She doesn't know what to do when her long-time boyfriend, Tony, leaves her. Then she meets Liam. He's 20 and she's 15. So many things go wrong after Tony leaves her. Read to see all of India's struggles.


2. Party?! Maybe...

*Liam's POV*

My girlfriend Danielle broke up with me... again. I would NEVER get back with her. My friend from college- Jasper Campton called me "Hey, lad! I heard what Dani did to you! Are you ok?" I sighed. Things got around fast around here. .She texted me ten minutes before Jasper called me. "I'm... ok. It's just... Reality ruined my life." I heard him sigh. "Come to a party with me! It's tonight! You can meet some girls!" I heard him get excited. "N- Fine." He was super bull-headed. "Great! Me and Alice will pick you up tonight at 7!" I groaned. Alice Taylor was his faithful girlfriend. She was most likely going to hook me up with one of her needy friends. Ok about Alice and Jasper. Jasper is 18, I am 20. Alice is 16. They were much younger than I, but they graduated early. They were super smart. They were both in my grade at community college. "Hey! I got to go! Alice and I are getting ready for the party! Bye!" "See ya... I guess" I mummbled the I guess part and hung up. I cried for a bit. Then I looked at my clock. Ten minutes 'til 7. "Fuck." I grumbled to myself. I pulled on a nice pair of jeans and a shirt Dani got me for Christmas and I cried a bit more.


*India's POV*

My phone rang. "Hey, Alice." "Hey girl! I saw the text. Are you ok?" about five minutes before her call I texted her about Tony. "I'm better than before!" I said the truth. "Ok, then come to a party with us! Jasper and I...." She mummbled something but I didn't catch it. "Alice, I don't wan-" "Ok! We'll pick you up a little before 7!" Alice was my know it all bestfriend. I checked the time. 6:40! I ran to my closet. "What kind of party?!" I asked quickly. "Put something on that is ADORABLE!" I sighed and hung up. Mom knocked on the door. "What mom?" "What's up? Are you going somewhere?" I just smiled "A party with Jasp and Alice." Mom smiled. "Where?" I didn't know. "I have no clue. I'm supposed to wear something cute! How about this dress?" I pulled out a short starpless skin tight dress out. "I'll ask your father." He would yell something like 'Hell to the no!' and pull out a sweater and sweat pants. "Please don't!" I begged. "I was only kidding Imi!" she laughed. "Don't forget a jacket!" She said. Mom was great!


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