had my first boyfriend at 12... I hoped he didn't get mad at me.


"Dad, Cathy, Ron..." I started. "I- I- I'm pregnant... With... Liam's baby... Please don't get mad! PLEASE!" I pleaded. Cathy looked at me and rolled her eyes.


Ronny just asked, "What's pwegat?"


"It means there's a baby in her tummy!" Dad said... Almost... Excited...


"Dad are you mad?" I asked. Dad shook his head and looked at me in the mirror with a smile. Wow. So not how I thought it would go!


I took out my phone and texted Liam, Alice, and my friend Cayl. I told Liam about my mom and dad's reaction and I told Alice and Cayl that I was pregnant. Alice and Cayl replied a happy YAY and OMG and Awesome! and Liam replied Perfect! I'm really happy about this! I smiled and texted back to Al and Cay IKR! and Liam I know its perf! and I smiled. This was a... Perfect day... Better than perfect even!

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